Tuesday, July 1, 2008

20 Year Class Reunion

Kylie's boyfriend Coleman allowed us to borrow "Black Beauty" for our reunion events... what a pal!

We played it up like we were on a prom date with these prom style pics...

The next day our niece was having a birthday party at Gulf Shores so we hopped on over there for a quick party before heading home.

Of course, Coleman had to bring Kylie all the way to Gulf Shores to meet us and couldn't resist jumping in the pool with all his clothes on, and then he had to throw Kylie in as well.

This is how she looked before he threw her in... in her church clothes no less.

This is us before the Friday night reunion gathering...

Sherry and Lauren Bryan who so graciously assisted with clothing and accessories for the reunion.

Us at the reunion picnic... I think we definitely had the most kids.

Before the Saturday night event...

One last prom pic...

I am so behind on blogging! I have got to catch up on all of your blogs, and I plan to do so as soon as I can have about an hour to myself on the computer...as for now, I wanted to get these reunion pics from last weekend up before time went on and I forget. Like I did with VBS, Father's Day and other random events which I still plan to blog about! Is anyone on my page? I mean the "when do I have time to do this" page? Anyway, thank you all so much for your sweet comments and encouragement and most of all your prayers for Candace! We know God is moving!


The Ferrill's said...

Rob, thank you for posting for me hon! I know you've been on to me about it being almost two weeks since the last post, so thanks for gettin' 'er done, hon! I LOVE YOU!

The Young's said...

You look ABSOLUTELY Beautiful Laine!!! WOW!!! Looks like a wonderful reunion. Our 20th year is next year...not sure if we'll go...but we LOVED reading about yours!! You always look like you have a great time no matter where you go!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!
Love ya,

Sonya said...

THOSE ARE GREAT PICS!!!! Just had my reunion too and it was a BLAST! Laine, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tell Buffi she just has to go!!! SOOOOOO FUN!

Family4Liv said...

You two look like high school sweethearts for sure!! Hope you had a great time, you both looked amazing! You are brave cause mines comin up next month and Im a bit nervous...


mabrynelson said...

WOW Aunt Laine!! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Lauren and her mom did an AMAZING job! Kudos! What fun to get to go to the beach again! I know from experience that spending a birthday at the beach is the BEST kind of birthday!

Amy said...

You looked beautiful! I cannot wait to meet you next week and talk in person too!! Thank you for praying for Landon's family.

Amie said...

could you guys be any cuter? Really? You guys look adorable!!! Stunning actually! WOW!

love the pic of the whole fam.. warms my heart.. Looking forward to seeing Candace in the next family photo!!!

happy Day!


Keisha said...

WHOA MOMMA!! You LOOK Stunning Darling!!! Your hair looks FAB!
Got a nice tan workin.. ;0) lol!
You both really look great!
Glad you had a fun time.

ps.. I LOVE the fact that "Coleman" has a bass lure hanging from the rear view mirror of the Black Beauty! TOO FUNNY!

Aimee said...

Let me just say one thing....

"YOU are one HOT MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And I am so glad that you finally got a post up. I was having Ferrill withdrawal.

Thank you so much for praying for this sweet, precious, family, Billy and Hope. We are on our way to see them now. I need God's stregth and an extra dose of mercy for the next 2 days. Hope and Billy need even more.

Love you!

Linda said...

So glad to see your newest update, and I love the pictures. You guys just look great together, and, of course, your kiddos are always so cute!

Aaron and Erica said...

Wow Laine...you look FABULOUS!!!!

It looks like you guys had a great time!


Trace Car Driver said...

i feel like a stalker... everyday i checked your blog and kept hoping for a new one! :) i love all the new pics... you and rob did look like ya'll were going to a high school prom. you are too young looking to have 6 (1/2) kids. and btw, i wish someone would invite me to a bday party at the beach - lol.

Leighboe said...

(sigh) You're so gorgeous, Laine. You always have been, but there's something inherently UNFAIR about you being OLD and gorgeous! :)* You're not supposed to look 20, especially after having 4 bio kids!
Glad y'all had fun. The classes of 80-85 are having a group reunion in August; isn't that what they do when class members start dying off? Is that why we're having a group reunion, to make it bigger? Anyway, I told Laura I'd go if she would, but since she's not, I'm not either.
Can't wait to see y'all T'giving...is it time yet? :)

Sherri said...

Can I just say that I LOVE the new haircut???!!!!!!!

My 20 year reunion is......was......8 years ago. I didn't go--one of the kids had a sports something or other that we couldn't miss. Maybe the next time....

You guys look fantastic! Paper pregnancy sure does agree with you, Laine!


