Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clara and Josiah updates:

Josiah's surgery was postponed because he developed a cough last night. They are going to attempt the surgery in two weeks. That is PUH-LENTY of time for a miracle folks! I am praying God will just fuse that skull together and he won't even need surgery! Won't you agree in prayer with me for this miracle for Josiah?
Speaking of miracles, I am praying for God to completely heal Clara You You's heart. Tomorrow (Friday) the doctors will decide which procedure to perform on her heart. Please pray for wisdom for these doctors and peace for Aaron and Erica. You can follow Clara's story HERE. Go check it will be so blessed by this beautiful China doll!


Trace Car Driver said...

i completely agree... that cough was no surprise to god and i can't wait to see what kind of news they get in 2 weeks. i also think that is plenty of time for another josiah miracle :)
and i love the little post below and quan's sweet statement. i do love those momma's boys!

Aaron and Erica said...


Thank you so much for taking time to post about Clara! I can't believe I'm reading and seeing pictures of my precious daughter on the Ferrill's blog! What an honor :)

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for everything!

Praise be to God today that I am feeling better and so far YouYou doesn't seem to be sick. I would love to see your smiling face anytime next week. We'll be at University Hospital (not Children's), in West somewhere on the 5th floor. I'll post our room number on the blog once we have one.