Thursday, January 29, 2009

All in a Day's Work...

I LOVED reading all your children's quotes in the comments below! What fun and what a great laugh they all gave me! Thanks for sharing! Isn't it fun to remember all the funny things our kiddos say?

So that I'll always remember this season of my life, I want to record all that we did NOT do on Wednesday, and then I'll record all we DID do on Wednesday.

We did NOT:
-go to CBS...Quan has bronchitis-he's on the mend!
-go to church...we don't go on Wed. nights-GASP!
-go outside and was wet and cold.
-call Mary Claire Fargarson and wish her Happy Birthday...we remembered, then forgot!

-begin reading aloud "A Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis
-learn how to convert measurements
-play Hi Ho Cheerio
-have leftover ravioli for lunch...out of a can-GASP!
-recite Psalm 91--even Kimmie and Quan are learning it! Candace is listening at least!
-speaking of Candace, we taught her to say "comb". That was a challenge for all involved.
-blow Quan's nose 100 times
-take the puppy out in the wet, cold 100 times
-read an "uncle eric" book about economics and learned about inflation and recession
-proofread a story about two girls fighting over who won a dance competition
-pray for "Sam"...a 4 mos. old boy in China who we are sponsoring through P.H.F.
-play CandyLand -this teaches Candace her colors in a FUN way!
-dance to Elvis
-eat lots of Hershey's Kisses
-read how Isaac Newton loved the Lord way more than his love of ocean tides
-play Disney's Scene It game for the first time...we won't mention who screamed the answers the loudest
-watch Kimmie and Quan's adoption video with the whole family...very sweet memories!
-build blanket houses for all the Webkinz we've adopted
-keep on the fireplace so that we were all roasting after a few hours!

We really did do ALL that in one day. Isn't that such a delicious day? I LOVE days we don't have to go anywhere, and truly praise the Lord for it! Any of you that homeschool, do you feel that way too? Heck, even if you don't homeschool, don't ya love those stay at home days? ;)


Trace Car Driver said...

i love those stay at home days... i've had quite a few the past month :) and the days that i've kept trace home with me were by far the sweetest days ever! soon, like tomorrow soon, we'll add lucas to the fun. for 6 weeks i'll be a stay-at-home mom anyways! praise the lord!

Shalita said...

You know how much I love stay home days in our pj's. That sounds heavenly right now.

My favorite part of your Wednesday is that you all danced to Elvis!

Linda said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Even when I homeschooled and didn't do as much transcription, I don't think I ever packed that much into one day. I'm ready for spring - so tired of being COLD much of the time. I have been very good at keeping the thermostat lowered, but there are days when I just have to bake something just to warm up the kitchen! When you talk about getting the fire too hot, I just can't imagine :) My girls like nothing better than getting on their jamies (sometimes even before dinner) and bed socks and slippers to watch videos (yes, I'm dating myself, but we still have LOTS of kid videos that I have no intension of letting go of.)

It's good to hear about your really neat family!

MamaHen said...

I'm sorry he had was sick, but happy all of you had such a great day. Love those stay at home, watch movies and read aloud days.

Amy said...

We love, love, love staying at home and keeping the pjs on ALL day! Well, I don't but Elijah and Ivey do!

The Young's said...

I just think you guys are amazing!! I LOVE all the quality time you spend together. I feel the more I'm at more I'm about to go crazy...I don't know...maybe it's my make up or something. I'm just SO stir crazy in the are the kids. Your day sounds great. I look forward when the two little ones are a little older and can participate in a game without tearing it up or fussing because they want to do it their way. I admire you guys so much Laine. Thanks for sharing what you did do. It's pitiful...all we do is, wake up, eat, get dressed, watch tv, color, eat, pee pee in the potty, take a nap, wake up, pick Sophie up at school, free play time while mommy cooks dinner, eat dinner, get ready for bed, go to bed. We sound SO BORING, don't we?!?! I think I'll get better one day. Hope yall have a GREAT weekend. We've got Chinese New Year celebration we're SUPPOSED to go to...If everyone is well. Mark came home from work sick today! UGH...I really need him well!

OK...I've rambled long enough. Miss you! Talk soon.

The Ferrill's said...

Hey Buffi, and everyone else!
I just want to encourage you that not EVERY day is like this at all! We certainly have the most unproductive days a lot! But let me tell you, I do not consider your days unproductive! All the mommy stuff FILLS a day COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!
Most of the things we do together are because I am the teacher AND the mommy! This was just a really exceptional fun lazy day and I wanted to remember it forever! Many days we are running to dance, horseback, soccer, speech, doctor, dentist, CBS, etc. etc. etc.
I treasure our home days!
YOU ARE A WONDERFUL MOMMA and the things you do with your kiddos ARE wonderful too! I've seen plenty of your posts where you got so creative with them with scissors and playdough, etc. The normalcy of low key days is so important to kiddos growing up! So treasure those boring days!!!! I do not think your life sounds boring at all! I think it sounds just perfect for you, Mark, and your sweet kiddos! And hey, you're doing better than me...half the time I don't cook! GASP! I need to do better on that and I'm working on it!
Love you girl! We're coming up next weekend for CNY in Huntsville, are yall going?

Sherri said...

I do love those stay home days. And they are best when you are in your pajamas all day.

But where is the CNY in Huntsville next weekend? Our FCC had theirs last weekend......


Anonymous said...

I do love those pajama days! I think we're about due for one! Great post!

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

Yes, I do love stay at home days! I try to have them as much as possible. I think I will enjoy them even more when we don't have to take things away from Lydia so much. She just loves eating erasers off of pencils, tips off of markers (this does make for funny pictures), and destroying anything that can be destroyed. :) By the way, we missed you at CBS, but I am glad you had a good day at home!