Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kimmie, did you hear?

Mom and Dad are bringing home another sibling for us!

I heard, and don't ya think Mom and Dad are a little nutso?

They ARE nutso! But aren't ya glad they're OUR nutso parents? ;)

Yeah, now stop staring at my flower, you can't have it.

I said, "NOOO!!!!"

Geez! SISTERS!!!!!!!!!

Life has been incredibly busy! This week especially has been challenging. Dentist, doctor, here, there, and everywhere! My piles of stuff keep getting piled on top of, our winter clothes are begging to be put up in the attic, Microsoft Money is calling to do the budget, I found out the car does NOT have an endless supply of gas (thank you sweet neighbor Tina for picking us up on the side of the road), being forced into going out to late night dinners w/ friends (HA!), and sneezing through it all while we try to survive allergy season!
I had that 100 Things post written since the beginning of March. I have been wanting to let the cat out of the bag for a while now. Never seemed like the right time. Guess what? It never IS the right time, ya know? So, thank you all so very much for your sweetness and comments and love!
I'm so relieved not to feel like I have to hide this from bloggy world anymore! Though there is not much to tell, so I hope I do not disappoint! I wish I could say "HERE is where we're going, THIS is who we're adopting" but as of now we are in the waiting place and all I can ask is that you please PRAY. Pray for God's will to be done, for doors to be opened for our 7th child.
Now, what I CAN say is: "HERE is the story of why we're adopting...." and I worked long and hard on that post. So to God be the glory, great things He has done.....


Steve and Jan said...

We pray for you all each day. God's Will is perfect and He will surely bring the perfect child into your arms and into your sweet family.


Barbie said...

Prayers coming your way! I know He will continue to guide you as you find your child.

Robin said...

Reading that sounds just like reading about our family. We are working on bringing home another blessing from China. This will also be our third adoption. May God continue to show you His will in all of this.


Lisa said...

Love the photos, Keeping you in my prayers as you wait for God to reveal his perfect plan for your family.