Monday, February 2, 2009





WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(For those who don't know...Kylie traveled to China with us to adopt Kimmie and Quan and is very much a part of our family! I call her my 8th child! We traveled to Mobile to see her compete in this pageant...her very FIRST pageant to EVER compete in...AND SHE WON!!!!!!!!!! Go GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now bring on Miss Alabama in June........'Cause we're a comin'!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie........I need a pic of you in your CROWN!!!!!!! (Yes, my SD card for my camera was still at home...Boo.)
Everybody else....leave Kylie a comment congratulating her PLEASE!
This was a HUGE accomplishment, she worked HARD, and she deserves every bit of it!!!!!!!!!!!! And please pray for Kylie as she prepares for the Miss Alabama pageant! To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!
(Can you tell I'm just a little proud?)
Thanks for the pics, Kylie! Carlie told me you're like a princess now! I'm so glad princesses eat Krispy Kreme! ;)


The Ferrill's said...

Somebody please help me...I'm so sorry the entire post is publishing this way...just stand back 10 feet and then maybe you can read it. Oh well, who cares? I'm so excited it might as well be all LARGE font, huh? ;)
I'll be the first to post my congratulations...
CONGRATULATIONS KYLIE!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! And if you don't send me a crown pic soon, I'm going to post the pimple medicine pic from China!!!!!!

The Young's said...

OH KYLIE....congratulations!!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! What great news to log on and read!!! We'll be pulling for you for Mrs. Alabama!!! That is just wonderful!!! Laine...thanks for giving us this great news! Can't wait to see pics!!
Love yall,
p.s. how cool will it be when Kylie wins Miss Alabama and we can say "WE TRAVELED TO CHINA WITH HER!!!" ;)

Kate said...

Mrs. Laine I have some pictures on my blog that you might want to look at! She did look beautiful and I am so excited about Miss Alabama! Hope you like the pictures i posted!

Robyn said...

Wow that was BIG!! I am so happy for Kylie and actually saw some pics of her looking so beautiful on her facebook page!! I am sooooooooo happy for her and I can't wait till Miss Alabama!!
We missed ya'll yesterday at church Ferrills!!
Love you and see you tomorrow at dance!! :)

The Princess's Mommy said...

Congratulations Kylie! Way to go!!! We'll be cheering you on in Miss Alabama! Can't wait for pics of your crown!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kylie! You certainly deserve to be in the running for Miss Alabama - you have our votes! Your picture looks beautiful - Gretchen LOVES your gown. The last time we saw you, you were going in the pool in your clothes! Beautiful - inside and out! Thanks for sharing the happy news, Laura

Hope for Lucy said...


How wonderful and exciting on your accomplishment. You are one beautiful young lady. We are very proud of you. We will waiting on the news of Ms. Alabama!
Green Party of 5ive

Shalita said...


You are simply GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited for you and cannot wait for Miss Alabama! I told Laine I prayed that you would shine on stage with the love of Jesus and obviously you did! The crown and title are great, but the real reward was Krispy Kreme wasn't it?

The Clarks love you and are so, so very proud of you! We will be praying as you prepare for Miss Alabama!

Sherri said...

Congratulations, Kylie!

You are a very beautiful girl. I'm sure you'll do well at Miss Alabama!


Ashley said...

Hey congrats Kylie! That is so exciting, I will be pulling for you.

Steve and Jan said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! That is fantastic! Congrautlations, Kylie! We will be cheering for you for Miss Alabama!

Good luck!

momtojcgb said...

Congratulations Kylie!! I heard Sunday morning, and everyone at church was just so excited for you! We will be praying for you as you prepare for Miss Alabama...hey, by the way, Jordan plays ball with a boy who's mom is a former Miss Alabama. We told her about it, and I'm sure you could talk to her if you want to!
I know I normally don't post comments, right Laine?, but I just had to say CONGRATULATIONS KYLIE! We are sooo excited for you!

Kelley and Jeremy

The Young's said...

WOW...Kylie looks SO beautiful!!!

Ohilda said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! A bit belated as always but filled with goose pimples! A huge congratulations to Kylie! WOW...SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you Laine for sharing with us. I will definitely be rooting for Miss Alabama!



PS Huge praise report as to AG!! Things are going so much better. Love you, girl!!

Keisha said...

Okay, LOL! I thought you were shouting it out girlfriend!!
Now, you know.. if you need some bloggy help.. call keisha911! LOL! :) Your's are fer free!
Love you!

Kylie said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in plan for the next year! And Laine, I was soooo thrilled that y'all were able to make the trip! Miss Alabama will be MUCH closer to home! I'll have to make sure I bring the crown home the next time I come so Kimmie can try it on :). That was so funny because the first think Kimmie said to me Sunday morning was "Kylie, where's your crown?". I'll make sure I don't forget it!

Kelley, I would LOVE to talk to the former Miss Alabama. We'll talk soon, I'm sure.

Once again, thank you all for your sweet words of congrats and encouragement! I'm excited to see what the year brings!

southern cheesehead said...

I'm so excited for Kylie. She's beautiful inside and out!!! I'm sad though that Miss Alabama is while we're in Mexico...I was sad I didn't get to go to Mobile too, but how exciting that this was her first pageant EVER!!!!! We love you Kylie!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Kylie!!! You are a beautiful young lady, inside and out and we are all so proud of you!!!

Leighboe said...

Congrats, Kylie, that's wonderful news! I wonder if Mabry's seen this post yet? How exciting! And Miss Alabama?! How cool would that be?!
Ok, Laine, you know since you all travelled to Mobile for the pageant you've gotta travel over here for CATS, right? :)

ethel said...

Congratulations, Kylie. You will do well in Miss Alabama. God has great plans for you and HE has put you where you need to be at this time. We will be cheering for you.


Aunt Lyn said...

That's fantastic, Kylie - you look quite beautiful - a little different when you've just emerged from the pool at Granmart's condo after having been thrown by your boyfriend in full Sunday attire & makeup!!! We'll pray for you in your next pageant - how exciting!!!