Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Letter, and then three letters...

First I must say I am feelin' the love and am praising God for my bloggin' buddies. I was just talking to one on the phone tonight ;) about how amazing this adoption community is...and I feel doubly blessed because I have such a strong support from our church family, and even from family of our church family! For real! Not to mention our awesome best buds and family network out there. Yes, Lord. You have exceedingly abundantly blessed us. You have widened our circle when we thought surely it couldn't get any wider. Oh how grateful I am to Him for this! And to all of YOU who left such AMAZING, ENCOURAGING, UPLIFTING, PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON, NO PITY PARTIES GONNA HAPPEN comments!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that you all strengthen me and don't tell me everything's gonna be fine...but you tell me that GOD IS GOOD, and ALL WILL BE WELL....I love yall! And for those who sent me emails...oh how I thank you. Hear my heart...your prayers are coveted!
I am lovin' the fact that you are all in this with us, shedding tears when we do, coming to the Father on a little girl's behalf who is half a world away who YOU are not even adopting her!; but guess what? are all now O-FISH-ALLY little "Hao Hao's" prayer warriors--her extended family! Much like with Kimmie and Quan, you are taking such an active role in praying us through this and supporting us. To God be the glory! May He bless each one of you ten-fold!

So yesterday I sat Carlie down and said:
"Carlie, if we told you that you were being adopted and you would have a new mommy and daddy, how would you feel?"
"I would cry myself to sleep every night! I would be so sad, Mommy."
"If your new mommy and daddy were going to send you something, what would you want?"
"I would want lots of pictures of my mommy and daddy so I could get used to what they look like."
"Anything else?"
"Maybe a teddy bear so I could hug it at night."
"And if your new mommy and daddy wrote you a letter, what could they say to make you feel better?"

So here is the letter we sent to Candace through Angela...along with lots of pictures of her forever mommy and daddy, and of course...a teddy bear.

Dear Hao Hao,

We prayed and we were led to come to China to adopt you as our new daughter. We know that you have a wonderful mama and baba, and we are so thankful that they have taken such good care of you. We know that it may be hard for you to understand that you are getting a new mama and baba. We want you to know that we will love you and take very good care of you. We have lots of fun in our family. Here are some things about us:

We are your mama and daddy and we will be your mama and daddy forever and ever. We will love you and care for you and make sure you have plenty to eat. We like to play games and we like to swing and play at the playground. We like to read books. We like to play outside. We live near a lake and sometimes we go fishing. We ride bikes and we can teach you how to ride a bike if you want to. We will make sure to keep you safe and warm and dry. We cannot wait for you to come live with us and be our daughter. We pray for you everyday.

You will have three brothers and three sisters! Your three brothers are ages 10, 8, and 3. They like to play soccer. They like to play football. Your 3 year old brother is from China like you! He likes to play trains. He is a sweet boy and he talks about “Hao Hao”---you! He wants to show you his room and his trucks. Your two older brothers have beds on top of each other! We call them bunk beds!

Your three sisters are ages 11, 7, and 3. They want you to come sleep in their room. We will have TWO bunk beds and you can sleep on the top bunk bed if you want. You can choose which bed you want. Your 7 year old sister wants to share a bunk bed with you. She says you can pick whether you sleep on top or bottom! Your 11 year old sister wants to play baby dolls with you. Your 3 year old sister is from China like you! She talks about “Hao Hao” every night when she goes to sleep. She prays for you. She kisses your picture. We put your picture on our refrigerator. Your sisters take dance classes and they want you to take dance class with them. Their dance teacher is very sweet.

Can you write to us or get someone to write us back for you? We would like to know:
What is your favorite thing to eat?

What is your favorite toy?

Do you like baby dolls?

Do you like to play outside? What games do you play?

Do you like your school? Who are your friends?

What kind of candy do you like to eat?

Do you like to get hugs?

Do you like dresses or pants better?

What is your favorite color?

We will write again very soon. We will send you some things from America. We love you Hao Hao, and we pray for you.

Your forever mama and daddy and your 3 brothers and 3 sisters:

Katie, Colby, Clay, Carlie, Quan Bao, and Kimmie

Now for the three letters:


YES! Thank you Jesus we have a Log In Date of June 23rd. (This means our paperwork was received in China and we are in their computers and in line among other waiting families to travel to China! ;) The wait is officially ON! When will we travel? Well, for K & Q we had a L.I.D. of March 22 and Gotcha Day was July 23rd. Sooooooo...October? November? Will the Olympics slow things down? We just don't know, but we DO know we are one HUGE step closer to getting our sweet Candace!
Amie, you are SO logged in...don't you worry! I was hoping you may have heard today? ;)


The Ferrill's said...

