Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you from Bailee's Mama!

Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on Bailee's appointment at Shriners this week. If you didn't get to read about Bailee, see post below. This is an email from Bailee's sweet mom Rhonda:

Dear Laine,

Thank you so much for posting our prayer request on your blog!!!!! You have an AWESOME group of prayer warriors, and we really need their prayers! (Oh YES, they ARE an awesome group of prayer warriors, don't I know it!) What you said about Bailee was so sweet and it meant more to her than you know!!!!!! It really gave her a great BIG boost and she needed it!!!

We had a GREAT trip! A little rough getting going on Sunday (Bailee is having a tough time with it all), but once we got on the road and got there everything was fine. It was a very good visit, and what the tests showed is what Bailee’s Doctor here had thought. That will be to rotate the femur bones to make them straight with plates and screws. Lengthen the hamstrings, calve muscles, and heel cords. Possible work on her feet depending on how much she can flex them once the other things are done (all done in one surgery) we will have to wait and see. Please keep Bailee in your prayers because she is really having a hard time with this. We did get a smile out of her when the physical therapist told her that when her legs are straight she would be 3 to 4 inches taller.

Thank yall so much for praying sweet bloggy friends...I will definitely keep you updated when Bailee's surgery will occur.

Yall are the best! Praise the Lord!




Mom to my China Posse said...

Thats great newsw! What Shriners does Bailee go to? Andrew goes to the one in St. Louis.


Ohilda said...

Yaaaayy!!! Isn't our Lord amazing! Big praises and our prayers will continue.