Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hao Hao!

Today you turn eight! Eight years of living with your foster parents. They are relishing every moment with you I am sure. I would be.

As much as we wish you were here with us, blowing out eight candles, opening your gifts, and picking where you would like to go out to eat, I'm so thankful that you get to celebrate your eighth birthday with your foster parents. They are (right now) who you love the most, so why wouldn't I wish for you to be with them today? You will have the rest of your life with us. You only have a few months left with them.
Hao Hao's birthday package

So today I pray you are happy, laughing, playing, and at peace in the only home you've ever known. I pray God will whisper comfort to your foster parents' hearts as they celebrate another birthday, the last birthday that they will be with you. I pray God will bless the socks off of everyone celebrating with you today.

I pray the Lord will speak to the heart of your birth mother. LePing is not a big city. She may sometimes see you going to or from school. I'm sure she knows it is you. What heart break she must have experienced, leaving you at the gate of the orphanage. How brave of her to do that! She left a note with you, Hao Hao. I know she loves you. She wanted to make sure whoever found you would know that your birthday is August 23, 2000. So today, I pray the Lord will comfort her, woo her to His loving arms if she does not already know Him as her Savior.

And now sweet Hao Hao, (I know she is not reading this, but you all have NO idea how therapeutic this is for me, and since I'm making myself cry, I might as well make all of yall cry with me, because friends do that together, and yall are my friends), anyway, now sweet Hao Hao, one of our gifts to you today is the gift of a name. God surprised us, and gave us a name for you we had not even considered. The day before your birthday, He confirmed it to us. We will call you Hao Hao for a long time. That is who you are! But later, as you are more accustomed to our family, we have a very sweet name for you.

Happy Birthday sweet Hao Hao!

(P.S. Yall, I really hate to leave you hanging with the name, but I have a video of Kimmie and Quan telling what her new name will be...and it's just so precious I think I'm going to let them tell you...)

And Clay is better, thank you Lord! We are off to soccer opening day in the rain! Yikes!


Keisha said...

Oh.. Happy Birthday precious Angel!!
And what a blessing that you have a name for her.. God's timing is perfect.. isn't it?!

Now, how do you pronounce her name? Will that be on that cute video you're gonna show us?

Can't wait to see it!
love & hugs

oh, & I LOVE the pillow... It is precious.. I can see her holding and huggin that little pillow tight!!
Did you make it?

MamaHen said...

Happy Birthday to your new precious one! I can't wait to find out about her name. So glad Clay is better.

Hope for Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Hao Hao! I hope you are blessed with a wonderful day. What a precious letter you wrote to her (make me cry-you always do).
I cant wait to see the video of Kimmie and Quan telling us her name. So dont make us wait to long.
Thank you for remembering us on our LOA. is day 73. Wow! I told Jerry that it will be here on Monday to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. So Pray hard for us.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here BAWLING!!! Thanks a lot! lol

Happy Birthday, Hao Hao!

Glad you're better, sweet Clay!

Pandamonium Mom said... did make me cry! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Desiree' said...

How sweet!! She is such a beautiful little girl!!
Glad you are all feeling better and I can't wait to see the video!! Sorry if there are typos, DH just left to get Gracie in China!!!!!

Nicole said...

Laine, TEARS! So beautiful! We received an update on Logan this week and it stated who his "best friends" were. There are 2. Logan will be adopted first. I sat wondering what his 2 best buddies will think when his crib is empty. After Logan's Gotcha it will be 3 - 4 more months before they know the love of their family. I can't wait for Hao Hao to be home with you all!!!


Linda said...

You have a wonderful attitude, Laine, and because of that, I really don't see you struggling so much with the older child issues. I especially love your heart towards Candie's foster mom. She will grieve deeply, and I hurt just thinking about it. My youngest daughter lived with a foster family from age 9 months to 2-1/2 years, and while she grieved deeply for 3-4 months, she attached to us in a way that has been much more difficult for our other daughters. There will be many tears, but I do believe she will transfer her love to you much more quickly as a result of a loving home. You are my hero!

Amie said...

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is with me and the tears these days. What a sweet note! sniff, sniff.

Happy Birthday Hao Hao!!! I know of a little gift your mommy recieved on your birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect timing!!!!!! ;) Sersiously, Is that Gool or what, Laine??

Now we have 2 reasons to celebrate tonight!!!!!

I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT wait till that sweet little girl is home with the gang. Did I mention CANNOT wait?

And I Love how you are going to announce her name.. Can't wait!


Lots of Love!


mommy24treasures said...

oh happy birthday to your darling girl.
I had no idea you were sick Laine! I am so glad you are feeling better.Yuck. Hope no more babies get it.
It is amazing how fast things can pile up isnt it scary... Thank God for sweet hubbies like Rob.

Can't wait to see your video!
We will have to go to the zoo sooon:)

Aaron and Erica said...

Happy Birthday sweet Hao Hao!

I can't wait to hear your two little ones announce her name...

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing Kimmie and Quan's announcement of my newest niece's name! Glad you all are feeling better. Your birthday is next! Yes, I'll miss it too! Love to all, Laura

Mike and Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Hao Hao!
It's hard to think of all those transitions, and what's such a happy time for one, is a sad moment for the other. I wish there wasn't all that pain involved in adoption, but I also know that the Lord is big enough to bring healing, too!
Nina still talks about her Foster parents, and loves to have their picture in her room. It's okay for our children to love more than one set of "parents" - and it's definitely a blessing that she HAD been loved so much!

