Wednesday, April 9, 2008

100 Things

I love reading other bloggy friends 100 things about themselves. So if you're REALLY bored, here's a peek into the life of a crazy momma!

1. I consider flip flops a way of life, not just a shoe.
2. I can make Butterfinger cookies with my eyes closed.
3. I love the color yellow.
4. I love the beach--a LOT.
5. I love Jesus more than anyone or anything.
6. I do not love snow.
7. I love for my children to play outside
8. But then I spray them with Febreze when they come inside b/c the smell kills me.
9. I have a hyper-sensitive nose, Rob says.
10. I analyze too much.
11. I dated Rob's best friend in high school and college.
12. Now we are all good friends still-and so excited about his recent engagement!
13. I'm passionate about missions and especially special needs orphans.
14. I'm passionate about Krispy Kreme doughnuts too - chocolate covered creme filled.
15. I love my husband so much. (Rob said this should be #1!)
16. And I love my children to pieces!
17. I show love by acts of service.
18. That is my love language.
19. I am the baby of 5 girls.
20. And still spoiled according to my 4 older sisters.
21. I got in trouble in 6th grade.
22. My mom found a note I wrote to my boyfriend.
23. Asking him to meet me in the storage closet of the classroom...
24. For a big KISS! (I just realized Katie Lyn, my oldest, is in 6th grade. Oh my...)
25. My 20 year high school reunion is this summer.
26. I cannot wait.
27. Because Rob and I graduated together from the same school.
28. So we know everybody!
29. I love homeschooling my children.
30. My favorite part of the day is when I read to them.
31. My 2nd favorite part of the day is our family devotion at night.
32. I love the times when we are all sitting around talking.
33. I let Kimmie wear her squeaky shoes in the library--oops!
34. I am learning to be a better listener to my children.
35. I drove a blue MG convertible in high school.
36. And broke every seat belt law by cramming lots of people into the back of it-NOT WISE
37. Rob bought me a red Honda Prelude for Valentine's Day right after our wedding.
38. Then I got pregnant and we had to get rid of it.
39. Now, I have no desire for any other car but maybe a big cargo van.
40. I am a "all or nothing" kind of person.
41. I love all my friends so much, including bloggy friends who I've never even met!
42. I love to listen to Rick & Bubba
43. I called in to their show a while back under the disguise of another name
44. I said my name was Bertha
45. The conversation turned toward adoption...
46. I think I forgot I was on the radio
47. And let out some news that we hadn't shared with anyone yet.
48. Then lots of people called me on the phone
49. And left messages for Bertha
50. Apparently I can keep all secrets
51. Except my own.
52. I sometimes can't sleep at night because of worrying...
53. Then I have no trouble sleeping in the morning when it's time to get up.
54. I love baths!
55. I love giving my children baths
56. And putting lotion on them
57. And then smelling their fresh clean hair...yummy!
58. I have a certain day of the week called "Nail clipping day"
59. Long fingernails on children is a pet peeve of mine.
60. My little Chinese children have taught me more than I could ever learn in any class.
61. So have all my children!
62. I miss teaching my little Sunday School class
63. But I LOVE being in an adult class for a change!
64. I am reading through the Psalms right now.
65. Each day God gives me a fresh word just for what I'm going through.
66. I am not a good house decorator.
67. I'm a fairly good housekeeper though- thanks to Tricia.
68. I wish Kim Pintaro would come decorate my house for me!
69. I do not like to cook.
70. I wish I did like to cook.
71. So does my family.
72. Tricia cleans my house for me.
73. It is so worth it.
74. My sisters are probably saying right now, "See, she IS spoiled."
75. My sisters are crazy!
76. All our names begin with L.
77. I was supposed to finally be the boy.
78. Mom sewed lace on my boy outfit in the hospital.
79. I loved being at home when I was growing up.
80. I still love being at own home!
81. I know how to sew.
82. I just don't prioritize that right now.
83. But I'm getting the sewing fever again.
84. I thank God for modern day conveniences.
85. Like washing machines, cars, microwaves
86. I cannot imagine living in the old days without these.
87. Apparently, I am lazy.
88. Except in prayer.
89. I pray A LOT!
90.I drink coffee in the mornings
91.And then I drink Diet Coke after my coffee
92. I love caffeine
93. I love chicken and dumplings
94. I do not eat meat on the bone
95. I could easily be a vegetarian
96. Except I love a good Milo's burger
97. I know this is shocking, but I love to make my children's outfits all match.
98. I love to be on the same page as my husband.
99. I would love to adopt again.
100. And so would he!
If there WAS a #101, I bet you could guess what it is! ;)


mommy24treasures said...

wow I feel I know you so well now ;)

Sherri said...

You are adopting again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you doing China again?????


Hope for Lucy said...


Praying your answer is YES!!!

Love all!
Green Party of Four

wareaglefam said...

