Friday, February 6, 2009


Kimmie and Quan will always be Kimmie and Quan!

Today after playing outside a LONG time, they came in quite stinky. I bathed them, then I let them lotion themselves. This is always a treat for them! I only do it when we have nowhere to go because the lotion never fails to end up in hair, eye lashes, spread on bathroom sinks, etc. When they had enough fun with the lotion, I spread out their p.j.'s and told them time to get dressed. Of course I hear cries of "I do it, mama? I do it myself, mama?" from them both. Yes, SURE! Do it all by yourself! I know Quan can put his clothes on just fine. Kimmie? Well, to be honest, I knew she could do her panties and pajama bottoms, but I was skeptical about her ability to do the top. She insisted she could do it "all by myself" so I let her try. I watched as she sang to herself a little made up song about Jesus living in her heart and always being with her as she got her little head through the neck hole. Then she started muttering and having a little conversation (apparently with herself) about nothing in particular and next thing I know both arms are in the arm holes and she's done it! I knew I should have got the video camera. It was pretty amazing to watch her do it. Those arms and hands do NOT stop my girl one bit! Her older sister Candace just clapped and said "YAY!" when Kimmie accomplished the feat. (I didn't even prompt her to cheer a matter of fact I was so stunned watching her that I forgot to cheer--that is until Candace reminded me!) Apparently Quan was really impressed, because after she pulled her little shirt over her belly he said so gently, so encouragingly, so like a sweet brother: "Kimmie, you gots a baby in your belly 'cause it's so BIG!" I love that kid!

2nd K & Q funny: While eating their snack of popcorn, I walked in to the tail end of this conversation.
K: "Dat witch is a girl"
Q: "No she's not Kimmie."
K: "Yeah, she girl"
Q: "NO KIMMIE She not girl!"
Mom: "Who's not a girl?"
K: "Dat witch! Y'know, Mama? Dat witch on Dora?"
Mom: "Oh. She's not a girl?"
Q: "No, she a BOY."

What is it with these boy/girl arguments? Are they going to be 16 and still arguing about who is a boy and who is a girl? In case you forgot, remember this post about the same argument?


Anonymous said...

So hilarious! Thanks for bringing back the funnies! I'm so glad that Candace is cheering her sister on, so glad that Kimmie and Quan argue like brother and sister, so glad that all of you are part of my family! Keep the fun coming! Tell Katie, Colby, Carlie, and Clay we said hello, too! Love to all, Laura

Joscelyn said... funny!! You just got to love 'em. This was a great post about your family. It made me laugh after a VERY stressful day. You (well the Lord) seems to know exactly what type of post to do.:-)

Robyn said...

That is too funny!! I love the fact that Candace was cheering for Kimmie. I love how Kimmie knows she can do things just as other kids. She is like that in Sunday school and I just let her try until she asks for help!! They are all so precious. Annabelle asked me yesterday-"Where have Clay and Carlie been" I told her and she cannot wait to see them tomorrow!! Love you guys and see ya'll Sunday!!

Leighboe said...

They won't be arguing about who's a boy or girl at 16; they'll be arguing about which girl Quan likes and which boy Kimmie likes, or which girl Kimmie likes and which boy Quan likes! You know, gonna have to get those digs in! :) Boy, you gotta LOT of fun years ahead of you! LOL

Sherri said...

I agree with your sister....the arguments will play out JUST like that. Hannah is 15 and Cameron is 19 and he is constantly on her case about which boy she likes. He can still drive her to tears if he wants to! (But don't mess with his sister if you want to keep living!)

It's good to have you updating again.


Amy said...

Gosh, what sweet kiddos! Thanks for making me smile. I always enjoy your posts, they are a blessing!

Stefanie said...

YEAH for Kimmie!! What an amazing little girl, don't we ALL have so much to learn from her spunk and spirit!!??
And her cheering squad of Quan and Candace? How SWEET is that!!!
What a precious story!!!

MamaHen said...

Laine, you are blessed!

Anonymous said...

Dora has a witch? Wow, did not know that! That's why I love reading your blog, Laine, I learn something new every time! LOL

Ohilda said...

Your kiddos are just so darn cute!!! Not to mention, hilarious! I'd love to someday meet those two little characters, they remind me so much of my Anna Grace and Kai.