Mike and Barb said...
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Sonya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAO HAO! Next year you will be with your awesome forever family right where God planned for you to be since the beginning of time! Praise Him!
We are praying you home sweet girl!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday precious Hao Hao...I hope your day was blessed with laughter, joy and much happiness!

Laine, your birthday letter to Hao Hao was so beautifully day she will cherish it and hold it dear.

You my friend are a precious person. I feel like I have know you for a long time. I think having "the wait" in common has a way of bringing people together. I am so glad I ask for an invitation to you blog because your blog is a blessing to me!

I can't wait to find out the name....please don't make us wait long :-)


Joscelyn said...

.:sniff, sniff:.
Happy birthday Hao Hao :)

familyof8 said...

Oh Laine,
The post made me cry...what a blessing! It will be a gift to her one day soon. I am anxious to hear about the name....don't make us wait too long!
Hope the rest of your family is feeling well and that soccer didn't get rained out! Loved meeting your clan last week.
Have a blessed week.

The Blaszczynski Family said...

First I am so happy you are all feeling better, it was a week of sickness for us too, I didn't tell you I have shingles, how comfortable they are (NOT). Your blog has made me cry, I know you are suprised. Happy Birthday to your angel so far across the ocean but so close in your hearts! So many are praying for her and for you guys that she has to feel it. She may not realize what it is, but she soon will know the love of her forever family and the eternal love of God! We love you all!

Robin said...

What a special day our families share!! August 23rd is our Clara Beth's birthday, what a celebration we had yesterday for our big two year old!!


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday Hao Hao!

Laine, you guys are the greatest. I've said this before, but it deserves repeating: you ARE joy. It's wonderful that you are in such a good place with her relationship with her foster parents.

Candace is very lucky to be given the Ferrills for a family.


Ashley said...

Laine, your message is so sweet. Candace doesn't know how lucky she is to be coming to such an amazing family. I pray she has a great birthday. I also can't wait to hear her name. I am going to still your idea of asking for help, if you don't mind. I am still trying to decide on Kennedy's middle name, so I thought I would get everyone's opinion.

ethel said...

Happy Birthday Hao Hao. How is that pronounced? Glad the family is well.

Glad to see you at church. Didn't get a chance to visit with you. Hope you have a good week. Can't wait to see the video with Hao Hao's name.

Love to all.

Trace Car Driver said...

NOT FAIR that you make me blog about our name ideas and you won't share yours :) j/k... can't wait to see the video, that is so sweet that kimmie and quan are going to share with us the special name. how precious!!! happy birthday hao hao. hope it is wonderful!

The Young's said... stinker!!! I can't believe you're leaving us hanging like that!!! I can't wait to hear her name!!!

Love her b'day package!! Did you get that from Ann @ Red Thread Kids? I LOVE her!! she is SUCH a blessing and was a HUGE help to us!!! She did us a pillow like that too. That's why I thought it may be from her.

Anyway...can't wait to see the video!! Hope yall have a great week. We've got a BUSY ONE!!! Blessings,

southern cheesehead said...

Happy late B'day Hao Hao!!! Sorry that I'm not a little more hip on my bloggy friends lately.

I can't wait until RR tonight!!!! Cheesecake, baby!

Ohilda said...

Aha, this time I came prepared! I have tissues sitting on my desk!!!

My dear Laine, your love for sweet Hao Hao is evident in every word you say. What a blessing this little girl is in store for. What a perfect miracle God has orchestrated.

Happy belated birthday sweet Hao Hao (since Mama is making us suffer through the wait-for-the-name game). May our Lord continue to pour his love over you and your foster family and may your birthmom have peace in her heart in knowing that you are immensely loved and wanted.

Hugs to all...


Dollar General said...

Once again your kindness not only made yourself cry but me too!

What a great birthday prayer...I agree with your prayer and myself pray that the Lord will hear and answer the prayer of Salvation for her and her foster parents and parents!

Cindy Jones said...

Happy Birthday Hao Hao!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the video of her name. I love her birthday package.

Amy said...

Wow, did you make the pillow and how did you get that particular candy? What neat ideas you have! What a special Mommy you will make once again. Blessing to your family!

Kristy said...

Oh, can you just be any cuter?
What a sweet precious post, my friend.
I am so so so so so so so so sos oops, so so so behind on blog life..........
(speaking of being behind; we have not got our August package even PURCHASED yet!!!! How does September feel for you??)
Give all your kiddos a hug for us.
Blessings ~

Aimee said...

Not fair to leave us hanging Ms. Laine!

Happy Birthday Hao Hao!

Tina said...

Oh wow...Happy Birthday and I am dying to know the final name..I will eagerly await K&Q's video. I am so glad Clay is feeling better!

Sherri said...

I just now noticed that the picture you used for the pillow is the one where your mom inserted her picture! That's great!


Kim said...

Laine, Can you tell me what service you used to send Candie's birthday package and did they get the photos for you?

Thanks so much,

Kim said... sorry, I read through your post and saw that the service you used was Ladybugs N did you get the pictures? I probably missed that in your post.

Thanks again,