Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stop hiding...

It's okay!

It's just a picture!

Come on....

Say cheese!

There she is! The birthday girl! All TWELVE years of her! Happy Birthday to our Katie Lyn!

I love to recall that first birth experience. It was 10 p.m. Aug. 13th. I was laying in a hospital bed, having nice, regular, non-hurting contractions. I was due on Aug. 17th, but I had been 4 cm. dilated for days so they said they would keep me overnight and induce me on the morning of Aug. 14th. I was comfortable in the bed, watching TV (of course), Rob was probably already asleep, and HAPPENED. That warm gush of Niagara Falls. We called the nurse in. And HAPPENED.


Immediately after my water broke I began to have very hard painful contractions fast. I wanted someone to knock me in the head. I cried. I think Rob cried, but I'm not sure. In a matter of minutes I was 7 cm. then 8 cm. And HAPPENED.


Ahhhhh...the relief. It was almost too late, though. They couldn't find anyone to do the epidural. They didn't expect me to need one before the morning. I begged, pleaded, maybe threatened to hurt someone but I'm not sure, faintly remembered hearing someone saying it would slow down my contractions and it was too late to be effective, faintly remember wanting to poke that person's eyes out and resolving to do the epidural myself if they weren't going to do it, and then the complete relief from pain when finally that 12 foot needle went in my back. It was HEAVEN! ;) (Disclaimer: Look, I know some of you are all about the natural way, and that is SO great! Yay for you! No yay for me though. I like my epidurals. In fact, make it a double! I also realize some of you...LAURIE...have had your babies on the interstate. I don't even pretend to be able to beat that story. I'm just sayin'!) By 1:30 a.m., Aug. 14th it was time to push! For an hour. And HAPPENED!

The most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen was placed in my arms. She was such a beautiful baby, and she is even more beautiful now. Inside AND out! I had no idea then, but this would be the baby girl that God would use to bring me back to Him. Just as He came to earth as a baby over 2000 years ago, He used a baby 12 years ago to make sure I would come to Him.

So on this Thankful Thursday, Katie Lyn's birthday, I am thankful for:
-the way she loves Kimmie and Quan to pieces and would do anything for them
-the way she tells me EVERY LITTLE THING about her life
-the way she can create beauty out of a newspaper, a ribbon, a paper plate, a balloon, anything!
-the way she loves and prefers to be around her family
-the privilege to hear her talk to Jesus
-that when we told her we were adopting again her first words were "can we get a black baby?"
-her organizing skills and how highly responsible she is!
-her go-getter attitude and her high achievement standard she places on everything she sets her mind to
-the way she goes the extra mile in doing nice things for people
-the fact that she is growing so tall that if I would lose about 45 lbs. we might could share clothes!
-her empathy when others are hurting
-her silly sense of humor
-the godly friends that God has given her-we love you!

And we love YOU Katie Lyn! K.K., Big Sis, Loving Daughter, Precious Friend, and Daughter of THE KING!


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Katie Lyn!

What a doll! She'll be leaving for college before you know it!


The Princess's Mommy said...


You crack me up! Too funny!!

Happy Birthday, Katie Lyn! You are a beautiful young lady and I know your mama is so proud of you!


Amy said...

Hey, I'm with you on the epidural...I am even on video saying after the birth of our first that"whoever said not to get an epidural was just CRAZY!"
Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!

southern cheesehead said...

Happy B'day Katie Lyn!!!

and the way she always has a smile for me at church! I love that!

Robyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE LYN!!! You have grown to be such a beautiful young lady and like your Mom said beautiful inside and out! I remember you being in my Sunday School class when you were about to turn 4 and I was pregnant with Annabelle. You were precious to me then and even more so precious to me now!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
I Love you!!
Mrs. Robyn:)

MamaHen said...

Laine, She is so beautiful! How did she get to be 12 years old?

Rhonda Bryant said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! inside and out! I know my Bailee really looks up to you, she thinks you are soooooo cool!! We all think you are cool! We love you Katie Lyn!

Brandon, Rhonda, Bailee, and Brookyn

Dollar General said...


Laine, I love birth stories and yours was so fun...I'm totally with you on Epidurals! I love them...I actually got them to give me one with Mary before anything ever happened...they need to now make pain medicine for IVs! Then the birthing experience would be heavenly! I love it!!

