Monday, August 25, 2008

Candie Leaf

Hey everybody! Here we are singing Happy Birthday to our new sister! We can't wait to meet her. We know we'll call her Hao Hao (I, Kimmie, still call her Xiao Hao-pronounced show like in shower and how like how are you) but momma and daddy told us what her new name will be and we thought we'd share it with you...after you watch us, make sure you read our momma's explanation below because she says yall may not understand us. But we think you'll be able to hear exactly what we're saying if you talk Toddler-ese!

Candace LeXiaoHao Ferrill

Candie Le (not leaf, but if Kimmie and Quan want to call her Candie Leaf that is cute too!)
Le Xiao Hao is Candace's full Chinese name. From the beginning, I assumed we would drop the Le. It is just a symbol indicating what orphanage she is from...LePing. Kimmie and Quan both had Wu at the beginning of their names (for Wuhan), and we dropped it from their names, so that's why I just thought we would do the same for Candace. Well, when Jan made the comment about how important their Chinese names are, God brought to mind her name we had dropped...Le. It is pronounced Luh is Chinese but we will pronounce it Lee. And then when we put it with her whole Chinese name as the middle name, God reminded me that we could call her Candie Le (pronouncing it Lee). I looked up the meaning of Candace and Le in a Christian name book, and when I saw the meanings together, I knew it was meant to be. After discussing with Rob, who LOVES Candie Le much better than Candie was a done deal!

Candace means woman of honor, and the character verse is Habakkuk 3:19: "The Sovereign Lord is my strength, He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights..."

Le (Lee) means contented one, and the character verse is Psalm 13:6 "I will sing to the Lord for He has been good to me."

And lastly, I come from a family of 5 girls. My sister Leigh is the 4th in line. Candie Le will be 4th in line according to age. And she will be my 4th girl according to the order of when each one joined our family!

We are very excited to meet our Candie Leaf, and then introduce her to all of YOU!

(In answer to some of the comments, her birthday package was purchased in China by a service called Ladybugs'nLove. They made the pillow from a picture we sent. And they also ordered a cake for her which I'm hoping to be able to receive pictures of her eating her cake...)


Mike and Barb said...

Beautiful. Just PERFECT!!!!
Can't wait for you to travel, though!!
(Hmmm, I'm pretty sure you can't, either :-))) )
Love, Barb

Ohilda said...

Ooohh...I love it!!!

Laine, I was grinnin' from ear to ear listening to Kimmie and Quan. Oh my! It sounded as if it were MY little ones talking. I must speak Toddler-ese...heh!



living4him5 said...

It's just beautiful! I love it!!! Kimmie and Quan are just to precious for words.

Come on LOA!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Love the name, and the meaning behind it, especially the Le/Leigh tie in. Our God is surely a God of details!

Kimmie and Quan's presentation was the best! Oh Laine, they are so precious! Candace Leaf will be truly blessed! Come on LOA!!

Hugs from Texas~


Shalita said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I was holding out for Candie Shalita, but I love Candie Le even more. I just keep saying it over and over and it is so pretty! The meanings of each name are incredible and the verses for each are so GOD! Thank you God for our sweet little Candie Le!
Kimmie and Quan, You did such a great job on video! Thanks for sharing your new sister's name! You are both cute enough to pinch!

P. S. Maybe you could consider Shalita as a name on your next adoption!

The Young's said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Wow...I am just SO EXCITED for you guys!! Kimmie and Quan are just too cute!!!! :) Have a great week, and we can't wait for you to get more news!!!!

Nicole said...

BEAUTIFUL NAME!!! And that Kimmie... I would love to get her together with my Kiah! They would be over the top together!
praying for LOA for you!!!
praying for TA for us!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

love the video... so precious! your babies have come such a long way in one year! and i love the name candie "leaf", that is so fitting! and btw, i am gonna have to find the Christian name book and maybe that will help with our decision ~ if we don't need haley james :)

mabrynelson said...

That was the sweetest thing EVER!!! i love my little cousins--so sweet!! I miss you Ferrills terribly!! only 13 weeks until Thanksgiving! (yes, I'm counting down. haha!)

Dollar General said...

YAY for a name! I loved hearing y'alls conversation! That was very entertaining and sweet! Quan is changing to me! So handsome - and Kimmie is just so cute too! But Quan is growing up!! Sweet family! Can't wait to see what God does in her life and yours! Much Love!
Page Leigh...I know I'm apart of that somewhere (HA!) At least that's what I'm gonna tell Shalita - you named Candice after me!!

Robyn said...

Laine I love the name!! I am sitting here at work wanting to kiss both of their cheeks off!! The name is perfect!! I'm with Shalita--next adoption should for sure be name Shalita Robyn. What a great name.
Love you guys!!

Sherri said...


Now that we've gotten THAT straightened out! Xiao Hao is a GIRL! NOT a boy.

