Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is it just me?

Or is there really a perfect spot in this picture for Candace?

We got out the long awaited slip-n-slide today (thank you Kylie!), and I took some pics. When I looked at this one later, I was delighted to see that little hole where another child would so perfectly fit!

I have so much to blog about! (Did I just write "blog about"? What ever happened to "write about" or "tell you about"? What is my world coming to?????????? ;)
Anyway, we are gearing up for the big's finally here! Kimmie's Dora birthday is Monday! We've been hearing about this everyday for the last month. "My Dora party 'day, Mommy? I eat my Dora cake?" She has even been calling herself Dora Ferrill and Quan is Diego Ferrill. Last night when I put her to bed I said to her older sisters "Tomorrow we need to wrap Kimmie's presents for her birthday". Kimmie overheard me and squealed with delight "OH TANK YOU MOMMY!" I really have never seen a two year old more excited about their 3rd birthday! I'm so thankful this year she is HOME with us!
Right after her party...I mean RIGHT after, we are heading to the beach for a long trip. I am trying to get everything ready for her party, and an extended trip! What a task! It's amazing how motivated I can be when the beach is involved, though! ;)
I have other things to blog about from the recent past....recital, soccer, park, zoo, swimming, friends, Candace, more opportunities coming our way to serve and give back to the much excitement! I hope to catch up on my blogging when we're at the beach. In between taking naps, laying out in the sand, watching CABLE TV (woo-hoo!), and eating will be rough, but I'll try to survive! ;)


Anonymous said...

It's not just you - there IS a perfect spot for Candace, and I'm sure some really computer savvy photo shop person will put her in her rightful place in that picture! Kimmie is SURE to have a great birthday with Dora and Diego - she'll actually BE there! Her party last year in McComb MS was fun, too! Have a great trip to the beach - It's well worth the hustle and bustle to get ready. Love and miss you all!

mabrynelson said...

oh, Happy birthday Kimmie!!!!! Last year we celebrated your birthday at my graduation and this year, we get to share it with you!!!!

Aunt Laine I can't wait to catch up on your blogging, too!! Have a BLAST at the beach, I know you will! soak up some rays for me!

Jana said...

I love this photo and the fact that the kids are already making room for Candace!! I hope Kimmie has the birthday party of her dreams -- I love three-year-olds:). I'm happy (and a tad jealous) that you're beach bound. Hope you get to relax (HA!) ... saltwater and an ocean breeze is good for the soul.

mommy24treasures said...

oh Kimmie is such an angel! How exciting for her... I loved the pics I got of her at the zoo. She just blesses my heart every time I see her.
I am sure your pics are good too! This one is wonderful! I hope your trip is wonderful and I look forward to your posts:)

Amie said...

What an ADORABLE family!!! and that is the BEST spot for her.. CANNOT wait to see her in family photos.. I mean really really cannot wait!!!

Hope you have a ball on the beach.. , we will miss you!!


Ohilda said...

Hey, Laine! My sweet boy, Kai's, birthday is on Tuesday, and also my sweet hubby's birthday, too!!

Wish that adorable Kimmie a big Dora birthday hug from me!! We're gettin' all ready for a CARS birthday party next week, exhausting but so much fun to see how excited these little ones get.

Can't wait to hear about all the news going on with the Ferrill crew. And yes, the little spot in the middle is PERFECT for Candace!

Have fun at the beach and a great bday party.



Lisa said...

I hope Kimmie has a wonderful birthday. I do see that perfect spot for Candace. We loved seeing you again the other day. Have a great time at the beach. Can't wait to see photos from all of your adventures.

Leighboe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMIE!!!! Hope you have a wonderful party, and eat plenty of cake for me!
Laine, y'all have a blast at the beach. Can't wait 'til we get there in about 3 weeks (or is it 2?)!

Keisha said...

I love the picture & there IS a perfect spot just waiting for her....just think.. this time next year she WILL be there! Praise the Lord!
Can't wait to hear and see all the other exciting things that's been going on in the Ferrill Fam! I've already been jealous about the Zoo trips!! ;0) So glad you got to meet my friend Stephanie!! Isn't she the best?! I love her & HG!!!

I love you 2,

The Princess's Mommy said...

There IS the perfect spot!!! You're right! I can't wait to hear all about the Dora party! I know it's going to be awesome! And have FUN at the beach!! Just another week and a half and we'll be on our way, too!! I can't wait! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIMMIE!!!