We love you all, and we are thrilled!!

The McWhorters

Robyn said...

I know! I know what #101 is. You love your friend Robyn sooo much ha!ha! How exciting that you are adopting again.
I cannot wait to find out about the new edition to the Ferrill family will be how exciting!!!
Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, all your sisters are crazy. Apparently, it runs through each of us! Yes, you are spoiled, and it's a wonderful thing. We're very excited about #101 thing. Loved reading the 100, although I knew many of those things already (somehow I missed the 6th grade incident- I didn't think you EVER got in trouble except when one of us was around!)Praying for you and your bunch always! Aunt Laura

Anonymous said...

# 102, you love the "Sucker Club" and want all your sucker buddies to get those sticks ready for more sucker making fun evenings. I think we are going to have to expand our enterprise. WE ARE READY. Can't wait to meet #7 Ferrill, then we have to start working on #8, you don't want to let the Blalocks have all the fun. Love ya, Ethel

Jana said...

ohmygosh!! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all the details. Please don't wait too long to fill us in .... please!

Aaron and Erica said...

Oooooooh! I just love this post!!! And I'm soooo excited for you!


Leslie said...


I've been a lurker for a longgg time now, and wanted to finally post to say... I'm so excited for you and your family. Your family is so wonderful, and you share so many good things about your kids.

Like Jana, I can't wait either to hear all the details of your new journey. What a clever way to let everyone know!

Feel free to stop by my blog sometime at I also have had you on my favorite blogs list for awhile now. I hope you don't mind. If so just let me know.

Bye for now, but I'll be back hoping for an update.

Kristy said...

Okay, had to come out of lurker-ville and tell you how stinkin' sweet YOU and this or are?? Anyhow - this really is one of the most precious blogs ever!
We just returned from China in March, and are ready to go.....well, where ever the Lord leads us next for that little boy or girl that will share our last name (and our hearts!!). Adoption is amazing, isn't it?
Blessings to you and your sweet family ~ congrats!
ps. the one about the kids playing outside and the smell, made me laugh out loud - we call it 'kidsmell' ......just might have to try your 'tip' !

Lisa said...

So have you heard anything yet regarding 101? Thank you for sharing all 100 things.

Keisha said...

HUASH UP GIRL!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!! When are you going?!!

I knew you's wuz my sista, the minute I read.. the Krispy Kreme dounuts creme filled part...YUMMMMM!!! Matt knows... when he goes to KK that he BETTER have at least 2 of those babies in the box.. you know whata mean, Bertha???

The Young's said...

You're amazing Laine!!! I LOVE getting to know you better! If you are adopting again...I'm excited for you guys!!
Love ya,

The Blaszczynski Family said...

You Spilled on the radio! I miss you and need a Laine visit or at least phone conversation. I am so jealous at how much blogging you get done! I am so behind, I have four started but can't seem to get them finished. I have info for you! Love the last few posts, maybe I need to do a 100 list too. I'll have to think about that one.
Love you,

Ohilda said...

I loved reading your 100 things, Laine! How cool that you are going for # 101! :)

I sooooooo pray that God change my hubby's heart and we could bring home just one more sweetie.



Mike and Barb said...

Are you SERIOUS????
You ARE Super-woman!!! Hats off!
I can't wait to hear more juicy details!!!
Don't leave us nosy bloggy friends hanging too long :-))
Love, Barb

The Princess's Mommy said...

I can't believe you're just going to leave us all hanging!! We need info on #101!!!!

Thanks so much for going by to visit Becky and Noah! It made her day! She couldn't wait to call and tell me that she got to meet the whole Ferrill gang before me...I am so jealous!!


Sonya said...




Family4Liv said...

your 100, or ehhhemm, 101 was FUN!!
Im on the edge of my seat for more news!!!
We are gearing up for our 20th reunion too and me and my DH graduated same class as well!!

Good Times...



Pandamonium Mom said...

Wow Laine! How awesome! okay, if you've already spilled on the radio, go ahead and spill here on bloggy land. Inquiring minds want to the details!
love, DeEtte

The Woodalls said...

I'm feeling kind of smug that I ALREADY knew about #101!
Enjoyed this post--I feel like I have known you forever now and we haven't even met in person!!!


Anonymous said...

Laine-I am dying to know EVERYTHING and I believe everybody else on here is wanting to know-i am shaking right now typing this so come clean of everything right now!!!!!-i can't quit shaking.........come spill over the can right now-come feed your people-we want laine! we want laine! we want laine! we want laine!!!!!!!!speak to me-speak to us!!!!hello????

Journey to Lilly! said...

I would love to help deco your house...although it is beautiful like it is!

Where are you adopting from!!! I am so excited I am about to wee my pants.

I can't stop thinking about #7 :)

Also, Zhi Wei is up for it you?????? I will wee my pants!!!!!!!

lv u,

oh yeah....another Thurs. & no Laine :(