Monday, June 23, 2008

Answer to update!!!!!!!!!

Today I had planned on posting a very frivolous fun post on the fashion makeover I received this morning from Sherry B. and her model/daughter Lauren. They helped me pick out the perfect dress for our 20 yr. high school reunion this weekend, and then they accessorized me. What fun! After arriving home, though, I realized my next post would definitely NOT be frivolous...I was so nervous and excited to see an email from Angela in China who was able to get an update and new pictures on Candace! Not just pictures of her, but of her foster mother too. Wow, what overwhelming, deep emotion I felt as I saw the woman who my daughter calls "Mama". I haven't stopped crying yet, so I'm warning you that this post may be hard to follow because I am one big snot ball.
Since our blog is private now, I am going to post the update that came from Angela who talked to the orphanage about Candace. Here goes, and in parentheses I might add my thoughts from time to time....

Hi laine,

I got update for you today! They didn’t answer individual questions but send a report. I have attached four pictures of her and her foster mom. I will attach the translation below:

Le Xiao Hao, female, was born on Aug 23, 2000. Current Height: 110cm; Weight: 19kg; Head: 51cm; Chest: 56cm; Foot: 18cm; Teeth: 24. She has congenital deformed ears, her hearing is no good. But she can communicate with her foster parents and other children directly. She can understand everything said to her. (WOW! That's amazing!) She shakes or nod her head to express no or yes. She often tells story happened in school to her foster mom. (Again, amazing and very unexpected!) In the foster family there are other two children from the same orphanage. They are all infant girls. Because of her hearing problem, she doesn’t really like to write or draw. But she can complete school works that the teacher gave them. She likes to watch TV. She claps her hands when she sees dance show. (Shalita, get ready!) She is healthy. She only caught a cold sometimes. she gets along well with her foster family members and other children. she loves her foster mom. They call her Hao Hao. She didn’t understand she is going to a new family, have a new dad and mom. She has been in this family always, she is used to the life. When we told her she is going to be adopted, and have a new family, new dad and mom, she was not happy. (Heart breaking right now and honestly when I read this my first reaction was "God, I'm not up for this! Wrong person, God! Can't do it!" Okay, I'm just telling you like it is...I'm scared! But God gently reminded me of when we were on that bus in Wuhan, and our guide was explaining how K & Q would be dropped off by their foster parents at the orphanage gate and they would say goodbye to them there. I remember bawling when our guide told us this, and telling God the same exact thing: "God, I'm not up for this! Wrong person, God! Can't do it!" And He got us through like He always does. He is encouraging and strengthening us for this calling. And how GRACIOUS of Him to let us know this about Hao Hao so we can be stepping up the prayers, RIGHT PRAYER WARRIORS??????? Okay...back to Angela's email...) But we will explain to her constantly. (That is such a blessing!) Also, the condition of our orphanage is limited. We have many things need, such as computer, air conditioner, treatment equipment for special needs children, etc. (I sense some fundraisers coming for this orphanage, amen?)

Sounds like she is doing really well at the foster family. For older children would be harder to transfer to a new family especially for the children has always been in foster care. I recommend you send her letters regularly. If possible, send her more pictures or gifts to let her know you are thinking of her, caring of her and loving her. (Oh we WILL!!!!!!)

Have a great week!



Well....this little girl is in need of our Savior to wrap His arms around her, give her a peace that passes all understanding, a comfort that only He can bring. This is not too big for God. Nothing is impossible with Him! I of course knew she would be sad. Of course. I guess when you just see it in real's real. Bless her broken baby heart. My heart is breaking for her, yet I know that I know that I know she is meant to be our daughter! I KNOW THAT!

So, here is what you've been waiting pics! Get your tissues!

God is good ALL the time, and ALL the time, God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristy said...

Oh, precious baby girl!
Those pictures are priceless.
I'll be emailing you........
Blessings ~

jhand said...

OMG!! I am so happy (and jealous) for you to get this information. We have so very very little about Joshua's past. The prayers will be going her way that the Lord will give her an understanding beyond years that the difficult events coming her way are for a much, much greater good for her and for her eternal soul as well. Love to you all!! Happy 11 month Gotcha anniversary too!!
The Hands

Hope for Lucy said...


Im crying here with you! Candance will just melt your heart. Just look at those eyes, how could you not love that baby. We are so blessed to have these special reports of our babies. Justing know they are loved and look what God is going to do for her.

