Saturday, August 16, 2008

Her name...

Hello folks! Thank you for all the happy birthday comments for Katie Lyn! I made sure she saw each one of them...she felt very loved!
We have not made a final decision about Candace's whole name. We waffle. I love to hear why people choose their children's names. (Amie...what a blessing!) I know Candace's whole name will have a special meaning just as each of my other children's names do. I just don't know what that will be yet!
Here are the names we are choosing from:

Mary: This was the name our agency gave her on their list of children, and so for a long time we called her Mary. In fact, I had a dream about her recently. We were in China, meeting her, and everyone was calling her Mary.
LouEllen: This is my grandmother's name. My middle name is Ellen after her. My sister Leslie's middle name is Lou after her. Leslie's nickname was "Les-Lou". We thought it would be fun to call her Candie Lou.
Pearl: This is my paternal grandmother's name. It is also my sister Laura's middle name (she is "Aunt Pearl" when she comments!)
XiaoHao: Her Chinese name. Hao Hao (pronounced like how are you?) is what her foster parents call her. We could drop the Xiao (pronounced show like in shower.) Hao means "intelligent". I'm unclear on the meaning of Xiao...anyone know?
Candace: Obviously, this has to be somewhere in her name, because that is what we will call her. The Lord gave me this name back in December and spoke to my heart that we had a daughter named Candace waiting on us. (Acts 8:27) I thought she was in Ethiopia, but then God opened the door to China once more...

So, in all your spare time...yall wanna give us some ideas on combinations for her whole name? I've been praying about it, and I know the Lord will confirm the name He wants for her. I thought it would be fun to get your input, since yall are a part of our family! ;) Yes, if you're reading this blog, we invited you silly! You're part of us now! ;)


jhand said...

Wow I get to be first! I feel so special :). How about Candie Lou-Hao. This allows you to keep the Candie Lou which I think is so sweet and gives you a way to slowly transition her to her new name. Especially if she can hear! Start with Hao-Hao then slowly change to Lou Hao (same # of syllables) and then to Candie Lou Hao and then drop the Hao when she decides she is ready to. Joshua only took 3 weeks before he adjusted to Joshua alone. Of course he was much younger. Can't wait to hear what others have to say. Happy Belated Birthday to Katie Lyn. What a beautiful young lady!

Love from the Hands

wareaglefam said...

Hmmm...I was thinking Candace Hao myself, but I like the what your previous blogger said about Candace Lou Hao. It made a lot of sense! What a flip-flopper I am!


Anonymous said...

Well, even though I am partial to Mary ;-), and I really like Candie Lou the best, I think you should have her Chinese name in there. (Especially since she is 7) I was thinking Candace Hao. If you don't mind 3 names then maybe you could do Candace Lou Hao! I am so excited for her and you guys! What a blessing!

living4him5 said...

Hmmm... this is a tough one...CJ and I put a lot of thought into our kids names so I feel your pain. I can tell you Xiao means "little". Our peanut's full name is Linzhi Rose Xiao Li. I really love Candace MaryEllen Hao. I know I switched some names When we were picking and praying for Linzhi's name. It was tough. I wanted an American sounding name but with a Chinese spelling. So I took two different Chinese names and basically stuck them together!!! LOL... Rose is after my dear sister that traveled with us and Xiao Li is what they called her in China. I still do as well sometimes. This is so much fun, thank you for letting us have an input in your journey to Candace.

God bless ya my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laine!
I feel so humbled that you would want to name this beautiful girl Pearl. However, it's also the name of Mom's bird, and Aunt Jackie's dog. You asked for input: I'm feeling a pull toward Candace LouXiao (yes, it goes against everyone else so far - typical for me). Xiao in Chinese (according to what I've read) means flute. Xiao xiao is a common Chinese name for a girl - it means morning sorrow (she will likely feel sorrow for leaving the family she knows). In China, they celebrate a festival called Yuan Xiao, which is a Lantern Festival. When you pronounce Candy LouXiao (remembering that it's "shou" like shower), it sounds a lot like Lucia, who is a Swedish figure who has the role as a bearer of light. St.Lucia day is celebrated in December, the month in which God told you about having another child. I like the idea of Candace LouXiao, bearing the light of Christianity. Love to all nine of you!

Amy said...

Wow, I love what Aunt Pearl said about the light and the name she chose. I was thinking Candace Hao. But I really like LouXiao, sounding like Lucia.

