Friday, January 23, 2009

I heard...

This picture has nothing to do with this is just a silly New Year's Eve picture from the beach. I have no idea why we were doing our necks like this, but we didn't all have cricks I promise!

This week I heard Katie Lyn say "My wires feel so funny, I say my s's wierd." (She got appliances at the orthodontist this week, and no it wasn't a new washer and dryer)

Colby say "Why did they have to go and knock all those trees down? It's all I've ever known!" (Construction has begun and now there are no more woods behind our house)

Clay say "Mom, where is the Toby Mac CD? I know I put it right here." (While pointing to the back of the toilet. Great.)

Candace say "Weelie!" (When she watched a Barbie and the Nutcracker movie)

Carlie say "Why does my hair have to be so frizzy? If I mush it down really hard like this and put water on it like this, see Mama? Now it's not frizzy." (Right, Carlie. Now it's just plastered to your head and looks greasy.)

Quan say "Whashat shmellsh?" (puppy accident)

Kimmie say "Sweeping Booty live at Dinney Wurl, Mama? An' who else? Minnie? An' who else? Donal' Duck? An' who else? Cinnerella? An' who else? Lil' Muhmaid? An' who else, Mama? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else? Who else?"
(Meanwhile "Mama" has begun the tunage outage while trying to focus on french braiding her hair.)

Post a comment and tell me what you heard around your house this week! I'd love to hear!


Steve and Jan said...

So funny!!

This week at my house I heard...:

Olivia say,"Mama I have to go P-O-O P-O-O!" (She's learning to spell and likes to spell everything now.)

John-Elie say, "Mama" and "Mama, why......." at least 100 times each day.

Tess say, as she was pretending to write a letter...

"Dear Mama,
Dear Dada,
Dear Livi,"

Then with a sour look on her face...

"Dear Not John-Elie, cuz you a bad guy!"

Nothing like a sister's love for her brother! :-)

Take care! Love ya!

Keri Mason said...

This week I heard from EDEN:
- Mommy, I lub you much as the whole wurld
- Oh my gosh! Look at all the beautiful stahs (stars)
- Mommy, when I get older can I go to Africa too? (I'm hoping to go on mission there this summer)
- Mommy, I want you to hold me (about a million times)

I heard from GENE:
- Your face looks peppier since you started exercising (thanks, I guess?)

Sonya said...

GREAT IDEA!!! Did you think this up all by yourself??? LOVE IT!

I heard

"I want my Daddy!!!" said Katie Lin
Drew said, "Where are we going for dinner?"
"Mom, Can I go to Clay's house?" asked Ben.

Hope for Lucy said...

This is cute:

Lets see, this week I heard from Lia, "Lily GRACIE....I love you!

Lily said.....Mama, I'm Lily not Lia. Mother is having trouble with the "L" names (haha)

Austin said....I made a 100 on my Geometry test...Praise God!

Connie said....I think I need to purchase a mini-van...oh me!

Jerry said.....I need to get another job to pay for all these girls clothing if my wife continues to shop.

Cant wait to see what others have to say. We miss you guys and love you


The Young's said...

OH LAINE....I LOVE IT!!! you just made me smile this morning! I need to look at "what I heard" this week around my house like this!! I'll have to listen a little closer instead of "tunage outage" my hearing!! (hee hee) Gotta run! Hope you have a GREAT week!!!!
Love ya,

jhand said...

This week I heard...

Joshua go on for 5 minutes about the ostrich that lives in Africa and the musk ox that lives at the North Pole. By the way, did you know that the musk ox uses it horns to protect it's cats from the Polar bear? Neither did we! After several tries we were able to conclude that they actually protect their calves not their cats.

I also heard him recite his Bible verse. Psalm 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

I also heard him reading and spelling one vowel words!

Boy do we love our school and his teachers for exposing him to so much stuff.

Julie Hand

Joscelyn said...

Oh this is great fun. We loved what Kimmie said.
Let's see...what did I hear?
David said "Don't take away my games. I'll try harder this time." (this was after report cards came home on Friday He got A-B honor roll)
Daniel said "Momma, Where are we going today? (He says this EVERY single day now & if we aren't going somewhere he whines)
Joe via text message "So what's for lunch?"
I also heard "What are we eating or where are we going to eat" several times this week for various guys.

Linda said...

