Tuesday, February 5, 2008

7 Things

Well, because I love Buffi dearly, I am participating in this "tag!" I am to list 7 things you may not know about me, and then tag seven other people to do the same thing!

1. I open my Christmas presents before Christmas and then re-wrap them so no one will notice. That's why Rob can't ever buy me anything until the day before.

2. I chew gum for about all of 3 seconds, then spit it out and get a new piece, chew it for about 3 seconds, spit it out, and so on. Rainblo is my favorite.

3. I LOVE Antiques Roadshow and plan my Monday evenings around that event.

4. One time in college I ate Pizza Hut 9 nights in a row.

5. I am a city girl who wants to be a country girl, just as long as I don't have to feed any animals, take care of any land, or drive more than 15 min. to a Walmart.

6. I taught my children the words to Jimmy Buffett's Cheeseburger in Paradise, except instead of saying "cold draft beer" we say "cold root beer".

7. I love Mardi Gras in Mobile and haven't been able to go the past few years. I miss the tailgating with Mardi Gras bread bologna sandwiches that my momma used to make and screaming "THROW ME SOMETHING MISTER!" at the top of my lungs and then snatching beads and moonpies off the road because I never can catch a thing.

So now, I bet you didn't know all that didya? :) I tag anyone who reads this and feels like sharing!


The Princess's Mommy said...

You are so much more interesting than I am! I'm still trying to think of 7 things that would be fascinating to my readers....I'm coming up blank!

Anonymous said...

Being a college student myself, I must say that I understand number 4...BUT, I think we almost beat that in China! I hope everything is going well!!!


The Young's said...

Thanks Laine!!! I enjoy getting to know just a little more about everyone. I PROMISE not to do tagging again. It was just my first time to get tagged like that and I just had to do it. Thanks for doing it for me!!! I'll just keep going on blogging about life again!!! Can't wait to see you on the 23rd!!! TTYS

Keisha said...

Well, I was gonna say "Tag you're it" but, looks like you've gotton that taken care of!!!

I love it, BTW: I think I'm living your dream with the whole country/city girl thing... except.. I do feed the animals sometimes... & help run the cows out! I just love screaming at those Dumb cows to MOVE!!! "BEEP BEEP"

You must come visit me sometime!! We'll go run the cows out of the pasture! LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love those survey things! Finding 7 interesting things isn't my problem--it's finding 7 things that most people don't already know! I guess I should stop being such an open book!

Your Chinese NY pics are too cute!

Sonya said...


Dollar General said...

First of all...HOW DID YOU GET MARDI GRAS BEADS!?! Hmmm...That I did not know about you!

Here's something I didn't know...

That a peppermint pattie makes a whisper sound when you break it...

Just thought I would be the first to share that with the WORLD! Since you were the first to share it with me! You are full of knowledge!

Love ya!