Monday, April 7, 2008

Adoption clinic check up and updates...

We had a great visit at the UAB adoption clinic LAST Monday. I know, I'm a little late with this report. Technically it was K & Q's 6 mos. evaluation, but we've had to re-schedule the appt. twice so it ended up being an 8 mos. evaluation! ;)

GREAT NEWS! They are both developmentally on target! For Kimmie, this is phenomenal! Upon arriving home, she placed at 12-24 mos. Now she is at the 3 yr. old level! Praise God!
We saw Leigh Anne Harrington, one of the therapists who is most helpful with attachment issues. She had not been in the room five minutes before recognizing hyper-vigilant and dis-associative behavior in Kimmie. What does that mean? Hyper-vigilant means she is high strung and a nervous nellie. (That's not of course the Webster's definition!) Dis-associative means when she gets upset she completely shuts down. Doctor's offices really bring these issues out in her. She has had too many bad experiences with needles, and also being taken away from me for two different surgeries. I was so glad she showed her true colors for Leigh Anne! ;) (Side note: I saw these behaviors again when I had my teeth cleaned today. Even though it was not being done to her, she was still NERVOUS NELLIE!) It will take many positive doctor experiences for her to realize that she can trust them and me during these appointments.

I had told her she would not get any shots or boo boos or bandaids at this adoption clinic appointment. Then they informed me they like to re-do two blood tests (I can't remember what they are!) at the six month visit. I just had to refuse. I could not compromise her trust after reassuring her that she would not get shots. They were SO understanding and were behind me 100% on that decision!

Quan is SO laid back wherever. He just seems to go with the flow. Okay, he ACTIVELY goes with the flow, but he doesn't seem to have many if any fears or concerns. I can certainly still see glimpses of him trying to establish his personality and where he fits in. He definitely thrives off attention and we can see some insecurities through that. But over all he is doing incredible. He's a champ. And so is Kimmie, she's just a girly-champ!

They are both so strong. They persevere in so many areas. Their survivor instinct has made them little warriors! And now, thanks to Jesus, they are the most loving, joyful, sweet-hearted little warriors you ever did see! (Okay, loving, joyful, sweet-hearted MOST of the time!;)
We pray one day they will be warriors for Christ!


mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad to hear they are doing so well. Praise God!

Waitingfaithfully said...

What a precious report! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today--I am blessed to know that you were blessed. And yes, God's timing is perfect . . . even though at times it leaves us tapping our finger impatiently! That's when we grow, right?



Love the pictures of your warriors!

Sherri said...

Great report! And good for you standing your ground so Kimmie will trust you.

They're making great progress!


The Woodalls said...

Poor Kimmie! I know you must want to take all that hurt away from her! But, wonderful news on their progress!! It's amazing what God can do!!
My William would love the kids' armor. He has a sword and shield and pretends he is Will, God's mighty warrior! (His favorite book has that title!)


The Young's said...

I am SO glad that your appt went so well. it's great to get those insights, isn't it? We didn't do our follow up visit. Sadie was on mark just about when we brought her we felt ok about not taking her! I'm sure the things we deal with would NOT have come up in the office. I am just THRILLED to hear how good they are doing!! How blessed they are to be part of your family! I wish I could be part of your family!!!! We just LOVE yall!!! Have a great week!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Awesome report!! I am glad you saved Kimmie!! Kimmie & Quan a warriors!!
lv ya,

Southern Cheesehead said...

That's precious...great news!

Ohilda said...

Awww....praising God with you! And with a family like yours, there is no doubt that they are already on that narrow path being warriors for Christ!

Good job, Mama!



Tina said...

I remember that appt. w/ Sophie. I was so distraught when I found out they were going to do blood work. It was very traumatic for both of us. K&Q are both so precious!! I am glad everything went well.

Aimee said...

What great news! Your posts always encourage me.

Anonymous said...

Great news on the reports, but then I expected no less. After all, they are Ferrill Children through and through. What beautiful Warriors. But you know, they have 4 great older siblings teaching them what to do.

Love ya