Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Momma's Better...

-she thinks that life will return back to normal and every item on the calendar will again occur as scheduled.....

WRONG! Why, you ask? Because of this....

Poor Clay. I have LOTS of mercy and empathy for him having just been there myself. In that exact spot. Boo Hoo. I don't like it when my kiddos are sick. And I think about so many mommies who have REALLY sick kiddos who are in and out of the hospital (like little Callie Medders whose family site is linked on the right side of my blog-she's back in the hospital bless her baby heart) and little Ayla's mommy and so many others whose calendars remain disrupted and scratched out because of illness. I cannot complain. I just cannot. I am thankful for just throat viruses. But I do want my little 8 yr. old spunky soccer king to feel better soon!

So my whole week has been altered because of our illnesses and that always causes me to take a step back and see what the Lord wants to teach me. After all, He allowed this throat virus to interrupt an otherwise full and busy week of doing things that I thought were serving Him. I love to keep commitments. I HATE to cancel. HATE it. It humbles me greatly to have to cancel on people. So there ya go. Humbling is always a good thing in God's Book...and I think I needed to be brought down a notch or three this week. I'm still learnin' , still learnin'...

Meanwhile I thought I'd ask yall to give a big shout-out congratulations to my bloggy friends Kim and Nicole who got their LOA's!!!!!!! (This is the official letter from China saying, "You can have this child and in about 2-4 weeks we'll send you a travel approval and you can come on over!) Yay Kim and Nicole! I'm so THRILLED!!!!!! Still waiting on Amie to get hers...come's RIGHT around the corner....I can SMELL IT! Or is that the salsa I'm digging into right now? (No, MAMA HEN, it's not HOME MADE salsa. WISH it was!) Connie, I can smell your LOA's almost here! And MY LOA? Do you really think MINE might be around the corner? Oh, be still my heart, could it be? We shall see! So much excitement in the air! Desiree will be holding her angel in just a matter of weeks...sweetness! I love the thought of families being brought together. Whether it's military families reuniting (Monica, you are in my prayers...Leigh, yay Pat is home!), or bloggy families meeting (Christine...what a blessing to get to see you after only ONE week home with your beautiful Emily), or forever families finding each's all so beautiful!
Meeting Emily the kiddos are napping so good. What else do yall wanna talk about? Didya know my family was in a rated R movie? I'll save that for another day.

Ya wanna know how we decided to homeschool? I'll tell you that later too.

Oh I know! Let's talk about Candace's name. We still haven't decided. But we LOVE all your input!

Okay that didn't take long. What else? I've got a super-dee-duper idea. Why not everyone who wants to leave a comment (I know that rules out Shalita and the rest of my family who except for Laura and occasionally Leigh NEVER comment, but that's okay. I'm not bitter or anything. ;) ) as I was saying, whoever wants to leave a comment tell me your FAVORITE Olympic moment. Won't that be fun? I'll start with mine:
-I love the "not afraid" attitude of Bolt. I know he's cocky.. that may drive some people crazy. But I think when you can run faster than anybody, you might as well have some fun with those cameras that are in your face! Bolt is one amazing runner. I asked Rob why the people in Jamaica are always fast runners and he said it must be all the Red Stripe they drink. That made me giggle.


ethel said...

Yeah, I get to be the first to share my favorite Olympic moment, Well, actually I have a couple. I loved Michael Phelps winning all 8 medals, but Shawn Johnson winning gold in gymnastics was exciting, well,maybe I am prejudiced, after all I cam here from Des Moines, Iowa. Did ya know that? Hope Clay gets better soon and sorry to hear you have been sick. Love to all and Kuddos to Daddy Mom. Ethel.

The Princess's Mommy said...

OK, it un-American of me to say my favorite part of the Olympics was watching those teeny, tiny China gymnasts. I tried to imagine what LM would look like on the balance beam or doing a tumbling run. But I do love Shawn Johnson and Michael Phelps!!

I'm glad you are feeling better. Sorry Clay is sick. I hope it doesn't pass through the whole Ferrill bunch!!

I am intrigued by the R-rated movie story and I would be very interested to get your take on the homeschool issue....been tossing that around some myself.

Thank you for the prayers....only 8 more weeks until I see my boy!!

Love you,

ps-I delurked on Amie's blog (well..I really just wanted to win a prize) and she is a hoot! I hear she's got the dirtiest basement around though...bless her heart!!

Amie said...

This is going to be lame, but my most favorite part, bar none, was during opening ceremony, when that little guy (who survived the earthquake went back into the school and saved two of his classmates) got to carry the little flag for China!!! Oh that was just the greatest... What a cutie that little boy is and what an inspiration. :) maybe I cried like a BIG BABY.. maybe not.

but I definitly need to hear about the movie...and I am very interested in hearing how you decided to home school. And how do you do it all?????

I am so sorry your little man Clay is sick. prayers coming his way for a speedy recovery.

btw- thanks for the shout-out girl!! I am so looking forward to the day when I can call YOU on the phone and HOOT and HOLLAR like a little school girl! That was awesome man! Can't wait!!