Why oh why, Mr. Font, are you so messed up? I have tried and tried to work with you, Mr. Font, and you just will not cooperate. So I guess all my friends will have no trouble seeing that we have a L.I.D., huh Mr. Font? Well, at least you behaved for most of the post...try harder next time, okay?

Amie said...

Okay.... I was doing the biggest ugly cry ever reading this post... I wish I could describe it.. but I can't. You might have thought I was fakin if you saw me cause it was SO BIG and SO UGLY!!! I am gonna pay with a headache for that one later... ;)The little conversation with your little one, priceless and That letter..OMGoodness.. such love, such care taken in choosing each and every word for her.. I can just feel it and it gives me warm fuzzies all over and my heart is just smiling so BIg. I CANNOT wait for her to get that. For her foster mom to read that as I know they will feel the love that went into that letter and I believe in all my heart, it will bless them tremendously!!!

And girl,, that is so you to give a shout-out and be thinking of me and my LID on the day you got yours. I just love you to death and I honestly and truly could not be happier for you. Not even just a smidgen.. I am just that Happy.

Happy Happy Happy Day!!!

Lots of Love!!!!!!


Amie said...

p.s. Have you tried the time-out with Mr. Font?

Anonymous said...

On the font...looks like you forgot to close your tags after making what you wanted to make big. But Rob would know more than me. I used to be well versed in html until I moved my blog here and now nothing I do seems to work! Anyhoo...

Laine, I just love you to death! I've had such a challenging day and am in such a crappy mood. I was about to go have myself a pity-party (just me and God ever show up to those you know) but I come here and you are just so inspiring to me. I guess that's why they say the best cure to your problems is to start focusing your attention and prayer on others. Well, that's where I'm headed right now--to pray for you and your new daughter!


Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

We are SO excited about you being closer to bringing Candice home. I can only imagine the confusion in her little mind about having a new family...but God definitely knows what He is doing! She has a wonderful family waiting on her. We will be praying for you and Candice. -Blessings!

Linda said...

L.I.D. DESERVES TO BE IN LARGE BOLD PRINT!!!! That is such an exciting step and kind of spurs you on to get everything that still needs to be done ready. That was a great idea to ask your daughter how she would feel and then write the letter accordingly. I so hope you get a QUICK reply!

Tina said...

I am soooo happy for you all! I think it was an AWESOME idea to get Carlie's input! You are so smart. The letter was sooo awesome. I think if she gets several letters like that over the next few months it should definately cut down on her apprehension! WE wil keep praying!

wareaglefam said...

Congratulations on the LID! (I just figured that you were so excited that you decided you wanted everything to be big and bold!). The picture of the children was awesome! Did you send that one with your letter? Carlie has such an incredible heart...her ideas were just great.

The McWhorters

living4him5 said...

Okay... it took me FOUR attempts to get through that letter. I am still trying to type through my tears. I'm thinking so much about Candice. I know she's going to have challenges trying to figure all of this out and that's what breaks my heart the most. I know she will get there especially with our Lord and Savior and Mama and Daddy and all the people lifting her in prayer. I am SO EXCITED for your travels to China!!! Ok, I'm rusty...What are we waiting for now?? LOA -or- TA???

Love ya girl!

Waitingfaithfully said...

LID--Wooooooohoooooooooo from Texas!

Love the love letter to Candace, and Carlie's input. There is no easy way to prepare Candace's heart for what is to come, but God is Able--and He will do amazing things to put his littlest lambs into families. May He prepare the way!



Leighboe said...

I'm like the ugly cry mode. And I've gotta go to work today! That means I'll be blotchy all day long! Thanks, Laine! GRRR!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

LID!!! Congrats!! You're not far behind the Green's! Oh I hope you travel at the same time!

I love the letter. Bless her little heart...we are still praying and praying. Oh if she only knew what a wonderful life she was going to have!


Trace Car Driver said...

how precious. i have the chills just thinking about your sweet little girl reading your letter and looking at her new family. congrats on the LID - how very exciting! GOD IS AWESOME!!!

Ohilda said...


You'd think by now I'd have the tissues readily available before I read your blog entries!

Oh sweet Hao-Hao, you have no idea how much lovin' and fun you will have with your new amazing family!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We trust in the fact that Hao-Hao was created by you and loved like no one on earth ever could. Please begin opening her tender little heart to this family that loves her so much already. Allow your peace to fill everyone's heart involved in this adoption and continue to open doors so that they could be united, for Your glory, as soon as possible.

In your Blessed Name I pray.

