Friday, January 9, 2009


I am so glad to be back blogging. Though I must confess this is my THIRD attempt in THREE nights to post. The first post was written, I loved it, Rob reviewed it....and wouldn't let me post it. It did involve a cuss word, I'll admit. But it was a really really really funny story about Kimmie and our new Bichon Frise puppy "Governor Palin". Anyway, Rob said my posts need to glorify God. And he's right.
So night number two I tried to post an update on each child...just a short paragraph with a cute pic of everybody. Nothin' doin'. I got interrupted 50 zillion times. I was getting beyond frustrated, stormed out of the office and claimed to Rob "THIS IS WHY I CANNOT BLOG! I GIVE UP! YOU DO IT! EVERYBODY NEEDS ME AND I AM NEVER BLOGGING AGAIN!"
So here we are on night number three. Rob and the big boys are at soccer. Kimmie and Carlie are enjoying a bubble bath. Candace fell asleep watching Dora. Quan and Katie Lyn are playing the computer downstairs. Let's see if we can "get 'er done".

How 'bout now I can't remember what I was even going to blog about when I titled this third attempt? What was it? I know I had something good that was really glorifying God...hence the title. Oh, what was it? Poot.
In the meantime, here's a picture we took at the beach and when I remember what I was going to say, I'll get back to ya.
Have I mentioned, though, how much I MISS YALL??????????????????

Our attempt at a human pyramid...this cracks me up. Carlie's face looks like she is in pain, Kimmie is not even looking because she's laughing so hard, and you can't see Colby's eyes because his bangs have grown so long. I JUST LOVE THESE KIDS!!!!!!! (They're worth so much more than any post I couldn't write!)


jhand said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the post, I have missed hearing about the Ferrill Bunch. Love the picture of the whole gang at the beach.

Julie Hand

Hope for Lucy said...

That is the most beautiful pyramid I have ever seen. Miss you guys so much. We are doing great, but as you can see Mr. Jerry needs to blog too (he has been sick--so I forgive him).

Love you

Aimee said...

Oh Laine!
Welcome home, that is to bloggy world. You have been greatly missed.

I know, its so hard to believe I am next. Seems like the day was never going to come and its coming...right about the time of year I need it to. God knows. His timing is perfect.

Dont you worry about the blogging. I get bloggers block all the time. Just sit down and type whats on your heart. We will be blessed.

Love you!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh my Laine, so glad your're back friend! The pyramid is beautiful! And look who is the queen of the mountain, sweet Candace herself! Kimmie's laughter is priceless . . . they all look so darn cute.

Thanks for checking in on me the other day! It was so good to hear from you!



Cindy Jones said...

Happy New Year!!! I love the picture. It looks like everyone was having a good time at the beach. I know how it is when everyone needs you when you are trying to blog.. George always has to proof read mine also....

Robin said...

Looks like they had fun trying!!!

I've missed hearing from you but I understand your busyness!!!!!

Glad you are back.

Desiree' said...

Glad you are back!! Missed you girl!! I would love to hear your experience on older child aoption. My RDH has become a DH again and is interested in older kids!! (4-10) Praise God.

Sherri said...

I love this picture! It's perfect!

I'm glad to see a post. I faithfully check each day, only to see "Christmas Fun" at the top of your blog. I was surprised and happy to see an actual update today!

I'd love to hear about Candace's transition to her new life some time.


Dollar General said...

Thanks for not giving up on us! We love you so much and miss you too!

I love that picture and Kimmie was the first person I saw and I just loved it b/c she makes it look like building a pyramid is so fun! HEY...let's build one the next time we are together! We need to have a good time like that!

Love ya!

Leighboe said...

Love the pic and am glad you're back. I just gotta say I'd love to have read your original post, though! It'd be nice to know that you're human, you fall, and yet God still loves you enough to pick you back up, dust you off, and laugh with you! :)

Tammy said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I've certainly missed your posts, but totally understand how difficult it is to express all those emotions in a few sentences (not to mention the jet lag, new child, etc.). I'm so glad your back and look forward to hearing more about your precious family.


The Young's said...

Your SO right Laine...they ARE worth it...but it sure is hard sometimes!!! I just LOVE your honesty but I'm SO glad your back. I've missed you!!! I love the pyramid pic. It just shows your family in such a real light!!! Candance seems to really be fitting in!!

