Saturday, August 9, 2008

Amazing Olympics!

I LOVE the Olympics! And especially this time since they are in Beijing! Weren't the opening ceremonies so amazing? WOW. It made me so excited to go back to China!
As we were watching the ceremonies, I was reminded of my deep feelings for the people of China. I love them, I love looking at them, I loved talking to them when we were in China, I love being around them. One of my favorite parts of touring last summer in Beijing was with our wonderful guide Hannah. We were at the Summer Palace and we stopped for a minute and talked to one of the artists that was hanging around. Hannah knew him from another place, and they had a lengthy conversation. I remember sitting with them listening, our kiddos were milling around playing, there was surprisingly a nice break in the heat that afternoon, and I felt like I could have sat there for hours enjoying their talk. No, I didn't understand a word they said. But I remember feeling so peaceful and connected in some way to them...I LOVED that moment. Just an everyday conversation between two acquaintances. I had no part in the talking, yet as an onlooker (and on-listener I guess you could say!) I was so intrigued. Maybe it was just the ordinary-ness of it that appealed to me. Regardless, last night's event brought that moment to mind. As I watched the pictures on TV of familiar landmarks in Beijing, it brought back lots of fun memories of our trip. And as I watched the two gifts from China rolling around on my den rug not caring a bit in the world that their birth country was hosting a historic event,
I pondered:
I have not always loved China. I have not always been interested in its history or business. Even when we started the adoption process I wasn't really keen on China. I thought we would adopt from Guatemala. Yet China is where God led us, so I followed. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with it while we were there. Now that we've been home a year, immersed in our American culture and American way of life, I've forgotten the mystery and wonder of that beautiful country and its people. Last night I remembered. And a thought came to is no longer just China, it is no longer Kimmie's China, or Quan's China, or Candace's China, it is MY China now. It is a part of me. I have two pieces of that beautiful country rolling around on my den rug, and one more piece waiting in a foster home where she is being well loved and cared for until I can go to her.
How incredible of God to make my heart grow to love not only more children, but their birth country as well. I am sure many of you who have adopted from China feel these same feelings!
We pray for Kimmie and Quan and Candace's foster parents, birth parents, and China every night...and we pray for the persecuted Believers as well as the unsaved souls in China. Sometimes those prayers can get to be too much of a habit if you know what I mean..we say them, but the feeling, emotion, the heart sometimes isn't always there. Over the last two weeks God has brought my heart back to China...and last night was like the icing on the cake.
He's preparing us yet again for a trip back to China! MY China! ;)
Happy Olympics Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laine,
I was also amazed by the artistic and exciting opening ceremonies of the Olympics! Aren't you so glad you got those Olympic buddies when you were there? It's like being at the games! Have fun watching all the events - I know we'll try to catch as many as we can on TV. Keep us posted on your upcoming trip! Love you all, Laura

living4him5 said...

Wow Laine, you summed it up exactly how I feel about China now too. We were watching the events today (we'll be glued to the TV for the next 2 weeks) and Rachel kept saying to Linzhi "LOOK CHINA...that's where you came from." It's so true, we have precious children from China so it is apart of us too. Aw, great post!!!

God bless ya girl!

mommy24treasures said...

you totally summed up our feelings as well. THe love we have is so special. We tried to explain it to our family today to no avail I think. Only fellow adopters seem to understand as we pull for the China teams as well;)

Kim said...


You said that so beautifully!

Last night during the opening ceremonies it was very emotional for both Paul and myself. You are right, we don't just have a connection..we are now a part of China...we are a Chinese/American family. I too love China and the people with all my heart. I was so proud of China last did they shine!!!

Thanks for the invite to your blog..I put you in the top of my favorites...I will visit often.

I sent you an invite to your email address...if I need to send it to a different one just let me know.

Blessings to your family,

MamaHen said...

Laine, I love your blog too! It is so much fun to catch up on your family. It will be fun to see Candance on the screen also. I only saw a little part of the opening ceremony. It was the part where the men where playing the drums. I was so impressed, but at the same time I was thinking "All those men will die without knowing Christ." It really upped my commitment to pray for these people and for the persecuted believers there. I was thinking all this fanfare and somewhere in China people are in jail for naming the name of Jesus. It made me sad and excited at the same time. God is Sovereign and I pray the Olympics will be a time that many Christians can share their faith and the Kingdom can grow!

Keisha said...

Hey Girl!
I know exactly what you mean.. I couldn't help but cry and smile when the ceremonies started.. I felt connected. Faith kept saying.. "momma dey(they) li (like) me!" I would say.. Yes, baby they are like you. They are in China!!
It was great!

Amy said...

Awesome blog!

I love Colby's words for cheering up Kimmie!

wareaglefam said...

Your heart-felt words were so beautifully written! I always enjoy taking a peek into your world. I can't wait until your next little piece of China is home with all of you.
We love you,
The McWhorters

The Young's said...

Wonderfully put Laine!!! I tell you...those opening ceremonies were PHENOMINAL!!!! Sadie kept asking if that was China and I would tell her yes....and she'd say "that where I from...china" was really neat!! I sat there with my jaws dropped most of the time because of how awesome it was. And brough back SOOOOOOO many memories. We too spoke about Hannah, wondering if she was there...we talked about our touring and how much fun it was. And EVERY time a familiar landmark would come up we'd all shout "WE WERE THERE!!!". It was just the coolest thing!!! I'm grateful that we have a part of China in our lives!!! It's very special!!! Love you Laine. Have a great week!!!
Love ya,

Trace Car Driver said...

i love your blog... and i love the olympics too! they get me fired up. and each time i see the people of china, i think of sweet kimmie and quan and candace too, i kinda feel connected after going thru the journey with ya'll by reading your blogs! very sweet post laine. you have such a big heart!

Keri Mason said...

Amen, sister! I cried during the opening ceremony when they showed all of the places that I had walked and visited. Oh, I can hardly wait to take Eden back to bring a little sister or brother home one day! Love you!

Dollar General said...

I've been thinking about you during the Olympics too! I'm so thankful you have 2 of your babies watching the games in your living room!! Can't wait to be a part of another wonderful journey to Candice! Praying for you now!

Love you!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I know exactly what you mean in your post. It was truly amazing to watch and I felt a kinship with the Chinese and was exciting when they entered the stadium, just as I was when the USA entered. Madison even said she wished we could adopt the little boy from the earthquake that came in with Yao Ming. China, it's people, Zoey's birthparents and caretakers are in our prayers every night too and will always be. I can't wait to hear all about your next trip! (Hopefully SOON!)

Joscelyn said...

The opening ceremonies were an amazing site. It showed what a wonderful country China is & how creative its people are.

K & Q will one day see what a wonderful place they come from also. For now though they are wonderful blessings to your family and our church.

Ohilda said...


I have missed reading your blog SO much!!! I swear that sometimes I think we are connected by spirit somewhere along the lines because I read your words and more often than not, I could be writing them.

I too feel like it's MY China. My older kids kid with me often now and say to others, "My Mom thinks she's Chinese!" heh! I just fell head over heels in love with the country, the people, and of course, the children. I don't think there's anything that will ever take that love away. And I think if you haven't experienced that way we, as adoptive parents have, you just don't get it.

Hugs my friend,