Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Power of Prayer...

I am in tears, in awe of God's mercy and mighty power! From 6 p.m. Thursday to 6 p.m. Friday, people were praying at different intervals of that 24 hours for Adrienne. People even signed up for the wee hours of the night and 3 a.m., 12:00 a.m., etc. Amazing. And look how God honored the prayers of the saints.....this is an update from Adrienne's husband:

Here is an update on the things that happened to Adrienne between 6:00 pm on Thursday and 6:00 pm Friday during the time people lifted her in prayer. First and foremost, her kidney condition improved vastly. The level they had been watching for two weeks went from 2.5 to 1.8 overnight. Just for perspective .8 to 1.5 is normal and 4.0 is transplant or dialysis. So, as you can see, God did a great work with her kidneys. (By the way, there was no medical treatment for the kidneys. No medicine, no procedures. It was strictly a God thing.) Secondly, her appetite returned nearly to normal. Simple things like saltine crackers had been making her vomit. However, starting Thursday she ate mexican food, a baked potato with grilled chicken, and pizza without any sickness. (All those foods are really good for her right now. She needs lots of extra calories because she lost about 60 pounds. Wish I needed extra calories.) In addition, the doctors identified the infection in her blood as a common bacteria that is easily treatable with medication. The doctors also informed her shortly after 6:00 pm that she would not need a "pick" line (that is a semi permanent IV inserted into the that runs up the arm into the larger blood vessels around the shoulder). They are treating her infection with only oral antibiotics. Finally, she has not has a fever in 3.5 days and the main doctor ordered all lab work to stop and cancelled some very painful tests that he said were "unnecessary." They are talking about going home. It has been a very long time since they even mentioned that word. I say all that to say this. God has heard our cries and has responded. Praise be to him. I also wanted to take a minute and thank all of the individuals who put together and participated in the 24 hour prayer chain. It meant so much to us, and God has honored those prayers of the saints. Adrienne is not "out of the woods" yet. There are still some major hurdles to clear, but it looks much better today than it did 48 hours ago. Once again thanks for your prayers and please keep remembering our family.

Your Servant in Christ,
Josh Watkins

May we always remember the power of prayer. Nothing is too small or too big for God, we only need to ask. Thank you all so much for YOUR prayers. I thought you would like to see how God has worked! Praise Him!


Desiree' said...

I didn't know about the prayer vigal, but felt compelled to pray friday night around 2am, glad she is doing better. We have an amzing God!!

What is the pal exchange? Would love to get in on that if it's not to late??

Sherri said...

That's amazing. She was one sick lady.

I'm so happy to hear such good news.


Rhonda Bryant said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful news!!!!!!!!

The Young's said...

Praise the Lord!!!!

ethel said...

Praise be to our most precious Lord and Savior. Our God is an AWESOME GOD.

living4him5 said...

Praise God! I'm speechless!


Anonymous said...

Awesome news! Thank you, Lord!!!

Keri Mason said...

So awesome! God is so mighty and gracious!

Jana said...

How beautiful is the power of prayer. If only the world could come together in unison ... peace would abound.

Nicole said...

WOW!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE sitting back and watching HIM work!!! All powerful and almighty!!! So glad for Adrienne!

Amy said...

Wow, praise GOd!!

Hope for Lucy said...

God is so Good!
I'm way behind from visiting my blogger buddies. We are back from the beach and had an awesome time. Hopefully Mr. Jerry will post soon. I bought a few matching outfit for the girls. I just love using that term "the girls". Praying we will hear something We are traveling together!
Love you!
Green Party of 5ive

Ohilda said...


I am covered in goose bumps! Praise and glory to our God!

What awesome news. Isn't it maginificent how each and everytime he performs His miracles in our lives we are still in awe...although we KNOW He is God?
He never ceases to blow me away! G

I'm now catching up with the craziness of my own summer. I loved the package to Candace with her sweet bunny. Oh, how I pray that she is already feeling the love.



Joscelyn said...
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Amie said...

Oh Praise the Lord...

I'm still praying!