Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SO MUCH FUNNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And randomness of pics too! :)

We have met up with so many friends the last couple of weeks! We have played on so many playgrounds, too! The kiddos were involved in two worship productions. And we've just had some great time around the house....we have been having some fun, and summer hasn't even begun! Do you spy some familiar faces in the pics? (Other than ours, silly!)
Oh, and thank you ALL so much for your choices and sweet comments on our family pics! Still deciding on what to order, I may need to sell some stuff to pay for all that I want!!! ;)


mommy24treasures said...

WOW Laine, YOu have been out enjoying this great Spring weather~!
looks like lots of fun. I think I recognized two parks;)
I can imagine you are having a very tough time on the photo choosing! They were ALL so good.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh looks like so much fun!! Yep, I believe I spy the precious Pierce family and that adorable Sophie Ru!! We've got to get Lily Mei and Kimmie together soon!! I love those sweet smiles!!

The Young's said...

WOW>...you guys have been busy!!! Looks like you've had an amazing time!!! So great to see Keisha and her kiddos in there! I SO wanted to meet them when they came to B'ham. Oh well...maybe next time!! I know what you mean about choosing pictures. That's why we haven't had any made...we just don't have the money to do and get what I want!! :) So our little digital pics will have to work for a while!! Thanks for sharing all your fun pictures!!!
Love ya,

mabrynelson said...
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Keisha said...

OHHH, OHHH, I do ,.I do!!
you beat me Lanie..
I've got to get it together.. it's been crazy!!
It was Great meeting you and the family!!!
love ya,

Lisa said...

Oh what fun! It looks like you have been really busy! Meeting bloggy friends is so much fun! I love all the pictures of all the kids. All the happy faces, makes you feel good!
Can't wait to see you next week.

wareaglefam said...

Oh, what fun! I hope that you got a picture of the kids being superheroes today! I loved seeing them outside having so much fun!

Tina said...

I love, love, LOVE all the pics. My FAVORITE is the one of K & Q sitting at the picnic table..that is just so sweet! We had so much fun w/ you all last week...we miss you already!

Linda said...

What a great bunch of pictures! - You have really cute kids! Do you scrapbook? And if so, how do you keep up? I have let my pictures get so far behind, and that is supposed to be my summer project (yeah, right!!). Have you heard back on your PA yet?

Family4Liv said...

I love all the funness going on! I wish we were a little closer and could meet up at the park! You are blessed to be so close to other special families!

Jana said...


I love this pictures -- my favorites are the underwear clad kiddos on the couch -- classic! And your professional photographs ... ohmygosh. How can you not get them all -- they're SO great and the kids look SO happy. What a beautiful family, inside and out.

Kristy said...

Oh my word, if those little buns aren't the cutest EVER!!
Fun pictures!
Blessings ~

Denna said...

I love the pictures. I really like the one where they are sitting on the picnic bench. That is sweet.

Keisha said...

hey Lanie,
these pictures look like they were taken over at Spain park..?? Just curious...
we took the kids there and they LOVED it!

Sonya said...

THOSE ARE GREAT PICS!!! Thanks for sharing!
And, I just looks at the portraits and how will you ever pick! They are ALL sooooo good!

Ladyblog said...

I recongize Keisha... she is such a sweet person. It's a small bloggy world. I love the pics of the kids taking a nap in their underoos. So cute.

Trace Car Driver said...

love the pics... wonder if the kids at the park were like - watch out, here come the ferrills!!!!! ;)

Tammy said...

It was great to meet all of you at the LL picnic!