Saturday, December 13, 2008

Surgery Success!

Well, as for now, it was successful according to the surgeon. She will have the packing in her ear canal removed after Christmas and then we'll see how well she can hear. We are told it will be normal hearing. That is just amazing to me. Only time will tell if the canal stays open. If it remains open for one year, then we will have the BAHA screw removed from the hearing bone behind her ear. If it closes, we will get the hearing aid and attach it to the BAHA screw. This should give her near normal hearing I think.

You guys prayed so hard that we didn't even have to stay overnight, which we had planned on. The doc sent us home late Thursday afternoon/evening. She's slept good both nights since. Thursday night she slept on the love seat and I slept on the couch to make sure she was ok. She moaned a little during the night but did not wake up. She's only had one dose of Tylenol and no prescription paid meds since we've been home and seems to be good with it. She lets me put the drops in her ear (to keep the packing moist) with no complaining. She is such a brave little girl. I just love her!!!

Thanks again for all your loving support! You guys are awesome!


Resting just after surgery. Mom just had to put a bow in my new head dress to make it girly!

The popsicle after surgery was good but didn't last long... had some nausea so we saw it twice.

At home today... back to her old self. The red headband is like neoprene with velcro in the back. It keeps the gauze dressing against her ear.


Leighboe said...

I'm so glad she did so well! She's encountered so many new things in such a short time...what a brave little girl you have! Thanks for the update!

Pandamonium Mom said...

That is simply amazing!
So glad she's resting at home and doing well!

Dollar General said...

I'm praising the Lord! I'm so happy things went so smoothly and you got to go home before expected! I love when the Lord does above and beyond what we could ask or think or even imagine! To God be the Glory!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Thanking the Lord for the great report! Love to see Candace back to her smilin' little self!

Christmas blessings to your gang~


Cindy Jones said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! It is great that everything went so well. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

God is good!

Amy said...

awesome news!!!

Rhonda Bryant said...

Praising God with you! That is AWESOME!!!! I am so glad that you got to come home! Thank you for the wonderful report! She truly is one brave little girl!

The Young's said...

That is totally amazing!! God is SO GOOD!!! I cannot wait to get the final report!!! How awesome is it going to be for Candace to hear totally?!?! You are all very precious and brave people!!! We just love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I agree, she is VERY brave. Adults can learn so much from kids. We should all be so resilient and faithful like little children! You guys are so precious!

Sherri said...

What a cutie! She is definitely a Ferrill--always smiling!

This is amazing to me that she may have normal hearing. What an enormous blessing.


Keisha said...

I'm so glad things went well! She is such a Doll.. ALL smiles!!
Praising the Lord with you!!

Joscelyn said...

What an awesome God we serve!! So glad everything went better than expected & ya'll got to go home that evening. PTL!!!! :)

Journey to Lilly! said...

Praise the Lord Candance is doing so well!! She is beautiful in all her pictures! I am praying for her to hear perfectly!
lv u guys,

Trace Car Driver said...

Praise God! What great news that the surgery was such a success, and what an added blessing to not have to spend the nite in the hospital! Loving the pic with the Christmas bow :)

familyof8 said...

So thanful to come home and read this update. We have been praying for Candace and for your entire family. Sorry we missed you all, next time for sure! Emily will have her heart procedure on 1/23 at Childrens.
Get some rest!

God is being glorified!!!!

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

Candace is amazing! Thank you Jesus for allowing the surgery to go so well!

Mike and Barb said...

That red head band sure looks awfully cute on Candace!!
So thankful that things went so well!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad she is home and doing well.

Sonya said...

Praise God!!! He is just so awesome!!!

Love the bow ;)

living4him5 said...

Hi Rob, Laine and family,

I'm so behind on my favorite blogs...PRAISE GOD all is well with sweet Candace!!!

Love the pictures, she's so smiley and cute.

Still lifting you all in prayer.

God bless,

mommy24treasures said...

bless her darling little brave heart. Glad all is well.

Aimee said...

praise the Lord!

I am so amazed!

Hope for Lucy said...

God is so Good! I just love her smile. Give her a big hug from us. We love you!

Linda said...

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas gift all the way around!

MamaHen said...

Yeah, so glad she is home and doing so well. She is precious, just like all your sweeties.

Kristy said...

Glad she's doing good.
Blessings ~

Aaron and Erica said...

Merry Christmas Ferrill family!!!!

Much love,

The Hammond Family
(Aaron, Erica, Carter, Jackson and Clara YouMei)

Amie said...


I am a little behind inmy blogging. Just trying to catch up with all my friends.
Glad to hear the surgery went so well.

I hope you guys are doing okay. I think of you so often and I keep you in my prayers!

Merry Christmas to you dear friend!



The Blaszczynski Family said...

I am sure Rob told you we saw them at the Pennicle. I have to say what an absolute amazingly beautiful family! Candace had her ear bands on, so I assumed she had had her surgery ( I am so behind on my blogging and my blogging friends). I absolutely can't wait to hear all the wonderful amazing stories of her hearing so well! She may cover her ears and think things are too loud for a while as she gets used to hearing things normally, but I am sure they have told you that.
Love you,
Happy New Year!