Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good ol' Oswald

He gets me every time. Okay, God gets me every time. And I'm so glad He doesn't leave me like I am! Keep workin' on me God! Never stop!
I'm referring to Oswald Chambers in the title. Today's devotion is entitled "Becoming Entirely His"
Here are a few tidbits:
"Ultimately, God will allow nothing to escape; every detail of our lives is under His scrutiny. God will bring us back in countless ways to the same point over and over again. And He never tires of bringing us back to that one point until we learn the lesson, because His purpose is to produce the finished product. ...Through this process, God is trying to impress upon us the one thing that is not entirely right in our lives. ...Beware of becoming careless over the small details of life and saying, "Oh, that will have to do for now." Whatever it may be, God will point it out with persistence until we become entirely His."

There isn't just one point that God brings me back to over and over. I've got a plethora of issues. But TODAY, YESTERDAY, LAST WEEK, LAST MONTH, there IS one point that sticks out among the rest. It is tee-tee. Tee-tee issues. I am so sick and doggone tired of tee-tee issues with my 3 year olds. Tee-tee is controlling my life. I know it sounds funny, and it is ridiculous that I have let tee-tee control my emotions. When my precious toddlers wake up dry, I sing "Happy Birthday to me". They look at me like I'm crazy. I AM crazy to let wetness or dryness determine my moods. There, I said it. Is that just not plain ridiculous? People all over the world are dying and going to Hell because they've never heard the gospel, people are suffering for the cause of Christ, people are suffering in hospitals, orphanages, everywhere. And I am letting tee-tee get to me? Okay God. Thank you for waking me up. Tee Tee is not going to deter me from my JOY in you!!!!!!!!! And forgive me Lord for setting my joy on circumstances and not on my Savior. And THANK YOU Lord for tee tee issues. Because that means I've got two toddlers who bless me SO MUCH. I love them dearly. And I will take tee tee issues anyday. Because I love those babies so much.
And those other points He brings up over and over (like my emotional eating, my lack of exercise, my snappiness/sarcasm with my sweet kiddos and husband) are issues that I want heart changing surgery upon!!!!!!!!
Our church is praying for brokenness before the Lord. Oh that we would humble ourselves and be broken before to be changed. I want that! I want that!
The last few weeks our family has felt an urgent call to purity in our home. We have been lax about what our children have read, watched, and participated in. And it has come back to bite us. And I thank God for that. I thank God for waking us up, for allowing trials and setbacks so we will seek Him all the more for guidance. I thank Him for not leaving us where we are...but working on us until His purposes are accomplished and His glory is revealed in us. Heart surgery hurts, but it's good. And God is good. All the time!
Thanks for letting me share and bear it all out in the open!
And thanks for your sweet comments about our camping trip.
And now we're heading for another adventure, not China. Don't I wish! (When will that be? I dunno!) We're just hopping over for Six Flags and a Braves game! We were blessed with free tickets to both! Thank you LORD!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my...the toddlers are awake...I wonder if they're wet...time to practice what I preach! ;) JOY to you! I love you all!
(Update: one toddler soaked, one toddler dry, one thankful momma)


living4him5 said...

Aw, Laine...I needed to read your post. You lifted me up girl and I thank you for that! I am so thankful our paths crossed.

As far and tee-tee, I get it! Linzhi Rose it NOT getting it either! LOL


Mike and Barb said...

Thank God for pullups night time!!!!
I guess I would not EXPECT them to be dry at night. You know how many kids are not dry at night until way later?? Nothing they can do about it, either....
I have a wet one, too, but he is FIVE!! Getting MUCH better in the last couple of months. No use getting worked up over it, my dear friend!!
Love the purity theme within the family. I feel that there is an unhealthy something in our house too, and I really need to pray for the Lord to reveal what OUR struggle is!
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

LOL, I thought you were talking about that little octopus, Oswald! LOL--can you tell I work with preschoolers, too?

I agree with your friend, Barb there. Pullups baby, pullups! Dylan wore them until he was 7 years old and he's as close to a perfect kid as there ever can be! Nope, in the grand scheme of things, it does not matter!

