Friday, July 11, 2008

Recent package to Candace:

Before the 4th of July we went to Build A Bear and made Candace a bunny. I had flashbacks of making K & Q's bears and Rob and I getting "caught" in the bathroom together! (Long story, all innocent of course!) We ended up in the bathroom together again (to record Candace a message, people!) but this time there were no embarrassing moments.
I took pictures of us making her bunny and then made her a little book titled "Candace's Bunny" so she could see the process of stuffing, bathing, and dressing her new friend. I hope she understands it...I sent the package to Angela in China to translate and then send to the orphanage. I am already looking forward to the next package we will send to her. I have got some ideas brewing thanks to Mrs. Ladyblog. I am also excited to send a package to our new friends in Oregon! We are having fun participating in a summer pal program!
Thank you for your prayers for Adrienne, please continue to pray! (I just got an update from Kylie that today Adrienne's kidney numbers are down so that is wonderful news! We are praising God for His divine intervention and thanking Him for all your prayers!) Also I covet your prayers for Candace...I don't know when we will travel or who will travel, I just pray that we follow God's will in that and are obedient to his leading. We believe that He who calls us is FAITHFUL!!!!!!!! He hears our prayers for the heart of a 7 yr. old girl, and He is more than ABLE to prepare her for our family!
Goodies for Candace, hopefully arriving in China today!


Dollar General said...

Was that the time that you were so sweet you made yourself cry?!?

That's a sweet bunny - looks like a fun package to get.

I'm praying...

Love ya!

Amie said...

sounds like a good story for another time..LOL.

Happy package Day!!!

p.s. prayers coming on the travel front.. I remember how stressful that was deciding each time. It consumed me!! ugh.. praying you will rely on prayer to get you through and that HE will help you to KNOW which way to go and that once you decide, you will have peace with that decision!

The Young's said...

She is going to LOVE IT!!!! So much fun getting it together!!! We're continuing to pray for you guys!

mommy24treasures said...

oh I know she will LOVE this package that is totally filled with LOVE.

Amy said...

I am so enjoying this journey of yours to Candace. God will show HImself faithful once again! Praying for her and the rest of your family.