Friday, February 15, 2008

Was It Really Valentine's Day?-And THANK YOU Connie for spending a precious naptime to give me a new look! ;)

Wow, the day flew by!
To start, in typical Laine fashion, I delayed opening some mail that happened to contain re-scheduled cleft clinic appt. information. I just thought it was a bill, or some flier, so I didn't wanna open it. Wednesday I decide to see what it's all about and OOOPS. We have a cleft clinic appt. now scheduled for Thursday morning. Valentine's morning. At that point it was TOMORROW morning! Okay, that's fine. We'll adjust schedule accordingly....
Got the kiddos up at 6:15, kissed and said Happy Valentine's Day, here's your treats, get dressed! We were out the door before 7 a.m. yawning the whole way downtown. (I am SO spoiled by homeschooling! ;) Quan did great, everything looks great, speech is coming along as expected, lip surgery will be March 24th, yada yada yada and by 11:00 we're heading back home. (I do not mean to sound like the cleft clinic was a waste of time at all. It is a BLESSING, and we are SO thankful for the wisdom of those doctors! NEVER is that clinic a waste of time!) K & Q both fall asleep on the way home and everyone who has a toddler out there knows this means the day is totally OFF now! We arrive home, and everyone is starving because we've only had time for a cereal bar and valentine candy, so we have bowls of cereal (for lunch), then finish up some schoolwork, and then it's time to go to speech for Quan. While Quan is at speech we wait in the car and do history which is about World War I. (I had to really hide my yawns through that puppy.) Come back home again, play outside (love the weather!), and then it's time to go to horseback riding lessons! Eat candy on the way, (well, it is a holiday you know!) K & Q both fall asleep AGAIN, then wake up to watch Carlie TROT on her horse, TROT I say! Not walk or ride, TROT! Get back in the car when "horsey lessons" are over and look at clock...6:00. 6:00? Where has this Valentine's Day gone? Call Rob and discuss what restaurant will earn the pleasure of our presence (ha!), decide that mexican wins (lucky them!), have a romantic Valentine dinner with our 6 children who are all devouring the cheese dip like they haven't eaten anything but cereal and candy all day. Oh yeah, that IS all they had eaten! Then go home and ration out the hot water for everyone's baths, read the Bible together, give kisses and GOOD NIGHT!
Where has this Valentine's Day gone, I ask you? I can tell you one thing: No matter how busy, how off-schedule, how non-nutritious, or how sleepless this day has been, "This is the day the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!" How? By remembering the giggles, the fun, the tickles, the silly questions about World War I artillery, the chocolate streaked faces, the shoes on the wrong feet, the home-made valentines waiting for me when I woke up, the sweet surprise from my warrior-husband, the pounding of feet running through the house, the countless times I heard "Mama", and I could go on and on and on.
What a wonderful Valentine's Day!


mommyofmany said...

Those whirlwind kinds of days do happen way too often. It's so nice to stop at some point during the day... even at the end... to gain perspective. Hopefully you'll all be able to catch up a little bit today. You could even extend Valentine's Day a day or two! :)

The Princess's Mommy said...

Sounds like a picture-perfect glorious Valentine's Day!! I'm sure everyday is hectic with 6 kids!! WOW!! You are amazing!

ps-Way to Go, Carlie, on the TROT! That's HUGE!!!!

Keisha said...

What a Great Positive outlook you have had on yesterday! I know sometimes we all have those days, but many times at the end of the day... I feel robbed! I know! That sounds Terrible! YOU, are so right though..It is the LORD'S Day!!
Thanks for putting things in a NEW perspective!!

The Young's said...

Hat's off to you Laine...cause I SURE don't always have such a great attitude!!! We spend Valentines Night in Urgent Care with Sadie...she has been absolutely TERRIBLE. They thought she had flu, phneumonia, and strep throat...but those tests all came out negative. Praise the Lord. But, by the time we got house was in a mess...the kids were STILL up and not in bed,and Sadie refused to take her medicine. As we went to bed I thought to myself...what a crappy Valentines night! (just being honest). I guess I should have had more of your positive outlook. You know...expectations really kill you sometimes!! I think you are awesome and I really admire the kind of mother you are!!! Wish I could be so care free and fun!!! Can't wait to see you next week!

