Saturday, April 12, 2008

Learning not to second guess....

I stand in awe of how God works and moves through His children. Your comments and emails are coveted, rest assured! I love each of you so very much, yes even those I haven't met! ;)
Thank you for reading our testimony of God's call. I know He is still writing His testimony in this story. I am so thankful I have such a strong support group praying for us. REALLY thankful. REALLY THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I pray my writings and the words of my heart are pleasing to God and bringing HIM glory. Rob and I are just plain ol' people folks! Trust me! Ask anyone who knows us... our grass needs cutting, sucker sticks are stuck to the carpet of our car, we procrastinate horribly, I mean did you suffer through the 100 things about me? I'm just a normal caffeine addicted, junk food junkie momma! ;) We love Jesus and just want to obey Him, just like all of you that I know and love so dearly! So many of you INSPIRE us! No matter if you're a single workin' woman, a momma with 25 kids or a momma with one child...God will bless your obedience for following HIS plan for your life! And ALL His plans are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

So here is another part of the story that goes along with Isaiah 6:8--the explanation. If you haven't read that post, then the point of this story may not make as much sense. I wrote this post a while back...

I have been overwhelmingly fearful of telling people we are adopting again, dreading to hear the usual, "Are you crazy?" and thinking about all the other horrible things people might think.

'It's too soon. They had such a hard time with Kimmie and Quan. They are so busy with doctor appointments and homeschooling. Their poor other children, more time will be taken away from them. They don't even have a big enough car to hold everybody. It makes no sense, I can't believe they're adopting again.'

Can you see whose signature is behind all those whispers of excuses in my ear, making me not want to share my testimony? Uh-huh. I'm sorry to say I bought in to those lies too many times. My faith has wavered, I have questioned God again and again, "Are you SURE you want us to adopt again?"

One particular Sunday morning, I was feeling the weight of these questions in my head. I was wondering yet again what in the world we were doing this for. I opened up my Oswald Chambers and for March 9th, that Sunday, he said "Showing no concern for the uncertainties that lie ahead is the secret of walking with Jesus." I confessed to God that I certainly have been concerned of the uncertainties that lie ahead--like this adoption, it makes no sense! In my journal I wrote "Will you please confirm to us again this is your will?"

At church that morning Pastor Bruce's sermon title was "The Call of God's Servants". He referenced Isaiah's call and quoted, yes you guessed it, Isaiah 6:8 "I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?' Then I said, 'Here am I! Send me' " Pastor Bruce even stated the verse again at the close of the service. WOW. Not only did God confirm it IS His will for us to adopt again, but He did it in an unmistakable way. He used a verse that would show me without a doubt. A verse that was most meaningful to me. The same verse He used to give us that neon sign about His will for us. He could have picked any other verse, Hebrews 11:1, or James 1:27. No, He picked a verse that He knew would tell me with no question...Laine, this is my will for your family! God is so merciful. God is so faithful, even when we are not. He is ALWAYS so faithful. I'm singing that song even now....

Do any of the rest of yall sometimes have to have God draw ya a picture before you get it? ;)


Anonymous said...

Draw a picture??? Honey, I sometimes not only need a picture, I need diagrams, explanations of those diagrams, pictures of the diagrams, and pictures of the pictures of the diagrams. and they have to be colorful diagrams, or I'll get distracted by shinier objects. Stand strong, Ferrills!! I'm so proud to be a part of your family!! Talk about an inspiration!

Keisha said...

huh... YES! lol!!
shame to say.. but, lots of times.
I know what you mean! But, what a way to POP the devil in the mouth.. by PROCLAIMING what God has sent you and your family to do & backing it up with scripture! (run along now meany and hide under a rock somewhere! Leave the Ferrils ALONE!) LOL!

Love ya girl,

Sherri said...

For every person who utters a comment like "Are you crazy?" there is a person whose desire would be to bring more children into their home.... therefore they are praising God with you!

Now I'm off to find that African man....


Sherri said...

By the way, I love it when God lays things out very clearly....there's no doubt then!


Ohilda said...


I, too, am ashamed to say that sometimes he needs to draw with bright markers for me to see His will.

I just hope those markers are bright enough for my sweet hubby to see them, too.

Hugs and thank you for blessing me, once again, with your words.


Aimee said...

I need pictures, phone calls, voices from heaven, you name it. My faith is small, but God still uses me to glorify Him! Seems crazy. But, trusting in Him, even when its tough, is what He desires.
I think its amazing that you are adopting again. Who cares what people think...God knows your heart. And His heart is for his children to take care of the orphans.
You're a great mama!

living4him5 said...

Hi Laine! I am so happy you found my blog. Linzhi Rose has a similar hand/wrist issue like Kimmie and when I was desperate to find any information I could on this condition I was lead to Youtube where I found you and your family!!!! Then I found your blog on Ni Hao ya'll, so I've been peeking in our the Ferrill bunch and love it!!! You inspire me girl! I am so excited you and Rob feel the call again and I cannot wait to see how the Lord's plan will all unfold for your beautiful family!!!

Keep in touch!
Many Blessings,
Amy C
"Journey to Linzhi Rose"

Stefanie said...