Remember what you told me almost two weeks ago. God puts us thru these times, to strengthen our Faith. Faith! That what we have. She is one of HIS miracles!

Always remember....Look What the Lord Has Done....bringing your baby to beautiful loving family.

I cant wait to see more updates and we are praying with you. We love you!

Green Party of Five

living4him5 said...

I can't stop the water works. You are the parents for her, your faith and love for the Lord put you and Rob right where you need to be for this precious child. PRAISE BE TO GOD!! I just love seeing his plan unfold in all of your lives. I will be praying for all of you here and for the foster family and Candice in China. It will be a journey with ups and downs but Jesus has your hand my friend and we are lifting you up in prayer.

Sending lots of hugs and prayers,
Amy =)

CK said...

Dear Laine,
Your update and daughter are priceless. How wonderful she has learned to communicate and she is able to attend school. I can just imagine her dancing with all of her sisters. And yes, we know exactly how to pray now, thank you Jesus!

Pandamonium Mom said...

Oh Laine,
She is precious and yes, I cried reading this. Oh, it's so sad to know she's going to have to go through that grief process, but oh how WONDERFUL that she knows what love is. Just like Kimmie and Quan knew what it was like to be does Candace. That's GREAT news.
I'm going to e-mail you soon..

Mike and Barb said...

What a precious piece of history of your new little girl!!
And I so agree with you - now that you know you can pray more specifically, and already shower her with love and prayer.
Keep trusting that MIGHTY God of ours, and he will ultimately complete the healing in her heart!
Love, Barb

Kate said...

Oh Mrs. Laine every time I see her I just feel so many emotions. Today you were right I needed tissues. She is just so beautiful and her smile is a blessing. I will talk to you tomorrow! Love you!!
Katelyn B.

Family4Liv said...

Oh Laine,

Im dropping tears on my keyboard as I Write. I now how much of a blessing this is and what it means to you right now. Please know that I will be praying for your family and your new daughter! This is still so unbeleivable to have this info it is truly divine. Candace is Gods child and He has it all in His control. I dont doubt that He knew just what you needed today!Im so excited to see her story unfold, she will love you all so much deeper because she knows how and HELLO you are an amazing family!!!



Ohilda said...


WOW! Double WOW! God has indeed givn you an immense gift to prepare for your challenge, but in return you have stepped up to the plate and are ready to go to bat for your daughter. All will be well.

I had to stop and wipe tears so that I could continue reading. I just know in my heart that Candace's sad little face will be gone and turned into smiles when she is united with her family.

Poor sweet baby!! Will be lifting her up in prayer daily. Your faith is strong and your Savior is HUGE. All will be well, my friend.

Hugs and love,


Sherri said...

Oh Laine,

Do you see what I think I see? I think I see a tear in the eye of her foster mother in that last picture! That is a beautiful picture! Oh, wow, what a beautiful picture.

I noticed the loving hands with which her foster mother touched her. It's going to be a difficult adjustment for her, but how wonderful for Candace that she has been cared for lovingly to this point.

What a beautiful update! Send that girl a package! Now!


The Young's said...

WOW....she is SO precious!! Those'm speechless. I'm so glad you have a picture of her with her foster mom. Is that who that is?

And yes...she will be will be hard for her to leave. But our heavenly father will prepare her...and even begin to stir up a longing for her forever family. I just know He will!! You guys are amazing! I would say you inspire me...and you do...but not to do this again...but to be a more selfless and giving person! Continue to keep us posted!! We love you guys!

Trace Car Driver said...

the 3rd picture with her smiling is absolutely beautiful. i am so happy for ya'll and know that god is in control and will work out all the details. the ferrills + future ferrills are all in his hands, what better place to be??

oh, and i still want to see the makeover blog :)

Dana Hay said...

Hi Laine! I was so happy to hear more about Candace, and couldn't help thinking that the way we all feel about her must be the way God feels about us... when things happen to us that are hard to understand we can only see the bad and grieve... but he knows all along that they are bringing only better things for our future. It will be heartbreaking for Candace to leave the only family she's ever known... but she has no idea the love that she's about to be bowled over by! If there's ANYTHING that we can do for you guys and Cadance, other than pray, pray, pray please let us know. Love,
The Hay Family

Desiree' said...