Monica and Lily Mei

ps-Laine, thank you so much for the sweet note you left about David on my blog. You can't know how much I appreciate the prayers. I'm going to need them! I still can't talk about it without crying. But, I know the Lord loves him more than I do and he's going to be OK. Thanks again for thinking of me! Hope to see you soon (are you coming to the zoo on the 17th? we're going to try to make it this time!) Have a fun relaxing trip! Love ya!

Dollar General said... sure not to have ANY fun b/c Michele and I will not be attending!!

I love that slip and slide picture and there definitely is a gap - Praise God He's in the process of filling it!!

Happy Birthday Kimmie - I hope you have a GREAT PARTY!! And Be HAPPY!

Love ya,

Tina said...

Hey girl we are at the beach right now and SOOO loving it! I wish we could have met up this time! We will be back here the week of July 4th so maybe you all will be here then?? Sophie too is sooo excited about turning 3. She keeps saying not is so cute. We miss you all!!
Lv ya!
And yes I see the perfect spot for Candice!

Hope for Lucy said...


Happy B'day sweet baby girl. You are three and thats an awesome age. I know you Mommy is going to give you the best Dora Party. Ms. Lily had a Dora Party for her third party.
You guys have a wonderful time at the beach. Im so ready for the beach. I cant wait for updates DAILY from your trip. Eat lots of Good Yummy food for us!

Love you guys
Green Party of Four

The Young's said...

How awesome!!! year when you get that slip n slide out...Candace will be right there!! :)

Sadie wants a Dora the Explorer cake too. I was surprised that she wanted that one instead of Kailin! She still thinks Dora is her!! How funny. Can't wait to see the B'day pics of Kimmie!! Can you believe they are with us this year? Sadies' b'day is in two week. I've gotta get to planning!!

Yall have fun at the beach. we can't wait to hear all about it!
Love ya,

Nicole said...

Laine, Do you have room in your suitcase for ME??? :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMIE!!! And yes, I see a perfect God-ordained spot for Candace in that picture.

Aimee said...

What a perfect place for Candace. Oh, I just can't wait until she is home!

Have a great beach trip. I am soooo looking forward to ours in just 2 weeks. There is nothing better than sitting under an umbrella with a big Diet Coke and reading a good book.

Looking forward to your posts!!!!I want details please!!!

mabrynelson said...

by the way, aunt laine, how long will you guys be at the beach?

Trace Car Driver said...

love love love the slip and slide pic! the kids just knew to leave that candace-sized spot, soooo sweet!! i hope the birthday party goes well... laine, again, i have no clue how you do it. a dora party and planning for the beach? i almost had a mental breakdown just reading about it in your blog! that is so fun that kimmie is so excited, i know it will be the best party ever. i hope ya'll have a GREAT trip to the beach, maybe you can get some coldstone along the way - LoL. can't wait to read more blogs and see fun pics! xoxo.
ps - thanks for the sweet comments on my blog ;)

Family4Liv said...

Hi Laine,

Aww how cool that Kimmie gets to enjoy a Dora party this year! Hope she has a blast.

Yep I do sence what you are, there is a void in the Ferrill family now. You have a wide open place waiting to be filled. What an amazing space she will fill in all your hearts.


Candy said...

Just found your BLOG tonight...and I can't wait to read more about how the lord lead you to CANDACE...My name is Cyrina Candace and I go by Candy....My mom call me me Lou Lou or Candy I thought your name psot was COOL. I have two children from Guatemala...and we will be adopting more as the lord leads.


Amy said...

Laine, what an incredible observation! I think there is definitely a spot for your girl! I hope you have a great beach trip! We are planning one in Sept. with my folks and I hope my Daddy is well enough to go too. ( he is taking chemo right now for colon cancer that is in his liver)

Anonymous said...


We hope you had a wonderful Dora birthday party!!! We hope you are having a great time at the beach too!!! We will be there in a week or so, and boy are we excited!!You are a very specail little girl and we love you!!!!!!!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I can see that perfect spot too! So sorry we had to miss Kimmie's b'day party, I am sure it was fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful vacation and get some R and R! I am jealous and wish we were going. Take some great pics of those precious beach bums!

Kim said...

I just recently found your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to read more. Congrats on your precious new daughter. Have fun at the beach!