Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday--update on Adrienne!

I LOVE reading Connie and Barbie's thankful posts. They inspire me to express my grateful heart for the great things God has done!
So on my first ever Thankful Thursday post, I am thankful for:
* Adrienne was not so nauseous today and has been able to eat! Thank you Lord for answered prayers. Thank you friends for praying!
* The time God has given me with my children this summer, teaching them how to cook. I have loved spending that special time in the evenings with them.
* A godly husband who desires to pray with me.
* I'm so thankful the Lord is allowing us to adopt again. I'm so humbled He has chosen us to be Candace's parents.
* My 11 yr. old daughter's sensitive spirit.
* I'm thankful my 3 yr. old daughter with deformed hands can independently use the bathroom with no help...I'm thankful for her "I do it myself" spirit.

Father's Day 2008


The Young's said...

You're awesome Laine!!! I'm thankful for you!!!!

jhand said...

Ditto to what Buffi said!!

Thanks for the continued updates on Adrienne. Hopefully eating will help the rest of her body heal more quickly. It is so great to hear that Kimmie is totally independent in the bathroom. Reading that made me remember how thrilled I was when I read your post about her pulling her panties up for the first time with all her siblings cheering her on. I was really amazed that even when he was in his cast Joshua wanted very little help with anything. God has blessed us with some pretty remarkable children to teach us a few things as we love and lead them.

Julie Hand

Mike and Barb said...

A beautiful post! And that picture is wonderful! What a happy Daddy hanging out with his kiddos!
Love, Barb

Rhonda Bryant said...

Laine I love this post! As I am reading it Bailee is in the bathroorm getting herself in and out of the bath tub and trying to dry her hair. Determined to be so independent! I am so proud of her and for Kimmie! I love watching Kimmie on Sunday mornings as she amazes me picking things up and wrinkling her forehead taking everything in! She reminds me so much of Bailee! They let nothing stand in their way! My family is THANKFUL for your family!

So glad Adrienne is doing better! Thank you so much for keeping us updated!

Ohilda said...

I gotta agree! I'm thankful for you, Laine. You truly are an inspiration to so many.

God has given you a heart filled with love and wisdom and so many reap the benefits of those graces.



Anonymous said...

Thankful Thursday--what a cool idea! Add me to the "thankfuls for Laine" as well!

And also to the "glad Adrienne is doing better" list!


Keisha said...

Great Post Girly!!
I just love reading your blog,... your humor & compassionate heart just trills me as I KNOW it does our Heavenly Father!

Amy said...

Your babies look like my baby with that beautiful tanned skin! I am sorry we did not get together , but you know when you go to visit, it gets a little crazy and so hard to do it all. We will try again and maybe the next time I will have adopted!:) God has opened a door and we are stepping out of a comfort zone and into His arms and trusting His hands in this. It is one of those, "God I cannot fathom doing this on my own, but i am trusting You, because You have called me to this." Yikes, I am scared out of my mind!

Trace Car Driver said...

praise god for all the blessings he gives us! LOVE the pic, sooo sweet!!! glad to hear adrienne is feeling better.

Tina said...

You are such a blessing Laine! Loved your thankful Thursday post..and the pic is beautiful!!

Barbie said...

We have so much to be thankful don't we?!! It was so nice reading your post.

mommy24treasures said...

what a wonderful post... I am amazed at Kimmie's skill with her hands. Definitely the Lord's doing! I am thankful with you...