Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dedicating Kimmie and Quan! And surgery Tuesday!

What a sweet day in the Lord we have had today. Our church had a dedication ceremony for Kimmie and Quan, led by our children's pastor (thank you Pastor Craig!). We showed part of our gotcha day video, then Pastor Craig had some words of wisdom from Colossians for Rob and me, and then held Kimmie and Quan and said sweet prayers for them. It was only by God's grace that I kept from melting into a puddle at the altar! As if that weren't Spirit-filled enough, next Mrs. Libby sang Orphans of God with our choir. It was so beautiful! My prayer for the morning had been just that God gain the glory...and I know He did! We were so thankful Rob's parents and brother's family were able to come celebrate with us!

We are so thankful to our church family. They played such a huge part in the process of bringing Kimmie and Quan home. They gave SO much of their time, money, love, and prayers. We have such a sweet spirit about our church. We could not have gone through this last year without them all! They continue to support us even praying, by being patient with us, and by loving us so sacrificially, but most important by bringing Kimmie and Quan into their family with open arms and hearts. These two babies are SO LOVED by's amazing!
These are some pics before we left home this morning. Of course we are ready to get in the car, and I say the words Rob dreads to hear "Oh wait, let me just take a few pictures before we leave..."

I had told him to pretend he was praying! SO CUTE!

I'm sorry, but bubble suits on little boys are just the BEST! These outfits were Carlie and Clay's. I bought them in a little shop in Mobile and they are hand-made. I'm so glad for friends like Shalita and Kelley who reminded me about these beautiful outfits, because the day before dedication I had no idea what K & Q were going to wear!

I just love these babies so much! I cannot believe the goodness of the Lord to allow me to adopt them!
Our church is praying for the spiritual growth of Kimmie and Quan, and for their little lives to bring glory to God....

Surgery Info: Kimmie's surgery to remove the sixth finger(really it is a nub) on her right hand will be Tuesday. It is outpatient (I cannot believe this is outpatient, modern technology is beyond me).
We would covet your prayers for her! Please agree in prayer with us that the surgery will be textbook, no complications, and her recovery will be quick and as pain free as possible. Pray she will see the love of Jesus as we care for her during her healing!


Aaron and Erica said...

These pictures of your babies are so precious. I think my favorite is the one where you can see Kimmie's little piggies and Quan's chubby knees :) I will be praying for Kimmie's surgery on Tuesday.



The Young's said...

What a fantastic day!! I wish we could have been there to support you guys!!! I LOVE the pic of the pastor praying over you guys. What an amazing picture to have. Of course...K&Q look adorable in their outfits!!! :) Can't wait to see you on Sat. We will be praying for Kimmie this week too!!!
Love y a,

mommyofmany said...

It was a beautiful service... sweet and emotional. I witnessed many tears during the video, dedication and the song. What a testimony to the wonderful works of the Lord!

Love you guys... bunches!!!

Keisha said...

How sweet! Love the pictures! We will be in prayer for little Kimmie. Thanks for sharing.
ps.. I love little bubble outfits on boys too. Broughton just got too big too fast... no more bubble suits for him! I even like the high-rise socks!! lol!

Hope for Lucy said...

What a beauitful day and wish the Green Party of Four was there to see it all. These babies are so precious to us all. I will be praying for Ms. Kimmie. Please give her a special hug and kiss from us.

Their outfits are just adorable!

Love you guys!
Green Party of Four

mommy24treasures said...

We will be praying for Kimmie, I know His peace will hover over her.
I love the pics. I believe they will both be mighty on the earth doing wonderful things for His glory!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Kimmie will be in our prayers. If you need anything, please let me know.

Love ya,

Pandamonium Mom said...

I LOVE those pictures - and the one of Quan pretending to pray - precious! What sweet, sweet children. I'm praying for Kimmie tomorrow!
love, DeEtte

Joan said...

Your children look amazing. I have been following your blog for awhile. I believe you emailed me when I received my referral of my sweetie from Wuhan. I see the pictures of your Quan and can't help but compare them to my Ella. What is Quan's birthdate? Ella was born 3/31/2005. My blog is Check out the pictures of Ella in the dotted pink dress... she has a smile like Quans.


wareaglefam said...

OH, I love it! Kimmie and Quan look so wonderful in their little outfits. I just keep thinking how their little lives have changed so much over the course of this year...and now they have dedicated into the church. That is just incredible!
We will be praying for sweet Kimmie this week. I just know that things will go beautifully.
Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I thought Kimmie's surgery was on Wednesday! I only work Mon. & Wed., so I won't be there to see you guys. But, I'll be praying for you & Kimmie. Can't wait to see Quan in March!
Nurse Mandy

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Laine and Rob, what an amazing, wonderful day for you whole family. I have always loved Dedication days as church growing up. We look forward to having Zoey Baptized soon. God is so good in bringing these beautiful, amazing children from across the world into our lives and our families. We can't wait to get together and share pictures and stories!

Anonymous said...

Those babies are so blessed!! We'll be praying for an uneventful surgery on Tuesday. Is that TOMORROW?! Geez! Please update us as soon as you're able.

Anonymous said...

Sunday was a most special day at church, Pastor Craig did an awesome dedication and yes,Ms Libby's "Orphans of God" gave me chill bumps and tears, as did your video, which I have seen many times. The love on the faces of you and Rob that day say it all. Kimmie & Quan are the luckiest babies in the world, you and Rob for a lifetime mommy and daddy, but most especially for have the 4 bestest brothers and sisters anyone could ever want. I love ALL of your children. Ethel

The Princess's Mommy said...

What a sweet service. I know you were so proud. I love their little outfits...just adorable!! I'll be thinking of you and praying for Kimmie on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Laine, it was SO sweet and I'm SO glad I got to witness it! (I almost didn't pull myself out of bed with all that rain but I'm so glad I did now--what a blessing it was for ME to see that!) Your family is such a beautiful testimony to God's grace, power and glory and we will continue to be praying for you all!


Adele said...

I love the pic of your church family praying over your children. How awesome! Know that I am praying as well.

Dollar General said...

Praying for Kimmie today!

Jana said...

You never told us Kimmie's feet were so adorable -- I LOVE baby toes!! Saying prayers for her surgery.

Trace Car Driver said...

love the pics, soooo adorable! what a sweet day.
have been praying for little kimmie... hope things went well and she recovers quickly!

Amy said...

Laine, I was introduced to your family through Keisha's blog. I saw the pics of the dedication and recognized Craig Little. He was in our church at Ruffner Valley when my husband was pastor. Can you tell me what church he is in now. I would love to catch up with Allison. Tell them Amy and Keith said hello!