Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home and Easter

Thank you for your prayers, sweet friends!
Thankfully we arrived home Tuesday at lunchtime. Quan is doing well. Not too many smiles, but I think that's because his lip feels so different rather than painful. He hasn't complained a bit. We've napped all afternoon and so now we'll just spend the rest of the week at home and keeping things on the down-low...maybe I can catch up on all my blogging! ;) Homeschooling, I mean...Homeschooling!
Here are some Easter and hospital pics in the meantime!

On your mark, get set, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is right after surgery, you can see how good his lip looks! I think it is just so pretty! Now the bruising and swelling has set in and bless his heart he can hardly close his mouth, but I know this will get better in time. It's hard to look at him today (Wed.) and not wince!


mommy24treasures said...

what great family photos! Evdryone looks wonderful!
Sweet boy, I pray the pain goes away and he heals super fast and that he is all smiles.

Anonymous said...

Quan has had so many prayers lifted up for him. Great news to hear that he is doing well. We will be praying that the week ahead will be nice and relaxing!! Love you all....
Beth Furr

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh you all look wonderful in your Easter duds! What a beautiful family!! So glad Quan is doing well. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers!

Robyn said...

I am so glad he is doing so well. He looks even more handsome. I hope everything goes smooth from now on and he gets his precious smile back!! Lovely pictures of the family on Easter--especially the one taken at church-it must be so good because of the photographer-ha!ha!
Love you guys!!

The Woodalls said...

Love the matching Easter outfits! All of your children are so precious! I really enjoy following your blog. I just teared up at the video of Kimmie's Easter explanation. Hope Little Quan mends well. He is a handsome dude, and that smile must really melt your heart!

Emily Woodall

The Young's said...

Wow...Quan's lip looks amazing!! the did a great job. I can't wait to see it as it heals!!! God is SO good!! You guys look awesome in your white and blue Easter outfits!!! I wanted to do something matching...but Sophie begged me to not make her and Sadie match. I guess that they are just a little far apart...who knows!! Anyway, I tried the "Ferrill clothes thing" and my kiddos just didn't go for it! Oh well. I can admire you guys when you do it! What a GREAT family picture! I cannot image doing Easter eggs with your whole crew!! WOW!!! That's a lot of eggs!!! looks like you had a GREAT time!!! It's good to see a new post from you. We've missed ya!!! have a great week!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Quannie is doing well. Had no doubt about it. God is Good!!!! Love the pics. Yes, they were a wild bunch hunting for all those Easter eggs. Had a great time at you house on Easter. What a Blessing to be able to spend such a special day with all my special friends. Love you. Ethel

Keisha said...

Oh Lanie, the Easter pictures are Beautiful!! I love the all white.. so pure and sweet!!
I'm also glad the girls loved their bling-bling! ;0) Just let me know if you need anything else!
And, Bless His Bones.. little Quan.. oh, I know it's hard to look at now, but this will pass. I'm praying for a speedy recovery!!
love ya Girl,

Hope for Lucy said...

Wow....the family pictures of Easter are priceless! Please give Mr. Quan a sweet kiss from his Auntie Connie and tell him that I hope he feels better soon.

Love to all!
Green Party of Four

Pandamonium Mom said...

Glad Quan is home and healing..
Bless his heart - we're keeping him in our prayers. But his lip does look GREAT. Hannah was really swollen on days 2-3 after the surgery (and bruised). Now, one week later, the swelling in her lip is gone, there's still a bit of swelling in her nose, and there's still a bit of bruising..

The Easter pictures are great! What a beautiful family you have.
love, DeEtte

Nicole said...

GREAT PICS!!! And so glad that the surgery went so well! What a handsome boy!!!

Ohilda said...

I LOVE the family pictures. Oh, and that sweet boy of yours...makes you wanna just squeeeeeeze him!! We will continue to pray for a quick healing. So glad he hasn't complained! What a trooper.



PS Your egg decorating and dying is worthy of praise! WOW! I wanna go to your house next Easter! :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

So happy to hear that Quan is doing well! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog . . . Our glitch has been resolved, our LOA should be on it's way soon! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Blessings, and prayers for continued healing for Quan.


Your Easter pictures are beautiful!

Trace Car Driver said...

so now i know who bought out all the eggs at springville WALMART :) love the family easter pics, they are adorable. and poor quan, praying he is all better soon! what a sweet (& photogenic) family you have!

Tina said...

Your family looks so beautiful!! You still amaze me that you can get all kids smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!

Quan's lip looks great..we are still praying for a speedy recovery!!

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, that's a LOT OF EGGS!
I'm speechless!
Let me check my crystal ball - I foresee lots of egg salad on your menu this week *LOL*
Cute pics! Matching, what else would I expect from my favorite Ferrill bunch :-)).
Your oldest is getting so tall!
Quan's lip does look so nice, can't wait to see it after it's healed up!
Blessings to all of you!
Love, Barb
(and I'm glad someone enjoyed the silly videos on our blog, I thought maybe I was the only one with this kind of sense of humor...)

Family4Liv said...

Quan's lip looks so good! He was already a very handsome fellow.

It looks like Ferrils have a spectacular Easter! The eggs are very pretty, all 1000 of them hahah!

Praying for your healing little Quan!



Dollar General said...

Looks like y'all had a fun EASTER! I love all your eggs!

I'm so glad Quan's surgery was a success...Still praying for him!!

wareaglefam said...

We are thrilled to know that Quan is doing well. His lip looks so good...I can't wait to see it all healed up!
Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter! We heard you guys outside when you were doing your egg hunt. Sounded like everyone had a blast!
Love you!

Sherri said...

Quan's lip looks amazing! I am so impressed! Phil wanted to see a before picture but none of the pictures on this update were close up enough.

I'm glad the surgery turned out so well. I hope he is healing okay.


Sonya said...

Your family is beautiful!!!! That pic is GREAT of everyone!!!! LOVE THE WHITE!
Poor Quan but WOW....He looks wonderful!!
Keeping you guys in our prayers!

Jodi said...

It's Saturday and the last blog was Tuesday. How's Quan doing? We'll keep praying. I hope he can keep food down by now.