Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp Faves

I have seen my friends use bullet points on their blogs and I must say, I like that idea!

Wait, though. How do you make a bullet point? Is it just a period? Like this?


Or is it a > or a *? I'm confused. Where is the bullet point on this keyboard?

Oh forget it. I'm just going to use a dash.

Some of our favorite things about Camp:

- climbing the huge iceberg in the middle of the lake and sliding/falling down the other side of it. Only us 5 bigguns did that. K & Q watched from the safety of their floaties!

- getting to sleep for 3 nights in a barn with the horses. You think I'm kidding? We were in a barn!

-okay, really the kiddos were in the barn, and some of the chaperones. Me and Kelley were upstairs in the loft of the barn in the "princess room" because we had toddlers who needed their beauty rest- Kimmie, Quan, and Garrett!

-catching bass and catfish

-roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs and being silly

-the yummy FOOD! Go Mrs. Robin! ;)

-celebrating gotcha day with 40 of our sweet church family all singing "Happy Gotcha Day" to Kimmie and Quan, eating sundaes, and crying (mainly me)

-getting to see our sweet friends, the Youngs, who we traveled to China with, on that one year Gotcha anniversary. Their daughter Sophie "happened" to be at the same camp...ha ha! We know the One who orchestrated that! Kimmie and Quan got to see their Wuhan buddy Sadie Young. One year later, here they are, at a little remote camp in north Alabama. On Gotcha Day. Only GOD!

-picking up the perpetual muddy tighty whiteys off the boys cabin floor

-watching the campers learn unity in the Body of Christ

-cutting up with the chaperones after the campers go to bed!

-leading a horse through a pasture for an hour and a half in my Croc flip flops, fearing for crushed toes or worse- manure covered toes!

-watching the older kiddos at camp love and nurture Kimmie and Quan to warmed my heart so!

-watching my older children make such fun memories with their church friends...old and new!

-tie dying over 40 t-shirts, thinking it would only take about 20 minutes and instead it took over 3 hours, covered in paint, worn out, done. And then hours later finding one shirt that we forgot to do.

-playing endless ping pong and realizing I'm not as good as I thought I was, and that Colby is better than ever!

-finding foam darts in my washing machine post-camp, from Quan and Garrett's continual dart gun wars

-Carlie and her friend Emma losing the exact same tooth within 5 minutes of each other

In a nutshell....WE LOVED CAMP!!!!!!!!!


Trace Car Driver said...

fun fun fun! how sweet that ya'll got to spend the gotcha day anniversary with such special friends. i agree, totally a GOD thing!! sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time at camp, loved the pics... i think the one of you tye-dying in the barn is one of my favs :)

Tina said...

I am so glad you had a great camping experience..and none of the Pierce camping luck rubbed of on you! lol. You all do some seriously fun camping...You will always treasure those memories!

Sherri said...

That looks like it was so much fun! So will Candace be here next year for camp?

I loved looking back at your gotcha day pictures from your video. My favorite one was Rob laughing while the little ones were screaming! I admire you guys, Laine, and your commitment to orphans.


Dollar General said...

That sounds so fun but trust me it's nothing like CAMP JACEY know what they got to popcorn and chocolate, ate reeses cups (I HEARD they asked for 5 at one time but water to drink), stayed up until all hours of the night, watched movies, didn't have to take a "fast bath", played with princess toys in the bath, and then they got to do hair, nails....the list is amazingly long and fun...Would you like to go to CAMP JACEY GRACE with me sometime? I'm going with Anna next time!! There is no COW dropping there and you can get as MUCH beauty rest as you want!

But really, back to you! HA! It looks like GREAT fun and I was wondering did Heidi or Helga show up there? I've really missed them!

The Young's said...

LOVED the pics. Yall did have a GREAT time!!! It was wonderful to see you! We miss you guys!! yall are such a wonderful family. By the way...any tye dying tips before we begin out shirts?!?!? Now that you're the experienced one!! :) Have a wonderful week!
love ya,

Kristy said...

What fun, sweet pictures!
We too, had a blast camping with Ellie Bellie for the first time (we're ready to go again!).
Have a wonderful week (and be watching your mail!)
Love to you ~

Mike and Barb said...