Of course now, I'm one of those "lax" hippie parents, too so maybe what I say and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee (and more tee tee! lol)

Anonymous said...

Oops, needed to add-at night! He wore them at night until he was 7. Not during the day. He would kill me if people thought he peed his pants until he was 7. Nope. Daytime he was trained at 18 months. So just goes to show ya, sometimes they just can't help it and it's O K !

Kristin said...

Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing your life with us. I really love reading your blog!
~Kristin :-)

Waitingfaithfully said...

I am right there with you Laine. Just today as I was helping Teddi wash her hands after what seemed to be the umpteenth tee-tee of the morning . . . I was GRUMPY.

For One: She's doing great going on the potty, why should I be grumpy?

And Two: How long does it take to wash little hands? Not that long.

I caught myself in a little "pity me" sigh, as God spoke to my heart to "enjoy each moment" tee-tee, or no tee-tee!

That was just today! Please know that you are not alone. In fact, it sounds like we were sitting in the same classroom with the Lord this morning . . .

Blessing to you my friend, no, better make that a double blessing, since you have TWO tee-teers to smile about!

Love ya from Texas,


Sherri said...


Mia peed her pants TWICE yesterday! That NEVER happens! And then TWICE in one day~! I thought I was going to scream! Is God bringing us all to Him this week through tee tee?

So, yeah, I needed to hear that, too. I get so bogged down in the details that I truly can't see the forest for the trees.

Thanks for the post. As always, you are a blessing.


MamaHen said...

I will be entering all that with James in the near future. It can be frustrating, I know. Thank you for being so open and honest about how you feel though. It keeps us going.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing, Laine!

Keisha said...

Lanie.. you are so REAL! Thank you for that!! I love it! I know about the "tee-tee" thing running your life. But, you know.. I started the "gummy bear" treat for Faith & Honey Child... it works!! Here's the rules:
I reward her EVERYTIME she goes to the bathroom. Just being consitent helps!
when she tee-tee's in the potty: 1 gummy bear
when she poopie's in the potty: 2 gummies
when she does a "combo" ;0): 3 gummies
NOw, she stays Dry "most all the time" during her nap .. but I strip her down to her undies during naptime.

Night-time..that's a whole'nother issue! lol!
She wears pull-ups, but sometimes she wakes up dry. We are working on this one.

Oh yeah, another thing I found that worked... I gave her.. her "very own clear candy jar" NOBODY gets into HER JAR! Believe me.. she will TELL the world & Cry! I had to lay down the law for B-man & Kenna! lol! It's just something special for her.

It's just an idea to try that works good for us!
Can't wait to hear about your Eastwardly travels.. ;0)
love ya,

The Young's said...

I just love ya Laine!!! Mine make it through the night...but now I never know if I'm going to walk into the bathroom and step in a puddle of tee tee, or sit on a tee tee soak seat...or see poop marks on the bath mat where some one has sat down while trying to wipe themselves. So girl...I'm with ya!! My whole attitude has been stinkin!!! Thanks for the kick in the rump to look at things in a more positive light.

I have to agree with you...our house has gotten SO lax on things. I can feel it...and it is not a very good feeling! I pray that we can pull things back in and straighten things up. Have a great time at the game and six flags!!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Well I am not in the potty training phase yet. But after reading this blog I will smile through tee-tee as well. I love to read your blogs - you set me straight soooo many times!!
One more thing Laine...SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF!!!!!
That is an inside joke for Laine!!
Love you!!
Beth Furr

Amie said...

LOVE how you always speak from the heart and are never afraid to bear your soul.

Thanks for your honesty... we all have our "issues" and it is so good to know we don't struggle with them alone. and to be reminded that he is there to lift us up and he wants to see us through this... good stuff.
You also made me think about what we might have going on in this house that maybe should not be allowed. I will have to think on that one a bit more. Thx for keeping me on top of things.

