Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quan doing well!

Thank yall for your prayers for Quan, he is recuperating well. He had a setback with the stomach virus (bless his heart, throwing up with stitches in your lip...not fun.) He's still not 100% but he's hanging in there. I think he's self-conscious about his lip. He's still not his happy go lucky little self. But he's awfully snuggly and I like that! His swelling has gone down but the bruising is still very evident. He and Kimmie have a visit at the adoption clinic Monday...hopefully we'll see some great progress in the both of them!


mommy24treasures said...

oh I am so sorry of all times to get the yucky stomach bug.:(

I hope he feels alot better during the next week. THank you for letting us know how he is doing. He and Kimmie look so healthy and happy in all the pics you have posted. I love seeing the differences in children in their first yr home. Love makes so much difference!

Anonymous said...

Boy, when you update your blog, you really update it. Loved,loved,loved all the pics. Hope Quannie's tummie is better. Not fun ANY time and I imagine that having stitches made it even worse. He's a trooper though and I bet he will be back to his sweet smiling self real soon. Let me know when you can get with us to look at our tablescapes set up, we only have about a week. Need the Bible verses soon. Love ya, Ethel

Ladyblog said...

Poor little guy! I sure hope he is feeling better and can't wait to see some more pictures of him.

The Woodalls said...

So glad to hear Quan is feeling better. That is the worst feeling as a mom to see your children hurting and not being able to "fix" it. Hope you have a great visit at the IAC!!

Love all the pictures!

Emily, your new "bloggy" friend ;)

Jana said...

Poor Quan! I despise a stomach virus and will fight throwing up at all costs. And I can't even imagine being sick to my stomach with stitches in my lip.

Enjoy the extra cuddling and I hope he's recovering well!!

Mike and Barb said...

When I think of Quan, I think of a little warrior - not sure why...
May he continue to recover from bugs and stiches....

Ohilda said...

Praising God that Quan is doing so well. We will continue to lift him up for a complete healing.



Pandamonium Mom said...

Oh - poor Quan shouldn't have to fight a stomach bug on top of stitches!! Glad he seems to be doing better! I love all the updated pictures on your blog!
Hope the adoption clinic went well.
love, DeEtte

Sonya said...

AWWW poor little guy! we are praying!!!

Sherri said...

Poor Quan having to deal with throw ups on top of everything else!

We have our 1 year visit in a couple of weeks--can you believe it? The pain of it all has ALMOST faded! :)


Hope for Lucy said...

I hate that the little man has had a yucky stomach bug. I hope he feels better soon. Cant wait to see that sweet grin on his face again.

Look foward to the IAC update. I love those guys.


Family4Liv said...

Quan baby I hope your feeling better now! There is nothing worse than watching your babies go through a flu, other than having to clean it up that is!

LOVED LOVED all your pics below! How fun to meet face to face with folks who become fast friends through the web! Isnt it great how God connects and inner-twines us! For His Glory! ITs amazing for you to be so close to Karla, whom we all so dearly love and admire...She helped me tremendously!!!
Ive been praying for you all today for some reason!!



The Blaszczynski Family said...

So sorry I have not called you! You guys have been in my prayers and hope that Quan's stomach and lip are feeling much better. Will keep you all in my prayers when you visit IAC, love them! Love you and hope to visit soon!

Journey to Lilly! said...

awww poor baby! The stomach bug...after surgery. :( bless his heart! Give him a squeezy hug from the Pintaro's (especially me!)
lv ya,