Sherri said...


I love all the suggestions that everyone has had. And your sister certainly has put so much thought into the meanings of the names. I wanted to name my second child after MY sister, but she begged me not to (she never really loved her name), so I let her choose a name for a girl. We ended up having a boy, so none of that panned out.

All of that to say, listen to your sister's advice.

God has always spoken to me through dreams. If that has been the case for you, then listen to your dreams......

Good luck. You'll know the right name when you find it.


amanda said...


I like Candace Hoa-Lyn, after Katie Lyn. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

I still vote for Candace Elise (or spell Elise any way you want) since Elise is a translation of the Isaiah verse that confirmed you were to adopt again! Can't go wrong with God's word! And I'm big on the meaning of names, too. Jeffery Dylan--heavenly from the sea (and everyone knows how we love the ocean); Sara Kaytlan--princess pure (couldn't be a more fitting name for her) and Laura Brooklan--crown of laurel leaves from the brook (sounds so pretty and again--we got the water in there! lol)

I know God will lead you to the perfect name!

Love ya,


The Ferrill's said...

WOW! Yall really put a lot of thought into these can I ever thank you? Julie, love the idea and the reasoning behind it...Laura, what can I say...that is SO beautiful! Michelle, I love Elise. Amanda, Katie Lyn would be THRILLED with your idea, and I like it too! Thank you ALL for your input! We are really narrowing things down, now...I feel like her name is just around the corner...

Leighboe said...

I really like Laura's idea, too. I was thinking change the Lou to Lu, which is a more traditional Chinese spelling, but that's a boy's name meaning deer. She might not like a boy's name!

MamaHen said...

I like Candance LouEllen. I just think it sounds sweet. But all the suggestions are good ones. It's going to be fun to see what ya'll end up with.

You are too funny commenting on my blog. If you only knew what my house looks like right now, you would NOT think Super Mom. You would be thinking, Get her a cleaning lady right now!.
Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Oh, just go on and give her a big ol' long name like Charro and some other folks have. It's actually tradition with Hawaiians and China's not too far from there, right? LOL

Candace Mary Lu Ellen Lyn Pearl Elise Xiao Hao


Anonymous said...

LOL! I LOVE Michelle's idea. Give her all of the names. That way, Candace can pick whichever names she likes best and go with it. And I can be her favorite aunt, no matter what she chooses! Love you all, Aunt Pearl

Joscelyn said...

I loved Candie Lou-Hao.
I also loved what your sister said about her name being: Candy Lou-Xiao.
BUT then I loved Michelle's idea of giving her all the names so she can just pick one.
Alot of help I am, huh? Oh well.

Dollar General said...

That is so funny all those names...I personally LOVE having a Mary (love it more than I thought I would) - And I wanted a Lou too - it was gonna be Esther Lou! I love LuLu and all the Lou nicknames...SO CUTE! Candice is what we've known her as this whole time! How 'bout all the names - just one really long name Ferrill!!

Love ya! My personal favorite is Candie Lou!

Dollar General said...

by the way - Mary means bitter.

Nicole said...

I love names and I love LONG names as evidenced by all my kids names! Candace LouEllen Pearl XiaoHao.... LOVE IT!!! We are also trying to decide on Logan's "final" name! I'm pushing for Logan Elijah Christian MengWen. He's gotta fit in with Jacob Dillon Ivan, Kiah Faith Mackenzie RuoPing and Luke Kellan Gabriel ZhongPing!!! Can't wait to hear what you decide!!!

Sherri said...

Just a thought......

Candy Lou Hao is very close to Cindy Lou Who.


Desiree' said...

Hmm, picking a name is such an important thing... I do like Canace Pearl Hao. Kind of has a ring to it. We are still waffling on Gracie's name too. I keep thinking I want to add another name to it. Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be beautiful.
BTW, thanks for the prayer we really need it right now.

The Woodalls said...

I love all of them! I don't know how you will choose, but I do think your sister's thoughtful suggestion is so appropriate! Good luck with the naming! We're having a similar dilemma! :)


Kim said...

Candace is precious she is absolutely beautiful....I think any one of the names that you have chosen will be great. I really do like Candie is such a fun name and you can see personality all in that name...I also love the name Candace is such a sweet name...with that name I think of a little girl that is gentle and kind. I really don't think you can go wrong with the names you have chosen, they are all beautiful!


ethel said...