How fun!
I'm glad you had such a great "family-time" ! What a blessing to do those things as a family!
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Laine, you are getting so good at tiling those pics - who needs bulleted lists? Loved all the pics, and glad you had great weather! Keep us posted. Love you all, Laura

Barbie said...

What FUN!! It looks like everyone there had a wonderful time. Isn't it wonderful to watch the older kids lovin' on the younger ones? I am sure Kimmie and Quan were enjoying all of the attention. It is so neat that you were there to enjoy the week with your kids.

Amie said...

First off... WE are coming with you next year. That sounds like TOO much fun. Well, all that is except stepping through manuere in croc sandals, and maybe sleeping in a barn with horses. I am just NOT that cool.

Can I say I started crying thinking about the camp singing Happy Gotcha day... oh that is just too much, and too cool! And hooking up with your friends on Gotcha Day at camp, Total God thing! That just makes me smile so BIG! Again, God cares about those little things!

And can I say how tickled it makes me to see those kiddos lined up next to one another in the big ol van. If that is the big honkin' van, there is room for more. I'm just sayin. Okay, I will lay off until Candace comes home. :)

And Sorry bout the T-shirt incident..LOL. And super cool about the teeth. The whole post just makes me smile thinking about all the memories you just gave your kiddos. It is fun to think about the stories you will have to tell sitting around the thanksgiving table years down the road. Yhat is just good stuff.

Okay, so just to make it clear. Next year, save a spot for us. Well I guess it would be nine spots, wouldn't it.

Happy Super Cool Camp Memories!

Keisha said...

I just loved your "bullets" .. you nut you!! ;0)
You are so funny!! Glad you had a wonderful time & Praise God you were able to go & make that memory and share with those kids about Christ! You are A WONDERFUL MOM!!
love you,

ethel said...

Seeing all your pics and the video at church last Sunday and those spiffy tie-dyed shirts makes me want to go to camp with you next year. Not so sure about the horse trail or the sleeping in the barn,do they have air conditioned suites there? Oh, well, just think of the fun. Hey, maybe we can find a campting sucker and sit around the campfire melting chocolate and making all kinds of suckers. Love ya Ethel

Pandamonium Mom said...

It sounds like it was so much fun! So glad you all had that great experience! I felt like I was living it with you as I read..well, except I didn't have to go wash my feet from the manure! ha!

Aimee said...

How can you look so cute when you are CAMPING??? I went camping for the first time 2 years ago and it rained on my head all night. Needless to say, I havent' been back. Frizzy hair is not fun.

I love all your pics. How cute!

Waitingfaithfully said...


Looks like a really fun time, with a lot of happy kids! Well, minus the 3 hours of tie-dying, and the mess it created! Sounds like the outcome was worth it though!

And the Youngs being at camp for Gotcha . . . Our God is a God of marvelous detail, is He not? Wow!

Thanks for taking the time to share!



Loved the dirty laundry picture, how's it coming along? :)

Hope for Lucy said...

Ok...that camping trip sounded fun and I would probably like it (even though Im not at all a camper).
What wonderful memories you have made for those precious angels. Next year, Ms. Candance will be there to enjoy all the fun too!
Praying you and I hear something VERY SOON!!!!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! Makes me wish we would have gone! Bailee and Brooklyn would have loved it! I have not seen Emma in so long, she is growing up! They all are! What are we going to do? So glad you all had a wonderful time!

Love you,

southern cheesehead said...

It looked like that unnamed crazy chaperone had fun...I'm so glad it was a great camp! You're a survivor!

Journey to Lilly! said...

What a blast! I love the ice slide thingy!! I have never seen one of those before. And yes, I am extremely jealous you & Buffi got together on our anniversary!! sniff, sniff!! I would love to have seen everybody. Hope you don't feel tooooo bad!! hehehe!!
lv u,

Leighboe said...

Laine, how wonderful that you're giving your kids such sweet memories! I feel so inept next to you!
You have such a unique gift for making what surely must be torture sound like so much fun! :) Note to self: remember Laine's gift if she ever tries to rope me into one of her adventures!

Ohilda said...

Oh Laine! I'm lovin' catching up! All through your posts, what kept going through my brain was "Thank you Lord for creating Candace for THIS family!" Your family is such a gift.

Sounds like an awesome time. I especially love hearing God's magic performance with the kiddo's Wuhan buddy "showing up". :)



Joan said...

How Fun!!! It looks like a great time had by all