Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winner of a Free Trip to China!

Yes siree folks, we would like to announce the winners of a free (to them, not to us) trip to China. The following contestants have been prayed over and chosen by our GREAT GOD to accompany us (Laine and Rob) to China to pick up our newest blessing. It was with many prayers, tears, crying, agonizing, worrying, and fretting that we tried to make the decision. In the end, God made it very clear, with a great peace, who is meant to go with us....

Before I announce the winners, let me say that this has been one of the hardest decisions we've ever made. For weeks we have committed this to prayer, and asked many others to pray for us in this. We have pleaded with God for Him to reveal His will. And we went back and forth weighing the ifs, ands, buts...we had family meetings with the kiddos...we talked with people who might keep our children....we would think we had our answer and then we would change our mind or think of other ideas....

When we got our LOA last Monday, our agency said "order your visas", and we had to fill out an info sheet with the names of who would travel to China. That was 10 days ago, and as of today we had not done either of these two things required by our agency... We've been praying fervently for that confirmation from God...for that Gideon's "fleece" if you will. Today, it was time. It was God's time to reveal. We had narrowed it down to one or two of three kiddos. One definite was Kimmie. We knew from the beginning we would need to take her. No question. But anyone else? So hard to decide. I even called a few friends and my mother and boldly said "Okay, if you were me, who would you take?" In the was God's call. Not mine, not Rob's, not my sweet friends and was God's choice. And He made that very clear. As Rob and I prayed together once more (over the phone!), I prayed and cried out to God for an answer. For that confirmation. For that fleece. It was a sweet prayer time with my husband. Kimmie and Quan were taking a nap, and all was quiet. I prayed these exact words..."God PLEASE, show us your will. Please SHOW us who should go to China." I had sensed someone walk into the room and as soon as I got these words out of my mouth, I open my eyes to see the sweet chubby cheeks and bright eyes of a little Chinese boy standing next to me saying "Momma, I shmell poptorn in my woom." Oh yes, Lord. We will take him too!

Meet the Contest Winners....Chosen By God!

And please pray for those chosen by God to man the fort at home...Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay and Carlie...I already long for us to be reunited and we haven't even left yet! (And no, we have no idea when our travel dates are right now.) Our four oldest children are being such troopers about staying at home. Of course, the fact that they are going to have ONE BIG PARTY with their grandparents, friends, cousins, neighbors...well, that helps a lot! ;) And actually, they will probably end up visiting and staying with family outside of our city for part of the they are especially excited about that. (I bet right now my sisters are reading this and going..."does she mean me?" Hahahaha Leslie, Lyn, Laura and Leigh...yeah, I'm gonna make a sign up sheet and yall get to be the first to sign up for a time slot to keep them all! ;)

Praise be to God for the miracle in Josiah's life...if you check his website you can see his amazing progress and give glory to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda said...

I was SO wrong! I never guessed that Kimmie & Quan would be the travelers - just assumed it would probably be Katie or Carli. (Actually, I was hoping it was me - lol!) I am just so excited and really anxious to read all the little details in the planning process.

BTW, I learned something new about you - I didn't realize that you were one of 5 girls with names all beginning with "L". Pretty neat!

The Young's said...

Oh Laine....I'm so glad you know and have confirmation. What a relief!! Leaving Silas behind was the HARDEST thing that we did in our trip to China. heart just broke. He still asks us why we didn't take him. But I totally know that we couldn't have brought least without someone helping us take care of him. I will pray for you...I know how your heart is torn having to leave your other 4 behind. But those two weeks will pass quickly!!! You know it does!!! I'm very excited for you guys and cannnot wait to follow your journey this time!!! I'm SO EXCITED for ya!!!!
Love ya,

familyof8 said...

Hi Laine,
So glad God confirmed who should travel with you! They will make great travel companions!!! I have been praying for you during this crazy time of planning. Will you still be coming to Monroe County? Or do you think you will be traveling? Let me know. I may put a pearl order in with Ann and ask you to bring it home. Is that okay?

Waitingfaithfully said...

Congratulations Kimmie and Quan! And thank you Lord for making things clear for Laine and Rob.

Come on TA, it's almost officially Fall, and time for Candace Leaf to come home!! :)

Blessings to all ~


Leighboe said...

Your taking 'em back? Didn't they say, "No Refunds"? :)* At first I thought y'all were crazy, Laine(well, I still do, but not 'cause of this!), but thinking about it, who better to escort little Candace to her new world than those 2 who have previously travelled the path? God really is awesome (and has a great sense of humor, too!).
Oh, and we'll be more than thrilled to grab the rest of the kids and bring them here. They need a field trip, and we can show 'em where Elvis lived (lives?). Shoot, we'll even take 'em out on the boat! Just give us a weekend with 'em and we'll have 'em good and screwed up by the time you get home! ;)

Pandamonium Mom said...

I resisted the urge to give you my opinion earlier...because that's all it was (and not a prayerful opinion - just opinion!) But now that you've decided, can I just say I'm SO GLAD you're taking them both! I wouldn't have traded the experience of having Hannah with me to get Sadie for anything! I learned so much and got to see the adoption story through her eyes...and that was precious!
I'm praying for your quick TA!

Keisha said...

Yay!.. Kimmie and Quan... They are so cute! Yall are going to have so much fun. Aren't you glad that God confirmed that?.. Just Peace! Now Come on TA!

Ohilda said...