We hear a song on K-LOVE a lot lately - "Give me your eyes that I can see..." Abby is good at learning the first line to songs but that is about it. So - I have heard, "Give me your eyes, give me your eyes, give me your eyes..." about 100 times once she gets started. The other day she stopped in mid-sentence and asked, "Mom, why I want her eyes?" (Yes, I know it's bad grammar and not even the correct pronoun, but it's typical Abby, and it cracked me up.)

Amy said...

Keith told me that Elijah said this to him: "Daddy, I'm a little worried about kissing my wife when we get married. I may need to find me some practice or someone to teach me how to smooch." (he's 5)

He also loves to say when playing the wii: "watch the masta" cause he is somethin' else at bowlin and tennis!

Ohilda said...

I'm sure I've said this before, but you have the most fun and beautiful family!!!!

Now something I heard this week...hmmm. Ok, I got one:

AJ said after telling me he had a sore throat. "Mama, I tink you give me nana(banana) and my toat (throat) be much betta!

Don't ya just love them when their so little? :)



southern cheesehead said...

Jackson said "I knew I didn't have a life" when we were discussing how when Jesus lives in our hearts that we need to allow Him to live through us and not ourselves. I wish I could get in that child's brain sometimes.

Connie J said...

Oh, that is darling! This week I heard:
Kaeleb say: I wuv oo, Mommy. And, "Why? Why? Why?"
Kambry say: Pee-pee on the potty. I busy; I tan't pee pee on the potty.
Kayden say: I hate my life! (drama queen at 5)
Kolton say: Please take money outta my account and get the Ipod Touch when you go to town. (hah!)
Kenzie say: I need one of those for my birthday! (hah hah!)
Kuyler say: Wish I was home for CNY.
Daddy say: Where do I sign the I-800 form? ;-)

mommy24treasures said...

awww I love this post.
I heard Caitlyn talking all about heaben and how God libs der and in our hearts and how big He is. :)

I posted this one the other day:
We have been reading about Lot and Abraham and how Abrahahm avoided strife. So if Jacob tries to argue with Caitlyn, Caitlyn will say We don't pight Jacob! Its not good! God don't like pighting! If you pight, you will get in trouble!!

Jane Morgan said...

At my house this past weekend, 4 year old Drew said, "Hey Mimi, did you know I love you?" Blake and Lila (both 2 months old) just smiled at me and both were cooing. I'm not sure what they were telling me, but I think it was "We love you, Mimi" and then they communicated that they needed a diaper change (at the same time).

southern cheesehead said...

Oh yeah, I forgot Carson's. He said "Mommy, when will we lib in our new house? I thought we were getting a new house but we still lib in the old one. I want a new house so we can get a doggy...can I go wis you to get our new doggy?"

Anonymous said...

This week at my house I heard...

Brooke say, "How did Maw Maw sew Paddy so well? She must have been a great sewer. All little ol' nannies like to sew. Except Deb (my mom). She's more like a young 20 something nanny!" She said this not knowing it was my mom's 58th birthday. I had to call her up and tell her that one!

Kayti say, "I want to rearrange and reorganize my room." Is she so like me or what?

Dylan say, "I'm getting used to these glasses." They DO make him look smart (which he is! If we had homeschooled him, he'd be taking college courses by now!)

Shalita said...

This week at my house I heard:

Danay say, "Oh Mom I am having a bad hair day!"(typical 12 year old)

Jacey Grace say, "Hey Mom, can you come watch me do my show now? It will only take thirteen hours!" (typical 4 year old)

Ella Kate say, "Dada, dada, dada,dada." (typical Ella Kate)

Oh, but Ella Kate did learn something new this week. I am not sure if this is really good or bad. She will see a Dr. Pepper can and say, "Ma-Ma!" Oh no, I am not an addict! LOL!

Thanks for a FUN laugh!!!

Leighboe said...

My kids are teens, so much of what they say would have to be censored here! :)
I did hear from Pete, about every 15 minutes after getting home from school, "What's for dinner?"
From Ryan, who's still a snuggle-bunny at 14 and 6'3", "I need a hug."
From Mabry, upon coming home from the hospital, "You got big ones, Mom...just saying."
And from Mabry's roomie, Alyssa, while telling about a conversation she was having with another friend, "Let's go to the NElson's. You've GOT to go over there with me sometime. They're so funny; it's like a real-life sit-com over there!"

Aunt Lyn said...

I heard through sobs "Mama, pull the car over right now & spank me because I bit my DS & it's broken." Not good...

Anonymous said...

Laine I about fell OUT OF MY CHAIR when I read what Quan said! YOU ARE A TRIP typing stuff out like they really say it!!!!
Love you Lahnnie!!