Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi again!
If anyone checks in, please see the post below asking prayer for this family who have 10 children and lost their home to a tragic fire. Thank the Lord not one of them was injured!
I wanted to share with you another prayer request. This one hits close to home. Bailee is our 10 year old friend from church and dance class. We've known her all her life, and trust me..she is one special little girl with one BIG heart. Bailee has Cerebral Palsy. She uses a walker, but let me tell you that does not slow her down one bit! Since we've always know Bailee, I've never really seen her as a special needs child. Yes, she has to have a walker to walk, but I guess her beauty that shines inside and out just overshadows that fact. I forget! It reminds me of how I feel about's so easy to forget her hands are deformed because she does everything! Nothing stops her! Bailee's sweet mama Rhonda is a good friend of mine. We teach Sunday School together and we're also dance mamas together. Yes, Bailee even takes dance and you should see her move! She's got her groove on big time! She has been in every recital and she just shines up on stage. Rhonda and I talk often about how similar Kimmie's and Bailee's personalities are...both determined, both strong willed, both have the independent "I can do it" attitude. I am so thankful for Rhonda's guidance as I raise Kimmie because of how she has walked the road before and gives me great advice and encouragement. Since Bailee is 7 years older than Kimmie, Rhonda is going through some life experiences that I know we will have ahead of us too. (Rhonda, if you read this....I LOVE YOU! And THANK YOU for how much you help me!)
So on to the prayer request: This Monday Rhonda & Brandon, Bailee & Brooklyn (4 yr. old sis) have a very crucial appointment at Shriner's in S.C. The doctors have been reviewing Bailee's tests and will explain everything that needs to be done for Bailee's legs. Here is an excerpt from Rhonda's email:

It will be A LOT for Bailee to take in at almost 11. My prayer requests are that Bailee would be very receptive and I know that is going to be hard for her, but I feel like she is older now and can understand so much more. That Brandon and I would have the wisdom to make these decisions for Bailee, and peace once the decisions are made. One of the major decisions being when the surgery needs to be. I know in my heart it needs to be very soon. I will be able to update more about it when we get home, but the surgery will be to straighten Bailee’s legs. It is called a hip de rotation which would involve cutting through the two femur bones and realigning her legs with plates and screws, also lengthening her hamstrings, calve muscles, and heel cords, and some possible work on her feet. Maybe more we will just have to see.

Brooklyn told Bailee yesterday out of no where that she had a dream that Bailee did not have to have a walker. We all hope Brooklyn’s dream comes true! It was very sweet; Brooklyn is such a good little sister for Bailee!

So when you think of this ROLL TIDE girl please say a prayer for her, she really needs them!

Thank yall so much for reading and taking the time to pray...Bless you all!


Steve and Jan said...

Hey Laine!

It's so wonderful to check your blog and see your sweet little self back out there :-) I have missed you blogging and I have missed seeing you in the neighborhood. Austin's great, but I guess I'm feeling a little homesick for my "Farm" and AL friends/family.

I am so happy to read that Candace is doing so well. You can tell she really does just fit right into your family. I know she is truly a blessing!

I will be praying for the families you mentioned. Both families have so much to deal with. I pray God will find a way to provide peace and wisdom in the face of their challenges.

Look forward to reading more about the Ferrill Bunch in the days and weeks ahead.

Take care! Love ya!

living4him5 said...

I will be praying for Bailee and her upcoming trip to Shriners...We're a Shriners family too!!!

I'm so glad you're back Lanine, I've missed ya!

Hugs and love,

Mom to my China Posse said...

Bailee will definately be in my prayers! As a Mom whose son goes to Shriners I know how important it is for the child involved to be in the process of their health issues and possible surguries. Sometimes Andrew's doctors talk in front of him (and hes 16)alot of medical jargon that scares him so as his parent we always remind him that doctors aren't God and they tend to put a sceince spin on everything and for him to put his faith in God foremost. Sounds like Bailee has a great attitude!

The Young's said...

We will definitely pray for Bailee. Thanks for sharing. She truly is a beautiful girl!

Joscelyn said...

Laine, Any word on Bailee yet? Let us know when you find out. I've been praying for her.

Linda said...

Hi Laine! I've been the stealth reader lately - not enough time to really commenton too many people's blogs, but reading and trying to remember to pray for all for cyber friends and their families and friends. Bailee really is facing a big challenge, and I will make every effort to remember to pray for her and her family. I've also been praying for the Saunders family. I discovered Linn's blog on the day of the fire and just can't get them off my mind. Such a wonderful family and such a huge set-back. I can't even imagine...

Anyway, just wanted to leave you a little note and say I'm thinking of you!

Love, Linda

Waitingfaithfully said...

I'm going to stop checkin' blogs and pray for sweet Bailee right now!! Thanks for sharing, and what a blessing Rhonda is to you!

Thanks Laine, for passing on the prayer request for Linn and her family too!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Rhonda, if you are reading this, please know that we have Bailee and you guys in our prayers as well. I know Brooke loves Bailee to pieces (who doesn't?)

Laine, what you said about not seeing her as a special needs child (not that there's anything wrong with that) is so true! It's hard to put into words but she REALLY does just shine, doesn't she? Her attitude and determination are so evident and yet she has a humility that I've not seen in any other child her age, ever! She is one amazing little girl! I know God has big plans for her!

Good to see you back blogging again, too, Mrs. Laine!

Ohilda said...

Oh Laine, Bailee is just beautiful! You could see the joy she has in her precious face.

May our healing God give wisdom and guidance to the surgeons, to her parents. May He be the one guiding the surgeons hands and that every bone, every ligament, every muscle work perfectly when the surgery is complete. May she walk without that walker and may she use that as a testimony as to God's healing powers, for His glory.

Please keep us posted.

Love you...