Kristy said...

Oooo la la.
Look at those two cute kids (that would be you and Rob).
Aren't you both all spiffy?
You guys looked fantastic - wow.
So, how was the reunion? Did ya knock em all dead? ;o)
What fun pictures, thanks for sharing!
I am hearing you on the whole summer bloggin' thing; I just don't wanna be on here much, or for too long - there is so much waiting for me (pool, ice tea, weeds......)
Love and big hugs to you all ~

Jana said...

You two look FABULOUS!! And I love the dress, Laine -- polka dots look great on you:). So glad you had a good time -- my 25th is coming up this year!! ugghhhhh .... how is that even possible?!?

Barbie said...

20 years, no way!! You are beautiful and I love all of the 'prom' pictures.

Ohilda said...

Laine! Wow, lady! YOU ARE A KNOCKOUT!!!

I love the all the pictures, but the ones with all the kids wearing their "Ferrill University" shirts is just so cute! Where'd you have those made? I'd love to make some for our kiddos.

And yes, I totally understand about being behind on blogging. I have tons of things to blog about and no time.

Thanks for the update. I sooo look forward to them.



Lisa said...

Those are great photos! You looked beautiful! DH looked handsome. Did you get a haircut? Looks like you had a great time!

Mike and Barb said...

What an absolutely adorable Prom couple ;-)))
You guys look wonderful, and it looks like you had a lot of fun, too. Was this a "weekend event"??? Sorry, I have no clue about this kind of stuff (dang immigrants!!).
I really want to know where you got your Ferrill shirts. Those are the best!
Love, Barb

Dollar General said...

WHOO WEE!! That's all I have to say! I think you are missing one random photo I wanted to see though...hmmm...

I would post pictures of my 10 year reunion but as I mentioned before we are the loser class of '98 that never had a 10 year!! BOO HISS...I'm kinda glad though I've got 20 pounds of baby weight I needed to lose before I could KNOCKEM DIED with my golden blonde hair like you did!! You are too beautiful!! STUNNING!! LOVE IT!!

living4him5 said...

Laine, you looked GORGEOUS and that hubby of yours is a doll! I bet you had a wonderful time catching up with old friends.

Blessings and love,

ps...Fabulous hair girl!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when we were going to hear more news from the Life of Laine!

Don't worry, sister, I'm right there with ya--behind on blogging, that is! But it is on my "to do" list, that's gotta count for something, right?

You look beautiful! Glad ya'll had a good time! (yes, I said ya'll like the redneck woman I am!)

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I just have to say that you guys look amazing! Laine you look georgeous and Rob extremely handsome! My 20th is approaching quickly! Would love to see you guys soon!

Nicole said...

YOU BOTH LOOK WONDERFUL!!! You're such a beauty!!! GREAT PICS!!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, you & Rob look great together! ohhhhh the days of being able to go out on dates with Tony every weekend! We use to travel so light....not any more! I love to think back!! but am very much in love with my family & life now. I'm glad you two sweethearts had fun & looked so STUNNING!! I know Rob was proud to have such a beautiful wife by his side!!
lv u,
lv & blessings you all!

Pandamonium Mom said...

Wow - y'all looked great and it looks like you had so much fun! It's funny, I was reading your post and thinking - "wow, 20 year class reunion..isn't that what happens for old people, glad mine's still far away"...and then it hit me - mine is in THREE years! Yikes! How did that happen?? I'm looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend.
love, DeEtte

Tina said...

Oh my goodness Laine you look gorgeous! I hope your reunion was a blast!

wareaglefam said...

I want to see some pictures of you guys when you were in high school! That would be AWESOME! I do love your new haircut, and your dresses were beautiful! I am glad that you had a good time!

southern cheesehead said...

Laine, your hair looks so golden! And Robbie cleans up nice himself with his 59 yard golden leg! I'm still not seeing a pic that I thought I was supposed to see though, golden hair! :-)

Hope for Lucy said...

Laine and Rob....the most adorable couple and you look great! Im glad you guys had a wonderful time at the reunion. I know that everyone just fell inlove with your family and the pictures of Candance. We are still praying that we traveling together.

Love you!

Denhams said...

WOW! Can you say one HOT MOMMA!!(Oh and Rob your looking pretty hot yourself HA!HA!) Laine you look awesome.

Your favorite hygienist

Waitingfaithfully said...

Okay, so obviously the "vacation weight" you were so worried about went somewhere, 'cause you look
greeeeeeeat!! So does Rob.

Love all the new pictures, and as always, the Ferrill kiddos are too cute for words! Great shirts!

Thanks for the update--and I'm right there with you trying to find time to post!