Friday, October 3, 2008

NOT a "By the way..."

JOSIAH IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a minute, go read his site and be blessed! His twin brother is especially happy to have his budder back...SO SWEET! Three weeks ago today was when the T.V. fell on Josiah's head. It is a MIRACLE....NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!


Linda said...

SUCH a blessing! I went to the care page and looked at this little fella's sweet pictures and feel so blessed to have been part of his prayer team.

Steve and Jan said...

How wonderful!

Thank you for letting us know.


Leighboe said...

Oh Laine, that's awesome! God is SO good! What a true blessing! I'm so happy!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

WAHOO!!!!!! i love keeping up with all the journal entries on caringbridge. what a miracle baby josiah is! (btw, i read on there that you were on your way back from a field trip when you heard the good news... are you gonna blog about that field trip????) love reading your blog laine :)

Mike and Barb said...

Wonderful news!!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Praise God!

Anna B. said...

Wonderful and happy news. I am so very happy for him, for his "brudder" and for his family. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pray for this sweet little guy!

Amie said...

Thank you Jesus!1


Made my day!



The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!!


Keri Mason said...

Oh sweet friend...I'm gonna dig out some verses for you. Our Eden was a "storm" in a lot of ways. I remember feeling so alone hearing everyone talk about how happily their kids fit right into the family. With no siblings, I think she was just extremely lonely. I remember the despair being alone with her during the day and her getting so MAD at me every time I would try to care for or love on her. But now, her love and dependence on us is so fierce, true and deep. I know God will work the same miracle in Candace. Just remember, this is HIS WILL...and contrary to what "current church culture" tries to say, the BIBLE says His will WILL be hard, should be hard. So when it's hard take comfort in knowing, "Hey, I must be walking in His will!" I'll send verses! We love you!