Thursday, March 6, 2008

World War III

The army of the Lord! ;)

Yes, it has been that way at our house on more than one occasion in the last month. Let me describe one of the battles from the front lines:

Last Thursday a.m., Quan wet his pants. He hadn't done this in months. He was too busy playing and too lazy to go to the potty, so he went on the playroom floor. Okay. We dealt with it. One hour later, Kimmie wet her pants. "Okay, God" I ask "What are you doing?" We dealt with it. Time for speech. Another child (who will remain nameless since this child is WAY too old to have accidents) wet HIS/HER pants. WHAT? We dealt with it. Time for horseback riding lessons. Kimmie has another accident in her CAR SEAT. Oh my. I haven't dealt with tee-tee in MONTHS and now four times in one day? What in the world? Is this a test God? 'Cause I'm kinda failin' it if it is! (My reactions were not always, shall we say, CALM?) It was the most BIZARRO day. My mother said it was God getting us ready to go have a weekend away from children. Well, it certainly made me ready to flee, that's for sure! Was it the enemy? Was it a test from God?

Before we discuss further I'll share another battle story from the front lines:

Last night Kimmie FLAT OUT deliberately DISOBEYED and added a shaking of her head and a firm "NO" to it. Oh boy. It warranted the "rod of correction". She didn't care. She REFUSED to do the very simple task I told her to do. Over and over. There was no misunderstanding, she was in DELIBERATE defiance of me as her parental authority. Wow. I have never dealt with such a stubborn child. Quan, well he's stubborn. But buddy he knows about that "rod of correction" and he avoids it at all costs. Kimmie couldn't have CARED LESS. The Lord just kept bringing to my mind "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it" and "Folly is bound up in the heart of a child but the rod of correction will drive it far from him..." Whew! I thought "I may be up until midnight with this battle, but I will be resolute and she will obey!" Well, we weren't up until midnight, but it was about 45 minutes later when she finally decided she was over it and obeyed like nothing had happened. I know that these battles are worth our all, because in the end she must learn to ultimately obey God! If she never learns to obey her parents, why should she obey God later in life? Again I ask, was this battle the enemy? Or another test?

I realized this morning that as well as battles we've had in the past months, there has also been a lot more GIGGLING. Especially from Kimmie. Silliness, laughter, joking, funny stuff. It is really obvious she has been coming out more and more. This is such a huge answer to prayer. Maybe her willful disobedience is the result of her feeling more secure. If so, I'll take it and we'll pray through it! Maybe her willful disobedience is the result of a sinful two year old nature. Regardless, at least we see her (and Quan) feeling more and more comfortable with us. They are truly OUR OWN! ;)

I have been reading for the second time a wonderful book called "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. It really addresses not just changing children's behavior, but working on their heart issues. It challenges my motivations in correcting and disciplining my children. It reminds me that the ultimate goal is to raise children to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. It is wonderful. However it seems when I read this book, the Lord gives more opportunities to practice what I've learned! I'm about ready to take Shalita's advice and burn the book! ;) Just kidding. I may die in the process, but I am going to finish this book and hopefully see the harvest in the end! If I die trying, then yall just tell me about the harvest when you get to heaven and see me! ;)


Sherri said...

I read that book about a hundred years ago! I should dig it out and re read it.

It really is a GOOD thing that Kimmie is comfortable enough with you to disobey. Sure, you have to correct it, but it's a sign she has let her guard down. Yay, Kimmie! Now settle down and obey! :)

What an exciting day you had. Look on the bright side--at least it wasn't 4 throw-ups in a day!


mommy24treasures said...

wow Laine the potty thing was wierd for everyone to have accidents that day huh?
I can just see Kimmie adding her firm little no and shake ;) Just a little spice now and then to keep you on your toes. :)
The pic is beautiful of all of you.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Laine!
You gave me a copy of that book, and I haven't read it, but feel that it may help me to shepherd my children to be nicer to each other. I'm curious to know how her siblings reacted to Kimmee getting the "rod of correction". I remember how we comforted each other when one of us "got" it. I certainly remember those poopy kind of days - I think God wants us to be grateful for all of the days that ARE NOT! BTW, since you live the day to day, you don't realize that Kimmee and Quan seemed "Ferrillized" by Thanksgiving, after only 3 months! You are indeed of the Lord's Army! Love you all! Aunt Laura Pearl

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know I spelled Kimmie's name wrong. I'm sure there are other mistakes as well. That would be me!
Aunt Laura

Pandamonium Mom said...

Hey Laine,
Finish the book quick so you can move on! ha! just kidding! Sounds like a good book.