God IS so merciful.. He knows just what we need to see and hear to quiet our hearts and mind and recommit to follow His plan. SO BLESSED is the Ferrill family... can't WAIT to follow your journey to number 7!!

mommy24treasures said...

I finally had an opportunity to sit down and read these last couple of posts. I am just so excited about the journey you have begun.
Thank you for sharing with us these intimate details of the road God is taking you on.
I am glad you got a zoo memebership! ;)

The Young's said...

OH YEA GIRL!! It took us a year to stp out and begin the process to adopt Sadie. We were FINISHED with just two...had NO desire at all for any other kids and when God spoke to our hearts...we were dumb founded...cause it was NEVER anything we had every wanted or dreamed of doing. It was a TOTAL act of obedience. It took us a year to know for sure it was God and to do it! It is truly a faith walk...and God totally gives the PROvision when he gives the vision!!! We're praying for yall!! Hang in there and don't grow weary in doing doing what you KNOW God has called you to do!! We are excited for you guys!! :)
Love ya,

Pandamonium Mom said...

um..yeah..but I don't want a picture..I might think I'm interpreting it wrong.
maybe because I tried to put a shelf thingy together today and I had trouble with the diagram. I want a little clearer directions than those things! I want a straight-up e-mail from God with step by step directions.
you know, come home from work, check e-mail, oh here's one from God. Let's see...
You know, I sometimes I think I want that, but much more wonderful for us is it when we really do step out in faith in the end...We get to see SO MUCH MORE of God than any other way. Your family's seen that already...and I can't wait to see what amazing adventure God's got planned next for your family! love, DeEtte

Lisa said...

I think it is all incredible. Be obedient to God and ignore the devil. Stay strong in your faith and God will show you the way.

Mike and Barb said...

Sometimes what the devil whispers into our ears "SEEMS" to make so much more sense doesn't it.... until we see beyond the lies and the deception...
So, you're saying I'm not the only ones with sucker sticks stuck to our car???? I had to laugh reading that. And yes, the procrastinators... we just did our taxes last night *LOL*.
You are an extra-ordinarily ordinary family, and I just love to have those glimpses into your life... don't ever stop blogging!!!!
Love, Barb

Waitingfaithfully said...


Love the testimony, and have to agree with everyone else on the "draw me a picture thing". Mine sounds kinda like, "Lord, could you just confirm that for me . . . one . . . more . . . time?" And you know what? He does! He made us (and our sometimes wimpy faith) and nothing surprises Him! By the way, I loved your 100 things about me, especially the dressing your kiddos in matching clothes. I love that. When my three older ones were little I always dressed them coordinating . . . people would say, "Did you do that on purpose"! Well duh . . . you don't think it happened by accident do you? Planning people, it takes planning! Can't wait to do it again with Teddi and Brogan--just don't tell my family I am actually doing it on purpose!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Airman post!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Laine,
What an inspiration you are of what faith in God can do! I am so excited to follow your journey to the new member of the Ferrill family!
Blessings always,

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine!! Stay strong!! You are inside God's heart!!! Orphans are hold the most tender of Gods love!! Besides, however crazy adopting to others may seem.....isn't Kimmie & Quan (and each of your children) such a blessing! I find each of my children....& especially Lilly giving more to me than I could have ever dreamed of giving to them. I am so very happy for the beautiful gift God is about to give you. I can't wait to see you open the package!!!
lv & miss u!

Anonymous said...

Well, generally I'm too stupid to recognize His voice or even His pictures. Poor God has to literally yank the bottom out from underneath me and then whack me over the head with a shalalee stick! I so wish I had the gift of discernment!

wareaglefam said...

I am so thankful that God doesn't give up on us because He would have thrown his hands up about me a long time ago! I think maybe God uses a large hammer to get me to listen to his calling. Even then, I just seem to end up with a large lump on my head wondering what happened!! I know that you will stay on God's path for your wonderful family even with all the rumblings.
We love you,

Amy said...

This is awesome news! I fear those same comments and some others like...the money issue, the cost to adopt, the other children missing out because of the money...blah, blah, blah...and these can come from loved ones as well. Like it's all HIS money anyway, He owns it all! Of course He can provide for what He wants! Praise Him for using you guys to give another child a home! What an honor! I feel that we need to adopt again, but I don't know from where...we adopted in Birminham(a hispanic child) and I see us adopting from another country but God would have to show my husband because he doesn't feel that way right now. Pray, pray, pray.

Southern Cheesehead said...

the next person that asks you if you're crazy, kindly tell them "Yes, I'm crazy for Christ and His plan for my life...I'm crazier NOT to obey Him"! That will shut them up...they don't have a right to judge without walking a mile in your flip flops!

Kristy said...

For me, the picture sometimes ends up being a kick in the rear!
Blessings ~

Tina said...

Yes, yes and yes! Even last night the Lord woke me up and gave me 2 scriptures that had to do w/ a problem I am dealing w/ right now. I am so glad he cares about all the things that concern us! God is so good to re-confirm to us when we need it!

Cindy said...

Sharing your joy for you as you prepare for number 7! Loved the inspirational story you shared how God has led you to the process again.
We too are waiting for our sweetie who is our seventh.

The Ferrill's said...

Cindy, do you mind emailing me?

Barbie said...

He has shown you time after time that you are following His will for your family. How blessed you are with that!!