I hope to see you soon! And I'm with Katie Lynn...We need a black Ferrill before you say "no more!" I used to ask my mom for a black baby all the time, I never got one! I'm holding out hope for KL!

Joscelyn said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn!!

We hope you had a great one.

Joe,Joscelyn, David & Daniel

Aaron and Erica said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn! You are let you mom take your picture whenever she wants, okay! I hope you had a wonderful, blessed day :)


Keisha said...

Oh... Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday Katie Lyn.....
What a beautiful girl you are inside and out!!!

*ahem*.. Lanie.. we're getting old! LOL!
BTW.. i loved Katie Lyn's birth story!! Made me crack up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Katie Lyn! Welcome to your VERY LAST YEAR of childhood before you become....a TEENAGER!!! Get ready, Mom! It's downhill from here! j/k

Laine, you sound just like me. I was 7 or 8 before I got my epi with Dylan and then they had to redo it three times! Then I couldn't walk for 2 days! I'd decided to "natural" the next time but with both the girls, I arrived at the hospital already 4 and they asked if I wanted one so I wussed out! LOL

Maybe next time I'll try one of those water births! LOL

wareaglefam said...



Cindy Jones said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn!!!!! I hope that you had a GREAT day....

living4him5 said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn!!! What a precious post Laine! I believe one day you and Rob will be blessed with grandchildren through adoption from this angel. I love her comment "Can we get a black baby this time" that brought tears to my eyes. Hmmm... maybe in 15 years your Katie and my Trevor can meet!!! =) =) =)

God bless,

ethel said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn. What beautiful and wonderful things your mom said about you and all of it so true. You are an "Angel of God" You have such a sweet spirit about you, You must have gotten the best from both your mom and dad. You are a beautiful young lady and a great role model for all your brothers and sisters. Love You Ethel

mommy24treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.
She always radiates Jesus when I am around her. Such a good girl.

Trace Car Driver said...

happy birthday to KL. and laine, i love hearing birth stories... yours was cracking me up! i am also all about the epidural (even if i did have to have 2 of them b/c the first one hit a nerve and caused a massive migraine!!) they still rock!

Hope for Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Katie Lyn!!

I hope you had a wonderful day. You are such a beautiful young lady. All your Aunties are proud of you and love you!

Green Party of 5ive

The Young's said...

What a precious post! Happy B'day Katie Lyn!!!! Oh...and I am SO an epidural woman too! Forget about doing it the "natural" way...there's just something NOT NATURAL about hurting like that! (hee hee) Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!!!

Amie said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady(guess I can't say girl anymore, eh?)! I love all the little fun facts about her! and btw-our Katie is also a K.K. courtesy of her little sisters. btw- go ahead and make arrangements for our "arrangement", I give my stamp of approval. Now we just need your ok!

Hilarious birth story. except the part about when they took WAY too long to get you that epidural. NOTHING funny about that!

Loved our chat today. praying for you and sending you much love!

love you girl!


Ohilda said...

Happy Birthday, Katie Lyn!! Your Mama's right, you are BEAUTIFUL!

Laine, I loved reading your sister. My big girl's birthday was on your due date, August 17th. They grow waaaay too fast.



Steve and Jan said...

Katie Lyn,

I'm sorry...I'm SO far behind in my emails and reading everyone's blogs. I hope you had the happiest birthday ever! You are one of the sweetest girls I have ever known. And, we are so blessed to know you :-)


I wish they had some kind of epidural to help us endure the "labor pains" of the adoption process, don't you?

Love to you all,

Lisa said...

HAppy Birthday Katie Lyn! You are a precious girl. You are transforming into a Beautiful young woman.
Laine, I love your story of her birth. These kids grow up waaaaay to fast.
Lisa and Ana Claire

Leighboe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie Lyn! I hope you had a terrific, tremendous, totally rad, wonderful, fun-filled day! We love you, and can't wait to teach you the Color Game at Thanksgiving! :)

Tina said...

Oh Happy Birthday KL!! Your labor story was so funny! Bert says he has patients who want to name their babies after him once he gives them their epidurals! lol. (that is until they find out his name is Albert Thornton)

The Blaszczynski Family said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY KATIE LYN! Sorry I've been so behind on blogging. I hope you had a great one and hope you had a wonderful summer! Hope to see you soon, you won't believe Zoey's hair, it's getting so long!
Amanda B.