The Ferrill's said...

Buffi, I am not always carefree and fun, and I was DEAD tired last night. But the Lord has just really been showing me lately the joys more than the struggles of motherhood. It is a daily fight to keep my mind on HIM, and not on the laundry, mess, etc.
I am SO sorry that Sadie was so sick and we will be praying for her today! Looks like you and I will be doing the same thing today...playing catch up!
And YES, expectations really do kill ya sometimes! WOW, I am really learning not to assume anything is going to go a certain way, these days!

mommy24treasures said...

what a busy day
I know about the morning thing, it is easy to be spoiled isn't it? Thank God we don't have to dress them all and get them out of her by 730 every day!!! (and then be lonely :()
We are blessed hectic days, calm days... Happy Valentine's...

Aaron and Erica said...

What a cute and positively uplifting post! This is the day that the Lord has kids love that song and verse and I do too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Young's said...

I LOVE your new site!!!

Jana said...

okay, I'm worn out just reading your post. My day was similar, but unlike you, I couldn't event muster the energy to write about it. I had to settle for a single photo! Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you and your crew:).

Hope for Lucy said...

You are one amazing person. Tell me your secrets. The Green Party of Four had a great Valentine Day. Lily is still running around high on sugar and now thinks there is a party everyday!

Update on Lia......Our homestudy was approved at DHR and now we wait on the 171 or 600 (whatever its called now). We are praying by the tiime we are ready to be LID that Lifeline will have more news on their status of Waiting List. Our heart is with Lifeline.

Give those sweet babies a big hug from us!

Green Party of Four...and Ready for it to be FIVE!!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, I love the new blog look. I thought those beach pictures were priceless!
I'm so glad that the Lord is teaching you HIS joy ~ we all need that, dont' we!
Love, Barb

Dollar General said...

I'm pretty sure I speak for Shalita as well when I say - YOU REALLY LET US DOWN! Maybe I should have emailed you sooner so you could have planned your day better...HAHAHA!

It sounds better than a house full of FLU sick people though. FUN, FUN!! Lots of rest though - that does count for something!

Pandamonium Mom said...

That made me tired!! But, it's a good tired I know! Glad things are going well with your kids. And hey Quan's surgery is going to be 5 days after Hannah's. Dr. Grant is doing her lip / nose revision surgery on March 19th. We *were* going to do it the first week of June, but I called and asked to reschedule because I didn't think having surgery either just before going to china, while in china, or right after coming home from china sounded like a good idea to me! ha!
I love your positive attitude!
love, DeEtte

Anonymous said...

My Valentine's day started at 4:00AM and I didn't have NEAR as much fun as your family, Work, breakfast, home, dinner at a friend's, home. Pretty boring next to your day, but still a Blessed Day, you are right, REJOICE in the day that the Lord has made. Love you, Ethel.

The Princess's Mommy said...

PS-I LOVE the new header! Those little toes in the sand are so sweet!

Keisha said...

Love the new do! ;0)

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

What a special family you have! I jumped over from Connie's blog and thought I'd say, "hi."

I am learning really cool things from fellow blogger moms like you. We are on our journey to our second daughter from China. I "worry" about how I will handle two children. Must sound silly, I know. I am learning that it can be done very happily from people like you. God takes care of us. God provides. God will help give when we don't feel like we have an ounce left.

Thanks for reminding me of that!!!

Many blessings,
Mommy to Lindy Li-Xiao
LID 11/7/07

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you that I adore your family! The kids seem so sweet, and I love reading about their newest adventures!

Staci said...

Hey Ferrill's,
Found your blog on my husband's favs blogs. I think that he works with your husband. Love the children...all of them. You give me lots of inspirations and encouragment.
Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.
Staci Torgerson