Oh my word, what a tiny beautiful little girl. She looks so precious. I can't imagine what is going on in her mind, but hope God will ease her transition with y'all when the time comes. Praying here in MI.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Laine,
Bless her sweet heart just breaks thinking that she doesn't understand what a wonderful fabulous life she is going to have with you amazing Ferrill's! Oh I will pray and pray that God will speak to her little heart and prepare her for this change. Those pictures are just priceless. What an amazing gift to be able to get this update so you will be able to start preparing yourself and the kids for her transition. YES, God is good all the time!!!

Love and prayers,

Tammy said...

I've been catching up on all of your wonderful news! An update, photos, DTC...I'm just amazed and sooo excited for your family! She is such a beautiful little girl. She has obviously been loved by her foster mom. I'm sure she has lots of room in her heart for the special new family God has given her.

Thanks for the invite. I plan on "going private" too, after Madi's surgeries.


Amie said...

Oh Laine... I can't stop crying long enough to type this, so I am typing through the tears. Man that mascara smarts when it gets in the eyes.. ;)

These pictures are precious.She is just precious. Oh wow, that last photo of the foster mom just hits the heart hard. One peice of the puzzle that we know we have to deal with and conceptually we think we can handle it, but to see it , so raw, right there in front of you, is hard.

Remember,as I know you do, this is God's plan you are following, not your own plan. You are living your life to bring him Glory. He HAS shown you this is your daughter and he will provide all you need to get through this. HE IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME.

Oh how I CANNOT wait to see a smile on that sweet little face.
I will be praying so hard, and am thankful to have direction in how to pray. Thanks going up top God for this gift that he has given you, and all of us!

Hugs to YOU Mommy...


The Woodalls said...

Wow, what a blessing to have this update!! She is absolutely stunning, and she definitely looks like a Ferrill!! I will be praying for this little girl and the difficult transition that she is going to have to make in a few short months! But what a wonderful thing that she has known the love of family!

Linda said...

What a priceless gift these foster pictures are! I love the foster mom's eyes - they are so gentle and just speak volumes. I can somewhat imagine the emotions that are going through you right now, and I will pray for that strength you need. The truth is the situation IS scary, but you know as well as I do that even if you decided to let Candace stay with her foster family, that would not necessarily be what the Chinese government decided to have happen. You have been called for a very special task, and while at first it may not be easy, it is the RIGHT thing to do. I am so proud of you for your commitment to this young girl! Even with the difficulties of adopting Joanna, I will tell you that the difference between last September and now is just unbelievable! People with older child adoptions kept telling me that the one year mark is huge, and I believe it. I'll be happy to be your cheerleader anytime the going gets rough!

Sonya said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Praying for you and her and praying some more!!!

Tina said...

Oh my word! What a priceless update! The picture of her smiling is just too awesome! I just caught up on your blog and I totally understand you going private. I am so excited and I will make sure I add in more prayers for Candace and that she will understand what is going to happen.. YOU are in our prayers!
lv ya

Nicole said...

FABULOUS!!! And great pictures!!! So happy for you!!!

mommy24treasures said...

oh my she is SO beautiful!!!!!
her foster mother is so touching too, what a lovely woman.
The letters and gifts will help tremendously I just know it Laine. Along with some mighty prayers and our amazing Father.
Thanks so much for sharing with us. Wow, she can understand things... how totally exciting to know.
You are totally up for this. I know of no one better qualified.:)

amanda said...

She is so precious, I just know everything will be ok God had this all planned out long ago. PS.. I smell another MacDonald Farm Fundraiser.

wareaglefam said...

We just got our internet working again...I have been dying to see the new pictures Candace! OH, LAINE...words can't describe how I felt when I read the letter. We will be praying and praying that the transition will not be too difficult for all of you. Candace will (in time) know the awesome power of God's love through her incredible new family. We love you!

The McWhorters

Barbie said...

What a gift you have received! Not only in this precious daughter but also this beautiful letter. I saw you received your LID too and I can't wait to countdown with you!!

Greg and Steph said...

WOW! I am speechless!
Our Father is so awesome!
I know that He has incredible blessings in store for you and your family! Laine, you bless everyone you meet! God's anointing is all over you! God has chosen the right mama and baba for Candace!!!! I am praying that God will prepare her heart and mind for the transition. I am praying peace over this sweet child.
We love y'all!

Amy said...

Wow, this is just amazing! I like all the others cannot wait to see that smile light up her face one day!I cannot wait to see the gospel poured into her life and let it light up her face! What plans God must have for this sweet, precious child. You have been called to something so much bigger than yourselves, because it is GOD who wants to be glorified in this and Oh, will He ever be!! Praying for your family!!