Hey - I have a comment / observation on our own potty accidents. Of course, this in no way explains 4 in one day from 3 different kids..but..

Hannah had a couple accidents when newly adopted - both times because she couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough. Once was on the plane and the line was long. She would get REALLY upset. I mean, like hysterical. I would try really hard to be calm and handle it very matter of factly. MONTHS later, she started having accidents several times a week. It only lasted about 3 weeks. But it so frustrated me because I thought we were way past that. And a couple times, it almost seemed deliberate. My theory: I wonder what the consequences were for these kids to have accidents in China. I mean, she was completely potty trained at 2.5 You can't tell me a 2.5 year old won't EVER have an accident. I think she got in trouble for accidents and that's why she flipped out the first two times. But I think months later, when she did it, it was an accident the first time and when she didn't get in trouble..she "tested" the waters a few times. Just a theory. But, I wonder if Quan had a true "accident" and then Kimmie was like "hey, he lived to tell about it" Like Sherri said about the behavior - I wonder if the potty with her could be another sign she has her guard now. Don't know..just wondering.

Hope your next week is less eventful! I'm looking forward to seeing you Wed. too and Thank You!

Stefanie said...

You go girl. Keep on keepin' on. It will all be worth it in the end! You are such a wonderful mama and such an inspiration :)
P.S. The pee pee thing would have had me pulling my hair out too! Yikes!

mommyofmany said...


I just wanted to encourage you in your faithfulness to train your children in God's ways. Ask me some time about an incident that happened in our home around 15 years ago. It was the same strong-willed battle that you had with Kimmie... 2 hours worth!!! That particular child has a heart for things of the Lord now, though.

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Galatians 6:9

Dollar General said...

Dying would be the easy way out! The Lord is probably not going to do that! So have fun!! HA!

AND, don't be so harsh on the tee-tee accidents I probably had one that day too! Good thing we weren't together or you have flown off the handle at me - that would have been #5!! I'm losing control!

Praying for you today Lainie!! Love you! Fight the good fight!

Keisha said...

Just know that you are NOT alone. We are having the SAME problems with Faith! I just told Buffi 2 days ago that I was ready to pull my hair out! UGG!
We just have to LOVE'em up and teach them right from wrong. I'm sure you are doing a Great Job at that! Hang in there..this too shall pas... (and it might come back later.. ;0) lol!!
love you!

The Young's said...

OK...we are SO there with the stubborn streaks!! Sadie will drop into that and we've gone for 2 hours that way before!! You are SO right though. We've got to stick in there!!! Now...the pee pee day...YIKES!! I pray you don't have another one of those. I am SO not good with that!! I hope that you have a blessed weekend. Thanks for being honest!!
Love ya,

Jodi said...

I understand. Isaiah likes to tell me, "No." "Uhh Uh!" and "I don't want to, Mommy." He really has a sweet Spirit, but there's also this strong will that likes to make an appearance now and again.
I've been needing to start "schooling" and finally did this week. We start with a Bible time that consists of our memory verse and some songs. (We do his Bible devotion at night before bed and then after prayer, he gets to listen to VeggieTales Sunday Morning Songs.)
The verse we are working on is Ephesians 6:1 from a children's Bible. My goal is for him to really learn and understand it, as well as the following two verses. It helps to have that to refer back to when I have to pull out my "rod." He's only two, but they really can catch on quick. =)
Anyway, I think the best thing we can do as parents really is to pray. The battle belongs to the Lord and ultimately, our children are causing offense against Him.
Keep standing firm! I'll be praying for you. =)
btw...thanks for all the sweet notes you leave on my blog. =)

wareaglefam said...

Rod of correction...maybe I need to get one of those in my house. We have the multi-purpose wooden spoon.
I tried reading that book years ago. Maybe I need to get it out again. You are the 2nd person this week to mention it!

Mike and Barb said...

Laine, I'm really wondering if this is the "between 6 - 12 months post adoption syndrome" - it seems like we are all struggling with the same things right now. They are so EXHAUSTING!!!!!
I keep telling myself the same thing over and over: It's GOOD, she HAS to get this out of her system to develop a healthy emotional balance. But BOY, do I not sing joyful songs these days *sigh*.
I really do need to get that book - I have heard many great things about it!
Love, Barb

Southern Cheesehead said...

I personally think you should write a parenting book...NEVER dealt with a defiant child like that?...amazing - come to my house on any given week!

Ohilda said...

Awesome post! Thank you! It was truly inspiring and a reminder for me to stay on task...God's task.