Have you been following The Jordan's blog with their newly adopted son? They got a grant at Duke to have the coklear (sp?) implants in his ears...and he can hear now. It's amazing. They've got a video of the day they turned the sound on. It's precious. You may already have seen it...but if you haven't...You've GOT to see it!! :)

Love you guys! Welcome back!!! I feel a little spoiled here at the house...cause my kiddos all ask for Mark. :) (He's the "fun" one). So I get lots of time to blog!!! (hee hee) have a GREAT day tomorrow!
Love & Miss you!

The Young's said...

Ok...I DO realize I have some mis-spelled words in the last post...but I figure if anyone could forgive and overlook...It'd be you!! :)

MamaHen said...

Yeah Laine! Glad you are back. I love reading your posts!

Steve and Jan said...


Great to read a post from you and see a new pic of the kids. Candace just has the most contagious smile...every time I see her smile, I smile :-)

Love you and miss you!

Pandamonium Mom said...

Glad to hear from you!! We'd love to see you sometime too!! It looks like y'all are doing well though. I love all the smiles and laughter! Your kids are precious! And I can't wait to hear more about Candace too.

Hope for Lucy said...

Ah ha! I knew she was talking about me. And that I'd have to go to your web journal to find it out is amusing. I have been sick, but I think I'm getting a little better. Seems the Chinese really know how to cook up a good bug. Be careful, those of you going over there!

Laine, we'll be close to your hometown tomorrow (Mon, 12 Jan) and we have something for you from China - no, not the flu! Call us if you get a chance.

Jerry, Connie, Austin, Lily Grace, and Lia Faith

Shalita said...

Mrs. Laine. . . I didn't know you cussed!!!

Ohilda said...

SO happy to see you posting and you know what? That gorgeous picture of your beautiful kiddos DOES glorify God. He's smiling down and seeing, "I did good!"

Love you, my friend.


Shalita said...

Hey Laine,

I did know you cussed! Now that everyone else knows----GO WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP!!!

Ashley said...

I am so glad your back, I have missed reading all about the Ferrill Bunch. I guess blogging is a little harder when you have 7 chidren. I love the picture, it is so cute.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh I'm so glad you are back! I've missed you!!! That picture just makes my heart's perfect!!!

Love you,

Linda said...

Cute picture, Laine! I think I'm the bad apple in the bunch because I really do want to hear the dog story with the bad word. It would have to be PRETTY BAD before I thought anything bad of you or your family!

I know that has to be a recent picture of your kids since Candace is part of it, but I am in awe of weather so nice that you could dress that way and walk on the beach. In fact, as I layer shirts and sweaters and bundle up with coats and gloves, I think I'm suddenly very jealous of your location! - lol!

living4him5 said...

Hi Laine!

Girl, I've missed you! So glad to see you're back. Thanks for the sweet note about my Linzhi.

Check my blog soon, I'm going to be having a giveaway!!

Hugs and love,

Keisha said...

Oh.. Amen Sister!! They are so cute!!! Candance looks like.. "I'm on top of the world!" :)... or would that be my brothers & Sista's?! LOL!
I've missed your crazy, encouraging self!!!

Amy said...

Yahoo!! Glad to see you in the bloggy world! I was so excited to see a picture of the favorite part is seeing that smile on Candace's face!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad you're at least attempting to blog again! I have so missed your posts! I really enjoyed hearing a glimpse of what life is like at the Ferrill house last night. I told the kids the story about Quan speaking "Chinese" to Candace and they were dying from laughter! Go Quan--it takes a lot to make the Quick kids laugh sometimes!

Tell Rob that yeah, technically he's right--our posts need to glorify God. But God wants us to keep it real, too. None of that "fake" glorifying, you know. If it happens, it happens--He already knows and praise Him, loves us anyway! You already posted a cuss word with that dog's poor name! LOL Tell him I said so! hehe

Love ya,


Stefanie said...

YEAHHHH!! So good to have you back... how I love your posts and you always DO glorify HIM in all you say :) :)
What a perfect pyramid! Looks like a fantastic time was had by all at the beach!!
Love you and SO glad you're back (at least when everyone isn't needing mama)... you have certainly been MISSED :)

Trace Car Driver said...

yay yay yay! it made my night to see your comment on my blog... so i knew you must have an update on yours :) i sure hope you can get back in the groove b/c i've missed hearing all your wonderful stories and seeing the great pictures. hope ya'll are having a wonderful new year so far.

mommy24treasures said...

we miss you. So glad all is well, completely understnad the being needed by someone all the time.

Amie said...

Just beautiful!!!

Good to see you back...

Hugs to you~

Kristy said...

Hey cute lady! Miss you too.
I'll be emailing you......
Blessings ~