Wednesday, June 18, 2008


That makes me think of the ice cream shop in Gulf Shores..."Scoops". It's really yummy.
Okay, the scoop:
I have really wanted to make our blog private for a few months. Here's why:
#1: I have some things about Candace and this adoption that I want to share, but have not felt comfortable doing so on a public site. I can't explain it, but I have been reserved this go 'round. With K & Q's adoption, everybody knew everything, correct? I know! This time I just feel like there is a lot of things changing in the adoption community and with China and the CCAA...or maybe it's other reasons that I don't feel comfy sharing about our girl. Reasons that stem from some unpleasant remarks we got in the beginning of this second adoption process. I just don't feel all happy and bubbly about sharing scoop. But NOW, now I WANT to share...because I know that YOU ALL are my friends and family and you love our family and will pray for us. I know you love us..I can feel the love...and it's coming right back to you. I love you too. VERY MUCH. That is why you are reading this! And I'm sure I've forgotten to send an invitation to you know of anyone?
#2: I don't like the idea that I have put our whole life out there for the wackos to read. Note I said I did it. Me. I am the one who laid our lives out bare for any and all to read. And now it bothers me. I feel assured that it is the Holy Spirit prompting me that it is time to take this private. LOTS of people were reading my blog. LOTS of people could find out where we lived, heck we could have been robbed while we were at the beach. It's not that hard to find the Ferrill's in Springville. And let's not even mention the wackos who may target my children...I cannot even go there. Wackos is a harsh word. I may sound judgmental. I'm not being judgmental. God made those wackos to love Him and worship Him and enjoy Him forever and they simply are not doing that. I know God wants the wackos to love Him, and I for sure want those wackos to love Him. But in the all get the picture. There are wackos out there. Rob resisted making the blog private when I first brought it up. He wanted this blog to be a testimony to ALL of God's faithfulness and love. But reason # 3 is the reason he IMMEDIATELY made the blog warning...I didn't even know he was doing it!
#3: Look no further than my Meal Plan Menu post and the anonymous comment, then my sister Leigh (protecting her baby sister...) opened up the proverbial can on that person..and then Anon. responded mean and Rob NIPPED IT IN THE BUD by making the blog private. Here is the really cool part of that, though. Rob works in internet security, so he found a tracking device and thinks he has pinpointed Anon. Not that we're going to do anything with that info at all, I just think it's REALLY cool that my Barney Fife husband could do that! Boy do I feel protected now! ;)
Sooooo....Sherri I don't know of any major internet scares going on, I just know this is what we needed to do right now. But maybe the Spirit is prompting many to do this because of danger. God is our ultimate protector!!!!!!!!!
Have I mentioned lately how HAPPY I am that I can share with you all so openly now? I know I've said it before, but I really really really love you all. And I SO can't wait to share more about Candace and our process! Okay, I'm gonna finish this up, and start on the next scoop...the GOOD scoop...about our girl!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Laine,
I just went back and read all that and Oh my goodness...I can't believe someone would say those things! Makes me sad that there are people out there that are so miserable they try to make themselves feel better by stealing someone else's joy. You did the right thing and way to go Barney Rob on the detective work!!
Have a wonderful day!

Robyn said...

Oh my word Laine I too just went back and read the horrible comment from that person. I like you sister Leigh was like how dare you mess with my friends!! It made me sick at my stomach!! Tell Rob Bravo on the police work. I know that you all feel better without the comments of as you said Wackos. Tell Barney I mean Rob he can leave his bullet in his pocket a little longer. Nobody messes with the Ferrills!!
Love you guys!!!

Keisha said...

Oh my word! I just looked back.. how cruel!
Don't let it bring ya down though. I'm sure they will find some other blog to "throw down" with! lol! Some people just love strife! Here's the thing though.. it could be someone you KNOW that is doing this & what bother's me is.. it could be a friend.!!
You know how women are with their Jealous Fits! This could have been their little way of lashing out at you... well COWARDLY LASHING OUT! MAkes me wonder.
I DO NOT allow Anyno. comments! NOPE, NOPE.. you got something to say.. I want to be able to "track ya DOWN" like ROB did! HOW FUNNY! You Go Rob!!!
Matt would have probably done the same!
You did the right thing & I'm so glad you included The Walker's on your Private List! ;0)
Love you Girl!

Ohilda said...

My mouth is still hanging open from Anonymous' comment!! HOLY COW! THAT IS SCARY!!!!!!!!! No doubt, at that point, I'd probably go private also.

Right now, as feel as your hubby felt, (and maybe I will remove anonymous comments from my blog) that I want everyone to see that God rules our world, our home and our hearts. He creates miracles in our lives almost daily and whenever I pray about going private, I feel like I'm shutting Him out. Who knows what the future holds.

I know, Laine, you are a true inspiration and such a Godly woman with a wonderful gift of discernment, and if the Holy Spirit is prompting you to protect your family, then by all means...there is NO questions.

Sorry for the ramble. Gonna keep reading about the adorable Miss Candace now.

Much love...


Ohilda said...

Sorry..still rambling. I just have to say that I totally agree with Keisha. I feel like it's someone (obviously a very jealous woman) that you know. Sick!

Aaahh...ok, I feel better. :)


Rhonda Bryant said...

Oh Laine,
I wish I would have seen the comment before you made it a private blog! I would love to have also given anonymous a piece of my mind!!!! That is so sad to me that there are people like that! This blog has brought so much JOY to so many people, and been such an example of God's love and grace! How terrible of someone to be so ugly. You sure did do the right thing by going private! Thank you for including us!

Love and Hugs!!!!!!
Brandon, Rhonda, Bailee, and Brooklyn

wareaglefam said...

Bravo Rob and Laine! I did read the comment, and I was furious. It was so clear that anon. does not know call you lazy is just beyond my comprehension! You know how much we value your family, and we feel so blessed to call you friends.

Much love,
The McWhorters

Amie said...

Laine- I did not know that Leigh was your sister.. I actually went and visited her blog to thank her for standing up for you... If anyone ever gives me trouble.. I am totally calling her to take care of them. And then I am calling Rob to track them down. It takes a village peeps.

I so love that you can speak freely here and not worry about wackos!!!!

Can't wait to get more scoop!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laine! We have to come up with a different detective profile for Rob- NOT Barney Fife! Something much more manly - like Arnie or Clint! I'm curious, and it is gossip - after Rob pinpointed anon - do you know the person? Love you all, and can't wait to see you!

Leighboe said...

LOL! Amie, I'll get your back, girl! :)
Laine, I wanna know who Anon. was. I have a feeling I brought them to you from the DR forum; I surely hope not but can't help but think I did. I'd like to know who to be mad at over there! :)

The Ferrill's said...

Hey yall! We suspect that anon. is someone we went to high school with. Our 20 yr reunion is this wknd and in corresponding with the class we shared our website. Anon is from south AL where we went to school....can't pinpoint address....anyway those are our thoughts! ;)
And really, we're just thankful for the comment because the Lord used it to confirm what we need to do at this time for our site!
And no...Rob will not be "packing heat" at the reunion to protect us. That thought REALLY cracks me up!
Clint or Arnie might. Who is Arnie anyway?
LOVE YALL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Currently he's the governor of California! Hasta la vista baby!