Lots of Love~

p.s. I "met" Monica... and that girl is WACK!! ;) Don't ever take design advice from her though, as she is partial to the 80's border look. And don't ask her to check on you when you go down to clean out your basement and there is a chance you may be swallowed alive by the army of dust bunnies who have taken it over. Cause she will not come through. ;)

living4him5 said...

Oh, poor Clay! He looks so sad in his picture. I'm praying for your little guy.

What a day it will be when you get your LOA!!! I get so excited, it totally brings me back to our time waiting for Linzhi Lu. I pray the Lord opens a window or a crack of a window opportunity for us to go back for another sweet child.

As far as my fav olympic moment. I have to say when The US beat France in the Men's swimming relay. I loved that the "older" guy, Jason Lezak wrapped it up for the win!!

Well, that's my 2 cents...LOL..


MamaHen said...

Laine, so sorry about Clay being sick. I also hate to change MY plans and hate to cancel on people b/c I think it makes ME look bad. Notice a theme there? But, what a blessing we can be to the most important people we are around. Just love on him and take care of him. That is all that matters right now.

I'm not to up on the Olympics, just have seen bits and pieces here and there.

Please tell us about the movie.
Well, off to try to move some of the clutter around to look less cluttered. The Hixons are coming to play today and I've got to go slave over the hotdogs we are having for lunch!!!

Sherri said...

Well, Hannah being a swimmer, you know my favorite moment of the Olympics involves Michael Phelps....

It wasn't the amazing way he was able to come from behind to win by a FINGERNAIL (which was indeed awesome), and it wasn't the way the US relay team beat the French after the French were talking smack (that was fantastic also).

It was watching him look for his mother in the crowd after EVERY race. One time you could read his lips as he told the guy next to him "I can't find my mom". After winning his historic 8th gold medal, when he climbed into the stands to where his mom and his sisters were sitting to show them the certificate he had just been given for winning 8 gold medals. He looked just like a little boy who was showing his mom an award he won at school, or at the ball field. He realized he didn't get to where he is on his own.

It's so nice to see children (even 23 year old ones) honor their parents.


Desiree' said...

You are so sweet to think of others especially when you haven't bee feeling well and now have a little one not feeling well.

Ok, fave moment, there are so many!! Maybe when Shawn Johnson got the gold?? Or Michael Phelps won his last gold?? To many to count.

Keisha said...

You Are Funny Girl!

Sorry your little man is sick.. I'm hoping he feels better soon!

My fav. Oylmpic moment...
When the USA Men's relay won the Gold & beat the French.. (they were talking a little smack ;0)
Yeah...that's what I'm talkin 'bout!

love ya!

The Young's said... are so crackin me up!! :) My favorite Olympic moment is when Michael Phelps won either his 7th or 8th gold medal by the length of his finger nail...OH WOW...what a nail biter! OH...and I love that first relay race they won and his glorious expression of victory! It was so inspirational. I've enjoyed the swimming and gymnastics the most!! Love your post. You just make me laugh. Hope everyone stays healthy!!

Kim said...


You are such a sweetheart..Thanks so much the SHOUT OUT...believe you me I will be SHOUTING OUT here in Texas when I see those beautiful letters posted on your blog!

My favorite part of the Olympics was too when Shawn Johnson won the GOLD....I was so happy for her...she is absolutely precious and what a sweet smile she has...I held it together really well until they showed her mom and dad...her mom was crying on her dads shoulder...that was it for me then the flood gates opened.

I hope Clay gets better soon.

Hugs to you my sweet bloggy friend,

Anonymous said...

Okay, you have been CAUGHT little girl!!! You are drafting your blogs and then releasing them at later times, am I right? LOL I check your blog everyday for updates on Candace and oh just anything else--I love that there are other basket case moms out there like me (and that's no insult--that's the highest of compliments that I give! lol)--and I did not see these last two until just now, Friday afternoon. I didn't know you were sick!

I'm glad you're better and yeah, it really stinks when your kiddos are sick. I think I'd rather me be sick and have to play catch up for the next few weeks that have one of them sick and have to play catch up! ugh! No fun!

You have lurkers, too? Just be thankful for the commenters you DO have (moi? lol) because that's about ALL I have--lazy lurkers! Come on people, it takes all of thirty seconds to type out a comment and makes the blogger feel so good! Get those fingers crankin' and give my girl Laine some comments here!

Okay, here's mine about the Olympics:

I hate the Olympics! I'm sorry, Laine I know you love 'em but I just never have gotten into them. When I was little I liked to watch the gymnastics and figure skating but I don't even care for that anymore. I still hope the USA kicks butt but I can just find out about it later, I don't have to watch! If I am forced to watch (Jeff is very into it this year for SOME reason, probably just because I am NOT), then I like to watch when people mess up! lol Fall on their rear ends or whatever. I know, I'm morbid and I have issues. God is working on me, I promise!


