Thursday, December 11, 2008

Her First Ear Surgery

We have to be at Children’s hospital at 6:00 AM for her surgery so I’m assuming we’re near the front of the line. They will attempt to make her an ear canal on her left ear and also construct an ear drum. They will also insert a screw into the hearing bone just behind her left ear called a BAHA screw. This is for a bone anchored hearing aid and will only be necessary if her canal does not stay open. They will address her right ear at a later date. One of us will stay with her in Children’s hospital overnight and come home Friday.

Please pray the surgery will be successful and she will have as little pain as possible.

Thanks so much!



Trace Car Driver said...

already lifting up sweet little candace, the doctors, and the rest of the family this morning. praying for His healing and will be waiting for a GREAT PRAISE REPORT :)

Aaron and Erica said...

Rob and Laine,

You are probably through surgery by now but I will stop what I am doing and pray for Candace. I'm praying that her time in the hospital will strenghten her relationship with her parent's and that her recovery will be smooth and quick.


Sherri said...

Praying for a successful outcome!


Tammy said...

I pray everything went well for Candace! Madi had both of her surgeries at Children's--they're wonderful!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying and praying. Thanks for letting us know.


The Young's said...

We're praying!!! Thank you for letting us know! We look forward to hearing a wonderful praise report. Does she understand what she is going to have to do? Just curious. We're praying for her handle everything well. Love and miss you guys!

Linda said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. Candace is in my prayers, and so are the rest of your kids and you two. Surgery is stressful for the whole family! Blessings.

Steve and Jan said...

I pray everything went well today. Please keep us posted.

I will be praying for Candace and all the family. Surgery is always stressful for everyone.

Love ya,

Waitingfaithfully said...

Praying for your sweet girl, hoping all went well.



Anonymous said...

Already heard from Shalita that everything went well but that they were unable to do much until the infection clears up. Praying that they are able to get that cleared up and fixed up asap! Glad you are all back at home and recovering quickly! Blessings,


Ohilda said...

Praying that all went well with the surgery and looking forwards to an update.



The Woodalls said...

Hope all went well!


Mike and Barb said...

I'm just now seeing this post. I hope everything went well yesterday, and that Candace will be home today!!
Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys!

Leighboe said...

Well, how'd it go? I can't believe Mom went to y'all's house today, sent us an email, and didn't even mention how Candace was doing! When will you know if it was successful?