Love ya, Laine!


Kristy said...

Praising Him with you.

Hope for Lucy said...

Ok.....the past three Wednesday has been awesome! We are praising God with you today. Thank you for that LID. WE are going to travel together. We just need to repeat it over and over. Aimee and Erica are going to be with us too. Can you imagine all of us together with our babies. Gives me the chills just thinking about it!
The letter waw wonderful and so sweet. have the best brother and sisters that love you so much.
Ok....I will be calling you soon.

Love you guys!
Green Party of 5ive!

Ohilda said...

OK! You need help from Mr. Font and I NEED glasses. I can't believe I missed that!

HAPPY LID!!!!! That's awesome. The real countdown has begun.



Sherri said...

Congratulations on being logged in!

It seems like just last year that we got our LID......oh wait! It was just last year!

Your children are so thoughtful. I love the things they want to know--and I like that they added "if you want you" at the end. THAT was so they didn't want Candace to think they were going to FORCE her to learn to ride a bike, or sleep on top bunk, etc.......

You are getting so close!


Aimee said...

I am so stinkin excited for you. I just love that letter to Candace. So sweet and from the heart.
Ok, I am officially going to cry if I can't travel with you and Connie. We have got to pray that I will!!!!!
In the meantime, I'll just enjoy every detail from your journey!

jhand said...

YEAH!!!!!! Love the letter, and praying that you get a response!!

ethel said...

How just like, loving and sharing. I know the thing Carlie said are exactly what Candie is thinking at this time, but it won't take her long to know how much she is loved by her new family. She will be Ferrillized before you know it. What a sweet, precious letter. I can't wait to hear what Candie has to say back to you. It won't be long and she will probably be outriding all the others,she won't want to miss our on any of the fun. Do we need to plan a fund raiser for that soon to be trip to China? Have you decided how many are going to travel and who is going with you? Missed you Sunday. See you soon. Love y'all. Ethel

Nicole said...

YEAH!!! Great letter to Candace and YEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA for your LID! Ours is 6/2 so.... maybe we will see eachother in CHINA!!!


Keisha said...

LOL! you are sooo funny!

I just know she's gonna love her letters!!!
love ya!

The Pictures are Beautiful!!

G and C said...

The letter you sent to Hao-Hao was so very sweet! What a great way to begin to prepare her heart to become a Ferrill. I love that your girls will all be sharing a room, what fun they will have together.
Big Congrats on your LID!!! Let the countdown begin!!

Jana said...


We just got home from vacationing at the lake for the past week (without access to email, cell phones or blogs!) and I was so excited to catch up on your great news!!!

I'm praying for you and for your sweet girl. I have no doubt that your letter will comfort her heart. I think Oakley was well-prepared for our arrival and knowing that they are already preparing Candice for her forever family is such wonderful news. Her fears will turn to excitement and she will be ready for that all-consuming, never-ending, unconditional family love.

Blessings to you!!

The Young's said...

what an amazing letter!!! It is just perfect! All the things a little girl her age would be concerned about! How exciting!!! LID?!?!?! that is wonderful. Did you have any clue when we were in China that you'd actually be there a little over a year later?! Wow. I can't imagine! You guys are amazing! Hope you have a great week!
love yall,

Steve and Jan said...


Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys...but sad that I may not be here to see little Candace come home. Thank goodness for the Internet and I can still keep up with all the news :-)

You have some experience behind you now after Kimmie and Quan and I have no doubt you can deal with any issue that comes up with Candace. And, if you need help, as you now know, there are a multitude of wonderful doctors and professionals here to assist you (not to mention, all your friends who love you).

So, have no fear and trust that if God has led you to Candace, He will surely be with you as you love and care for her. Will it be easy, cheesy...NO, NO, NO, it will not...but through it all, God will be by your side.

Hope to see you soon!


Donna said...

Thanks for the invite Laine. Now I'm all caught up on the Ferrill's news. That was a precious letter to Candace, I know she will love it.

Amy said...

LID...thanks for explaining that. I cannot believe it is going so fast, is it just me??? Wow!
My heart really goes out to the birth moms and the foster moms at times like this! I know it is so hard to let go, but what courage it takes...that is love. You know your little girl has already been loved, what a blessing. I love to hear about your children loving on a sister they have never met, that is so God working in them!

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, that's about all I can say. This is beautiful!
I love the compassion in Carly's heart - what a sweet young lady!!
Congrats on being LID, and I'm impressed that you have all your kids in one room (boys and girls room!). I would love to hear how that goes. We have the same situation, and sometimes they love it, sometimes they hate it.....
Love, Barb