I love the way they interact with each other. It is so precious. Kimmie has a little eye roll that is hysterical. And Quan is such a typical boy. Maybe you're right, Laine. Maybe I do need a little Chinese boy.

Candie Leaf. I love it.


Linda said...

I appreciate how much thought you have put into Candie's name. I have always believed that names are too important to just choose something that might sound nice. I love meaning, and you have really provided that! Your little kids are just as cute as can be - I'll bet there is never a dull moment!

Steve and Jan said...

Awww, Laine, that IS the perfect name for her. It just suits her sweet little face.

And, by the way...Lee is MY middle name! How about that?! :-)

Loved the video. We have the same conversation at our house between Tess and John-Elie about who's a girl and who's a boy. John-Elie likes to get a rise out of Tess and will tell her he is a girl. She gets all riled-up. Pretty funny!

Love you guys!

Amie said...

OMGoodness, I was Rolling on the floor laughing at that video!!!!! Seriously LMBO!!!!!! OH how that made me smile! Love that they went back and forth about the age.. LOVE how they say Candi Leaf... LOVE LOVE LOVE how Kimmie calls her "she-ow HOw."... LOVE the "DEBATE" about the Candice's gender..LOve how Kimmie remprimanded Quan.."NO, girl "Kwan" and LOVE the looks she gave him each time she did.. especially the last one where her eyebrows raise up, like "listen buddy, I have told you she is a girl.. don't make me say it again." And love Quan's sweet little smile and how he asked if he was all done!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!

And I LOVE The name you have chosen for your sweet girl. This is not one we had even heard was in the running, I think. What a beautiful meaning behind it. And isn't it cool how you just "knew."

GO GOD!!!!!

Might be back several times today to watch that video, I just loved it so much!

Thanks for the smiles and HAPPY NAME DAY!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet! Oh I could eat them up! They are so precious!! Love the name, too! Candie Leaf is perfect! Thanks for making me smile today!


MamaHen said...

Laine, I really love the name! And I can't believe how well Kimmie and Quan are talking. Their language acquistion is amazing. You are doing a great job! Wendy

Hope for Lucy said...

Look at those sweet babies! Kimmie is in control of it all. I love MS. Candance's name....even the LEAF too!
Hugs to you and praying...praying....we will hear something soon. I cant keep shopping. (cant believe I just typed that).

Love you

Keisha said...

oh MY GOODNESS.. Quan.. you are Cracking me up!!
And Kimmie at the end rolling her eyes and saying..
"Xiao Hao girl..not boy.. Quan!"
I love it!!
and Quan with his..
"are we done now?!"
They are too funny!
Thanks for sharing!

Tina said...

Oh that was awesome! Sophie loved watching it..she kept saying "member Kimmie, she's my friend"..soo cute! I LOVE the name! I love the look Kimmie kept giving Quan when she was telling him Candace was a girl..too funny!

Amy said...

I'm with Keisha...Quan was cracking me up - just like a brother trying to irritate his sister. She wasn't havin' any of it! They are priceless! (I think Quan would be great at motocross)LOL!
Thank you for sharing. I love the name you chose.

wareaglefam said...

AWESOME!!!!! We love it! Of course, we all gathered around the computer so we could watch Kimmie and Quan's video. Their language is incredible...Parker was so impressed.

We love you,
The McWhorters

mommy24treasures said...

A perfect name for a beautiful girl:)

mabrynelson said...

no ma'am.. i'm sorry. let me clarify.
Emily and Elizabeth were living at the house over the summer until school started. but then we all moved into dorms--we're in the same facility, but different rooms. we see each other all the time, though, and it's wonderful.

I moved into the dorms because my scholarship covered it, AND because as much as i love my family, i need to be able to miss them sometimes. :)

oh. and I have a nose piercing. just a cute little stud--you'll see it at thanksgiving. i just thought i'd warn you. lol

Leighboe said...

Oh my goodness, she'll forever be Candie Leaf! Laine, that is SO precious, and I gotta say, I LOVE the name! :) I forogt;will it be spelled Li or Lee? (I like Li better, not that it matters, but Lee reminds me of Lee Primm.UGH!) I just can't wait to see y'all in OCtober. Please tell me y'all will be at the reunion!

southern cheesehead said...

you're right...that was the cutest thing and I have the biggest smile on my face after watching it!

Kimmie saying "she's a girl not a boy, Quan" and Quan saying "Am I done now?" HA...that's hilarious!

Don't tell Shalita, but I'm glad you named her after Page! LOL

The Smith's said...

How sweet are the two of them singing happy birthday to Candace. We can't wait for the day that you get to travel and bring "Candy Leaf" home!


The Blaszczynski Family said...

Of course that was absolutely the sweetest thing ever. But I really loved the look that Kimmie gave Quan when he said Candace was a boy and she said she was a girl. That was just the funniest look from a 3 year old! I love it. Would love to see you guys!

The Woodalls said...

How precious those two are! Thanks for sharing that special moment! The name is perfect too!