Pandamonium Mom said...

That last comment so made me giggle! Thanks!

I have two favorite parts of the olympics. I know you said one, but unless you censor my comment, I can break the rules and put two. ha! I loved the gymnastics and watching Shawn Johnson win that gold. But, I also loved watching the Chinese diver (can't remember her name) win gold because Hannah was watching and got SO excited! Mama, she's from China! Like me! She won!! It was too cute! Unfortunately, my girl missed the gymnastics finals (which she'd have loved) because bedtime reigned for her. She doesn't know she missed it though - it's our secret.

I want to know about the R-rated movie.

Hope Clay is feeling better soon.
Hannah had a yucky throat thing going on early last week. The rest of us seemed to have escaped so far. Hope the rest of your crew escapes too.

jhand said...

I enjoyed the 10M platform diving finals with the young gal from China who received 4 scores of 10! The crowd broke out in a roar the lasted 5 minutes and she was in tears. All 3 medalists were pretty amazing.
Praying for a speedy recovery for Clay.


Shalita said...

WOW, when you single me out by mentioning my name, I feel like I HAVE to comment. And if I am going to comment, I am going to break your rules(just like Deette). I have many Olympic favorites:
*Amie, I too, was choked up and loving the precious little boy being held high for all to see! What a sweet baby boy and an awesome testimony to all of us!
*Amy and lots of others, I also love when the USA swim team fried up those Frenchmen in the pool---take that you big French boys!
*I am so impressed with Michael Phelps showing us all he has the world's longest fingers! What an incredible moment!!!
*The opening(since I did not comment on that post)left me speechless and full of tears. I love when the commentator said, "It is time to retire the trophy for opening ceremonies!" Go, China, Go!!!!
*I cried like a baby when the USA won gold and silver in the women's individual gymnastics.
*But, possibly my favorite moment is when Shawn Johnson was waiting for her score and Mary Lou Retton yelled her name. Shawn just waved and smiled the biggest smile! Boy, how I would love to hear Mary Lou yell, "SHALITA!!!". Did I just type that out loud---OOPS! Anyway, that Shawn Johnson is a cutie! Watching Barella watching her routine was a HOOT! He was watching on TV and was so into her that you would have thought he was right there with her. He was yelling, clapping and bouncing in his chair. What a guy!
As sad as I am to see the Olympics come to an end, I am looking forward to going to bed before 1:00am.
I know this is a very long comment, but you asked for it. Just as I get cut off on your answering machine and have to call back to finish my message, I may have to leave a second comment!
And now that I have posted my comment, I pass the baton to LYN--- Run, Lyn, Run OR Type, Lyn, Type!

Aimee said...

Your poor little baby boy. All laid up on that pillow looking so sick and sad. I am praying that God will heal him tonight!

You crack me up on your blog.

OK, my favorite moment was when the us swim team beat those meany French who said they would smash us. Me and Carlton were up off the couch screaming. "GO GO!!!!)

But, then I find myself rooting for the chinese girls. I am just afraid of what will happen if they don't win! So, I secretly cheer them on!

Leighboe said...

Well, my favorite Olympic moment happened yesterday, when I ran for 10 minutes straight! :) Well, it was Olympian for ME!
Am I un-=American if I tell you I didn't watch any Olympics this year? Between work, 2 college courses, kids going back to school, playing the Wii Fit, and being team captain of a weight/fitness challenge I just couldn't find the time.

Chi-Chi said...

i loved when the china girl came out and was cutting grass-that made me stop and think-it was totally awesome!-love the ferrills!yall are great!

Chi-Chi said...

is is amazing that i just posted a comment and i am still just thinking about the beautiful little china girl cutting the grass-this is all i think about now-wow it was a very deserving moment-go girl go-cut the grass-it just touched my heart so much-i would like to thank her but i am afraid i may never see her-so if anybody sees her tell her richita said great job!

Trace Car Driver said...

wow. one favorite moment? i don't think i can choose only one. yeah, yeah, the swimming and gymnastics golds were great, but everyone already said that. so here goes... i must say the boxing was my favorite. or maybe the rythymic gymnastics. yeah right, those 2 put me to sleep :) ok, this is for real! i hated when we dropped the baton on both the 4x1 relays so i loved when both men and women redeemed themselves on the 4x4 - YAY, that was awesome!! and that bryan clay winning the decathalon was great too, he seems to be a real family guy with 2 precious kids. also, i'm not much of a volleyball fan but of course the beach volleyball golds were great, and did you see the men win the last gold medal of the olympics last nite with regular volleyball? it was so great, but sad as the coach talked and reminded us of the death in his family 2 weeks ago at the beginning of the olympics. so sad. overall, i loved the olympics and got into them this year like never before. unlike shalita, i went to bed at 8 or 9 most nites and then nate replayed the highlites for me the next day:) sorry for the long comment but you asked for it. hope clay feels better soon and your family can back to the normal routine!