Friday, July 11, 2008


I know that yall are overwhelmed with my posting. Frankly, me too! You can tell we're having a REALLY slow day around here today...and I am NOT complaining! We are still in our pajamas this afternoon, just hanging around the house playing, I'm fighting an AWFUL crick in my neck so I'm in slow motion and playing low key, everyone is getting along beautifully, it's computer day for the kiddos so they're having fun on the computer and x-box, and I am thankful for this day! Amy and Page, I'm sorry we're not getting together today....but we'll make up for it another day! God knew we needed a slow day today. My budget thanks me for not making any road trips today! ;) Although, (this is crazy) but I have to talk myself out of feeling guilty for not planning anything for today. We're not even going to the pool...and THATS OKAY! Down time is GOOD! PLaydough on the back porch is like Six Flags to the toddlers! ;)
Amidst our lunch of cheetos and peanut butter crackers, Carlie brought me the mail which contained TWO passports for TWO toddlers! We decided to go ahead and order their passports in case God confirms that they indeed will go to China with us. We ordered these passports July 3rd. That is EIGHT days. Can you BELIEVE that? And no, we did not even expedite them. WOW! And by the way, the passports are so pretty now. They have American scenes on them with quotes from presidents and such. Really pretty. Have you seen the new ones? 'Cause I almost wonder if these are fake since they came back so soon. I hope they're not fake. All we had to send to the Dept. of State was their original cert. of citizenship and their adoption papers. We have not "re-adopted" them yet and that was not a problem. Their passports are in their new names and everything. We also received back their original documents we sent. I was under the impression we would need to re-adopt them before getting a passport, but then I found out as long as we had the cert. of citizenship they could get a US passport. I tell you all that in case you run along the same issue. You never know! Some of you might one day! Huh? Dontcha wanna adopt? ;)
The Fourth of July American Musical Production was a roaring success. All actors and actresses will remain anonymous as to reduce the chance of paparazzi. (I think they have watched too much Annie, High School Musical, and Hairspray! The broadway shows abound!)


Amie said...

awwww....there own little passports.. so sweet. why does that make me tear up with happy tears.. is it just me? am I hormonal?

happy Passport ordering day!!


Mike and Barb said...

I know the happy feeling of a new passport. Our entire family always has to be Passport ready at any given moment, so we have to make 1 or 2 new ones almost every year. But oh well, it's the beauty of an international family!
Love, Barb

Sherri said...

Don't worry. The passports are real. Sarah had to get a new one for her trip that she's on right now that I have no idea how she's doing because I haven't heard one single word from her.

college students.....hmph!



jhand said...

We are currently in the process of our re-adoption of Joshua. We had 2 pajama days around here this week. Down time is good! Starting next week my goal is to practice getting up and dressed by 6:45 to begin creating a routine for when school starts. We will need to leave the house at 6:45 for me to get to school on time. Fortunately Joshua pops out of bed ready for action at about 6:15 so it is only me who needs to adjust to getting up and going.
We will be praying that God will show you very clearly who is supposed to go to China.

Julie Hand

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes yes yes, I DO want to adopt (or foster)--very much so. And we are going to...someday. Our first "practice" family will probably be grown up and out of the house before this happens. We'll just be starting over. But what else will we do? LOL

Your package is cute! And yes, hope those passports are real. Maybe you'll find out soon? lol

ethel said...

Wow, passports in 8 days God MUST be telling you something. You know you can't leave anyone home. Oh yeah, and by the way, KY passport is up-to-date, just in case you have extra room in the suitcase, or should I just pack myself in my suitcase. They are ready and waiting for their trip to China. Know that we love you, maybe you can celebrate K&Q first "American Birthday" in China preparing to bring home their new sister. Can't wait to love on her. You know, you are going to have to have some sign classes for all you friends. Maybe we should have a big party and you can show us everything you have learned. I'll bet the kids are already pros at it. I see them signing some of the praise songs in church. Love you. Ethel

Family4Liv said...

Hey ferrills,

Thanks for the advice on the passports...Yes I do believe that has to be record timing for them to appear at your home so quickly. I do love the new ones, there are beatiful sentiments inside. Although they are suppose to have the chip that tracks you now...
Im sure the answer for whom will travel will be clear and you would know without a doubt! I do beleive a little down time is the best time to hear those answers...
Lifting up little Candace to the one who can prepare her heart for the upcoming blessed lifechanging event!

Hugs to you all!


Kristy said...

Where have I been?
Where did all these posts come from? ;o)
I'll be back to catch up.......

Keri Mason said...

Wow Laine! Reading your posts about passports, travel and care packages takes me back to a year ago...we know first-hand that God is faithful, don't we???? What a gracious and faithful healer of the orphaned He is indeed! I wish I could go back and get another one...but God is teaching me about contentment (yet again!). I am praying for your family and your precious daughter-to-be. And, I may need to send some money with you to get us some China gear while you are there...okay?

The Young's said...

Wow...I'm glad you had a down day...makes me feel better...cause we have them ALL THE TIME!! :)

Unbelieveable that you got those back so quickly!! WOW!! I cannot believe that!!! At least they are ready...just in case!!!

I don't think we'll worry about going back again...we'll let you guys go back for us!! :) Have fun!!

Gotta run. Hope you've enjoyed your much needed down day!!!
Love ya,

mommy24treasures said...

wow that was super fast.

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Eight days, that has got to be a record. That is so great that you are prepared for anything. God has got His plan ready for your travel and how exciting it will be when He reveals it to you! We keep you all in our prayers daily and send a little extra one for Candace, it won't be long when you'll be celebrating her year anniversary in the USA!

Kate said...

That is the way my passport looks Mrs. Laine! And when I got mine in the mail I went around the house all day talking about it. I asked my mom if she wanted to leave the country because I could if I wanted to. Yeah I am just a big kid. ;)