Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adrienne update---------KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!

I say KEEP PRAYING because friends...the Lord is MOVING!!!!!!!! I just spoke with Josh, Adrienne's husband and today they received some encouragement...oh thank you Lord Jesus. Her kidney numbers are down a little bit more, her blood count is better, and so from Josh's mouth I heard the sweet words "Today was a better day." Thank you God. Oh praise Him! He asked that we all keep praying, she has a long way to go in recovery. She is struggling with getting nourishment because she is so nauseated she can't keep anything down. And we also need to pray the infection in her bloodstream will be GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all SO MUCH for praying for Adrienne...please keep those prayers comin'. They are cherished and the Lord is showing us evidence that He is hearing and answering. Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank YOU bloggin' friends and family...I am going to make sure Adrienne sees the comments you all made about having that mean ol' disease and such. Yall were so sweet to take the time to tell about your experiences. Yall are the best community, you know that?
And now, for a little taste of some more goodness, for your viewing pleasure....

Can you believe we will celebrate their one year anniversary with us on July 23? I'm so emotional! Our babies have come so far! I'm just a big mushball when I think about it!


The Young's said...

OK...I am just LOVIN' KIMMIES Smile!!!! how adorable. NO...I CANNOT BELIEVE it's been a year. Gosh...unbelieveable!!! I miss yall!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laine! I was so glad when you posted Adrienne's name - I have been praying for "Kylie's brother's wife" since before your reunion, and I feel like it's so much more sincere to lift up a name in prayer. I'm praying for continued improvement for Adrienne, for opening Candace's heart to a new family (thanks, Ohilda!), and for your family's continued blessings! It may be only a year since you all "GOTCHA" Quan and Kimmie, but they seem to have been a part of your family all of their precious lives! Love you all!

Steve and Jan said...

I will continue to pray for Adrienne. I am glad today was better for her. I pray tomorrow will bring even better news.

Wow, wow, wow! Can't believe it has been almost a year!!! That's really exciting and brings tears to my eyes too :-)

I will continue to pray for you guys and sweet Candace too! What a joy it will be to see her with her forever family!


living4him5 said...

I can't believe it's been a year already! WOW time flies!! They are so precious and what a blessing we get to see the grow and flourish.

Still praying for Adrienne. =)


wareaglefam said...

I am so glad to hear that Adrienne had a better day. Each little bit means so much when someone is battling such a nasty disease! We'll keep praying!
One year...WOW! What else can I say?
Love you!

Sherri said...

I'm so glad to hear the update! Praise God for good news! I pray that she has no more setbacks and each day is a better day.

Do you remember Caitlin that we prayed for a few months back who was in the wreck? Well, she came to Hannah's swim practice today and swam 300 yards! "They" said she'd never swim again.


Jana said...

Lifting her up in prayer, Laine. I hope tomorrow is even better!

I, too, can't believe that Kimmie and Quan have been home almost a year. They look so very happy and so very loved. Precious!

Ohilda said...

Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers!!

Laine, we continue to lift Adrienne up to our Savior, the Great Healer and stand firm on His promise that if we ask and believe in our hearts that He answers, if it is according to His will, it will be granted.

I believe!!



PS Can't wait to rejoice with you on the 23rd and hear all about that special amazing day a year ago!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying for your friend. Hope today has been a good day, too.

I'm loving those sweet smiles. Hasn't this just been the greatest year ever??

Have a great day!

Barbie said...

Praise God!! Thanks for the update.

One year home!! Yeah!!

Nicole said...

Laine, We are praying for Adrienne!!! May the Lord put His mighty hands on her and heal all that ails her!!!

Keisha said...

Praise the Lord!! We are thanking Him in Ga!
Those two are adorable!!! It is hard to believe they have been here for a year now... time flies!
love you,

Amie said...

I am sorry I didn't get to the first post earlier, but am so happy to read this update post. PRAISE GOD!!

I will definitly be praying!



MamaHen said...

Laine, I had fun this morning get all caught up. What a bunch of cuties you have! Wendy Clark