And can I say, 6 kids home, one on the way, and I have never heard of TEE TEE. Kid you NOT. Learn something everyday. LOL. And I have to admit, I too thought this post was about the little octopus, who I am afraid to admit annoys me when he sings. There I said it. Sorry Oswald.

Lots of Love!


Hope for Lucy said...

Wow Laine
How we do let the little things control our life and I will admit to it. Lily has done great (during daytime since she was 2 1/2), but night we are still working on. I should be thankful that is only during the night. She just loves water way too much.
Oh exciting that you are going to a Braves games and Six Flags. Just curious if you are going to the Braves games that will feature Stephen Curtis Chapman after the show. I do wish we were going!
Still praying that you and I will hear something SOON!
Love ya

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

Hey Laine, I enjoyed reading your post. I read that exact devotion yesterday...well I guess I should have it was labeled July 31..Ha. Anyway, it spoke to me too...not about tee-tee but something else. It is so hard to keep circumstances from dictating my joy! Thanks for your post. It was encouraging! I pray that your home would be filled with dry sheets and that we would both have the joy of the Lord no matter what our circumstances. :)

mommy24treasures said...

oh Laine this is a wonderful post. Rings so true...
I love everything you wrote.
Ryan and Chloe were potty trained at 20 months, I too thought all children should follow that wonderful example. HA HA HA, they are all different! I had to learn too.
PS Caitlyn is still soaked every monring.

Pandamonium Mom said...

Aw Laine, I needed that post - especially the devotional. Not for tee-tee though..I'm weird I guess in that tee-tee doesn't really phase me. Hannah was potty-trained from the day I got her in China - except at night. She's almost five and still wears a pull-up at night. Everytime we run out of them, we decide to try with panties (the tee-tee doesn't bother me, it's the spending money on pull-ups! ha!). We usually try 2-3 nights, then I go buy some more pull-ups so I don't have to change sheets in the middle of the night anymore. She just can't wake up and go in the middle of the night. Sadie now..She really doesn't get this whole potty thing at all. She sits on the potty, smiles, jumps off, looks in the potty (note - NOTHING is in there), smiles again, and claps for herself! ha!

Leighboe said...

You probably don't remember this, Laine, but when Pete was 5 and still wetting the bed we found out there was actually a medical condition causing it. At some point as a baby he'd gotten strep throat that went undetected, and it moved to his kidneys and damaged them. Knowing that made it so much easier to deal with! We were told his kidneys would eventually heal themselves, and thankfully they did (but not for several years later). It might help to just assume the same thing happened with K & Q! :)

Joscelyn said...

We know exactly how you feel (except we just have one). He does good on the days he wants to and other days he just doesn't go.

I will now remember this blog and hopefully it will help to smile and Thank God for my precious babies (even though one is almost 9!!).

Steve and Jan said...

Well, I guess we're leading parallel lives....I could have easily written your post :-)

My kids are all potty trained day and night, but this last week or two someone or something has invaded their little bodies and removed their ability to make it to the potty (except for Olivia, of course). It does make for a grumpy Mama.

And, maybe it's just the summertime that we get so lax about what goes on in our home and in our kids' lives. We are suffering from the effects of that too.

I have been praying your same prayers....I will be praying for you too :-)

As always, a great post!

Love ya,

Journey to Lilly! said...

awwww the days of tee, tee...... in the floor, on the bed, carseat, stroller! This too shall pass. what are ya gonna do????? I think you have chosen the better response!! Don't sell your joy over tee tee!

I love you girl!

Ohilda said...

I think only you can make me laugh and cry all in the same post!

Thanks for sharing Oswald's message and more importantly God's word. I so needed to hear that today.



Kristy said...

I LOVE that your working on the whole purity thing - you go girl.
This is SUCH a good post........ I feel too, that lately God has been r-e-a-l-l-y workin' on I'm being stripped raw.....sounds bad, I know. It's how I feel.
It's hard, and I don't always like it -'s ALL GOOD.
Praise God.
*Love from Oregon*

Kristy said...

me again...... I had to share this one; I have a friend who rewards her son with Rolo's candy when he does a poo.........
I can never look at Rolo's the same again.......