Laine! When I started reading, I just felt in my heart that the "winners" would be Kimmie and Quan. I was in your shoes a little over a year ago and it was probably one of the toughest decisions we've made...but in the end, like you, God chose...and he was so right (as if I expected anything else!)

Enjoy every second with your Chinese blessings in that amazing country. Your sweet kiddos at home will be blessed with family and friends as they await their new sister.

Sending you love and praises to our God for His choices and also for sweet Josiah's miracle!



Kim said...

YEA! Kimmie and Quan, but more importantly YEA! for answered prayer!

Come on TA...Of course I would love to meet up with you in China but I do hope for you that you get to travel earlier and I will be here perched at my computer following your journey all the way, praising God that Candie Le is in her mama's arms!

I noticed you and your sister are all have "L" names. My sister and I all have "K" names and our middle names mom thought she was being so clever :-)


living4him5 said...

Hi Laine,

This was a sweet post. I know it must have been tough waiting for "The answer" and I know it's hard for a mama and daddy to choose who stays and who goes... I'm so glad you gave it to the Lord. This is his will. I feel in my heart you will be so blessed in China and the kiddos at home will be have a wonderful adventure with family and friends which is a blessing too.

I can't wait to see Candace with her family!! COME ON TA!!!!!

I will also be praying for her foster family as I know they are preparing for her to leave. I think about the heartache of the wonderful nanny's and foster families often. I know Linzhi was greatly loved by her nanny and we are so grateful to her for that. She made a scapebook of her life from birth and with pride gave it to us on forever family day. In that moment, I cried for her. China gets a lot of bad press about a lot of things but we know there's a lot of good there too and I see it in the caregivers.

God bless my friend.


ethel said...

Yeah, Kimmie and Quan. I agree, you can't take one without the other. And the 4 older kiddos, I don't think I would worry about them, they will have so much fun with people fighting over who "gets" to keep them and having field trips, they probably won't be ready for you to come home when the trip is over. They will probably look more forward to seeing K&Q and Candie than Mom and Dad. Just kidding. Can't wait to follow your journey. Love y'all..... Ethel

Robin said...

YAAAAAAAA!! I love to see how God answers prayers. How perfect that they should be the ones to go with you. Now bring on those travel dates!!!


Rhonda Bryant said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! I am so glad that God has shown you who should go. I remember us talking about it in Sunday school a couple of weeks ago, and I have been praying for you all.
See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferrill Bunch!
We are so excited about God's decision on your taking Kimmie and Quan! They will be such a blessing to help Candace Le through the grieving that she is certain to feel. How could anyone resist their sweet and precious hugs and kisses? Can't wait to hear all about it! If things go as they have so far (77 days), you'll be traveling during Thanksgiving, and we have the whole week off from school! My children always love a "Ferrill Fix", so anytime that we get to see ANY of you guys is great! Keep us posted! Love, Aunt Pearl

Mike and Barb said...

I'm with Linda, and I was going to post my smart-aleck answer before I read hers - are you SURE God didn't tell you to take ME???
I'm so happy for you all, and I just admire how you make your decisions, and what a Godly woman you are.
Love to your bunch.....

Amy said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing how God worked this all and confirmed in such a sweet way! I love reading your blogs!!

mommy24treasures said...

I am glad you ahve such peace about the decision. Wonderful:)
I am praising Him with you about Josiah. Such a wonderful miracle!

Kristy said...

Oh so, so, SO exciting!! How precious is all of this??
**big smiles**
Forgive me for not getting back to you sooner, sweet friend. We have been talking/thinking/praying for you guys.
Talk to you soon.
Blessings ~

Amie said...

Oh Laine... I am so happy for you all I am just shedding tears of joy, and relief and celebration for you. I KNOW how hard this decision was for you, and I LOVE how you gave it over to God and as always, he came through and you just "knew". GO GOD!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this post and was so blessed by it. I felt like we were right there with you through it all. Thanks for sharing this with us. And many many many hugs to you!!!! I know you can finally breathe now! ;)


Much Love!

Sherri said...

Awwww....of course Kimmie needs Quan to go, too.

I LOVE it when God makes His will entirely clear like that!


Hope for Lucy said...

Im just going to cry after reading this post. God is so GOOD! Im so glad and happy to the little winners of the China trip. They will be your best little helpers and your little tour guides.
Im know the "big kids" will be in the best care. What angels they are.
Praying that you will hear something on your TA soon, as we wait on the wonderful LOA. It will come..

Love you guys!

Trace Car Driver said...

PRAISE GOD for a clear answer... and i think it is so sweet that k & q will be going to china again, how special this will be to all of ya'll and candie leaf too! (and i LOVE quan's chubby little cheeks!!!) we also continue to pray for josiah as well, GOD IS SO GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! i check the website several times a day to read the last MIRACLE and HEALING that has happened. how awesome!!

Anna B. said...

I am so very happy that you have confirmation and PEACE about who to bring with you! Such a relief and a energizer to "get on" with the business of planning this journey. So happy for you!

Aimee said...

Perfect! God is so sweet to guide us along in our decision making. I am thankful that you were sensitive to the Spirit!

mabrynelson said...

you better believe i'm game! I'd love nothing more in the world than to come to b-ham and stay with my cousins!!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I am so excited that Kimmie and Quan will get to go back to China and prayerfully this is God's way of helping Candices bonding become faster than it might have been. Can I sneak inside one of your suitcases? BTW, if you need to borrow some you can, we still have our big ones from our trip and they are in working order! Let me know, we would be thrilled to lend them to you! Love you,