WOW, you have a lot of ideas to toss around. I think my favorite is Aunt Pearl's first comments, It is obvious she put a lot of thought into her names. Good Luck, Ethel

The Young's said...

I think Candace Laine Hao....and you can call her Candy Laine!! (hee hee) Just thougth I'd throw something different out there!! I think ANY of the names are wonderful!!!Love you guys. Can't wait to see what you decide on!
Love you guys,

Greg and Steph said...

I am sorry I missed Katie Lyn's birthday! Please tell her we said "Happy Birthday!!" And HG is ready to sing the HB song whenever we see her next!
Katie Lyn has such a sweet spirit about her! She is a blessing to be around! She is an absolutely, wonderful young woman!!! I know that our Lord has great plans for her!
Now for the name. Well, names are really important! You don't want to name her anything that means something bad. I know someone named "Mara." It means "bitter." And she is bitter. So, whatever it is...just DON'T let it mean something unpleasant.
I think the more names you have the better off you are! Hence, Hannah Grace Lee and Sarah Hope Michelle. I really love the name Pearl. But, Candace LouEllen is beautiful when you say it. I also really like Candace Lou-Hao.
Sorry so long. I had too much to say!
Love y'all!

Kristy said...

Ah, just use them all!
It was so fun to chat with you - your about as cute as they come!
Praying for you all over here in Oregon......
Blessings ~

Mike and Barb said...

Totally NO help here :-)))
I think names are so personal, and my taste is nothing like yours. I KNOW that you will find the name that is JUST HER name, and it will be right.
I guess the only suggestion would be not to give her a name toooooo long.
Can't wait to hear the final "this is IT" shout!!
Love, Barb

Amie said...

WOW- tons of good suggestions. I wish I could add to them, because I know when I was naming our last two, I asked for all kinds of suggestions, and everyone was such a huge help. Yet- I will be of none to you, LOL>

I am a believer in that you will know when you hit on her name. I love that Candace is in it given how the name came to you. that is so cool! And she has two beatiful chinese names, how do you choose. I think that is why we chose both, because of my indecisiveness. ;) For Grace, we chose Elyse as her first middle name and then combined her last two, Baogan. We did that for Hannah too(she is a xiao also), and we will do that for Johnathan.

You will know Laine, when you know. It will hit you and it will just feel right. Even if it is something that you have been throwing around a thousand times, something will happen and it will just "click"...

Can't wait to hear what you come up with!!!
aren't you glad I stopped by to help.. ;) )


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add about Mary's meaning. It does mean bitter, but I have also seen it translated in some baby books as "one who is wished for." I loved that b/c we were naming one Mary, and she was wished for! Hmmmm. . .Candace is definitely wished for!

Steve and Jan said...

You know Laine, names are pretty important in the Chinese culture. And, separating her name (Xiao Hao), and only using part of it, might matter to her one day. Because the two names together are what really make up her name. And, as I'm sure you know, the meaning of her name is based on the Chinese characters, not the pinyin.

If it were me, especially because of her age, I would almost be inclined to run my ideas by a Chinese person that you can trust to tell you the truth about the names you are thinking about. And whether or not it would matter if you used only a portion of her name. They could also tell you the true meaning of her full name.

When we were adopting Olivia, my Chinese friend advised keeping her Chinese name as her middle name because the Chinese people take great pride in naming babies and they take pride in their own names. She thought it would be meaningful to Olivia one day. So, that's what we've done for all three of our kids. Their Chinese name is their middle name...Olivia Qingmiao, Tess Qimei, and John-Elie Yuanming. My friend also suggested putting the name all together (Qingmiao) instead of Qing Miao. She said that's more common among Chinese Americans.

So, just my two cents...for what that's worth...probably not even two cents - LOL!

Guess I'm not much help...sorry.


Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh my, that was a lot of comments to read though to get the whole scoop (and speaking of scoops, this will make 31 comments . . . Baskin Robbins, anyone?!) Okay,on with it-- I was mostly looking to see if anyone answered your "What does Xiao mean?" question. I see several others did, but I have yet one more answer, since we also have a Xiao baby, our Theadora Fu Xiao. We were told that Teddi's "Xiao" name means "smile"--and after some searching online I did confirm that Xiao can mean smile--which blesses me, since she was given the name Fu (fortune or blessing) and Xiao (smile), having come to the orphanage with a wide open cleft lip and palate!

Can't wait to see what you have decided, or rather what God has chosen!

Blessings~ now hurry and post!!