Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Up and Running-literally

Praise the Lord! Rob is the MAN! He had our computer up and running over the weekend in the midst of us literally up and running everywhere. We have had a really super busy last 5 days...but busy in full, fellowship, fun ways. The kind of busy that you fall in bed at night and feel so wonderfully exhausted. I guess among all the running around I ran into a cold bug because I'm a little under the weather, but it's nothing major!
I want to give yall an update on Candace and some doctor appointments she's had recently, but that will have to wait for now. I would like to share with you a blog of a sweet fellow adoptive momma/friend of mine. She brought home her Clara from China just a month ago. Clara will be having a heart procedure tomorrow (Wednesday) and then the NEXT Wednesday (March 4th) she will be having heart surgery. Please pray for her and her parents: Aaron and Erica. You can follow Clara's story HERE.
Also, do you remember praying for Josiah? He is the one year old we prayed for who had a large T.V. fall on his head last fall. God performed a miracle and saved Josiah's life! The piece of skull that they reattached has not fused properly to the rest of his skull. This Thursday, Feb. 26th, Josiah will have surgery to try and correct this problem. It is a very complicated surgery. Please if you think about him, lift up him and his parents, Jason and Janna.
We believe God has great plans for Josiah AND Clara. What a privilege to pray for these sweet babies!
Now I have a little funny from Quan: When I was wiping his hands after lunch yesterday he said spontaneously, "I lub you Mama." I said "I love you too Quan! You are my sweet prince." And he replied, "An YOU are MY husband!" Ah....boys! How they love their mommas!


Joscelyn said...

Glad your computer is back & running properly.
Ah, those boys...do they ever love their Momma's!! (My only question is does it ever stop with soo much luvin? HAHA I luve my boys). Quan is a cutie!
Candace will be in our prayers (along with Josiah & Clara) see you soon :-)

Mike and Barb said...

Well, I'm sure glad your computer is back (Good job, Rob!!)
Quan is just too funny!!! What a little character!!
Looking forward to your Candace updates!!
Love, Barb

Sherri said...

Awwww. I miss having a little boy. Don't get me wrong--my big boys are fantastic! But that love that a little boy has for his mama. I'm glad you are his husband.


Amy said...

He is too cute!!
Welcome back!

The Young's said...

That is SO CUTE!!!! Quan...what a little teddy bear he has turned out to be!!! That was sure hard to see when we were in China, wasn't it?!?! It's amazing the difference a year and a half makes, huh?!?! Can't wait to hear about Candance's updates!!! Glad your computer is back up and running!
Love ya,

Linda said...

Quan is such a happy little man - cute as a bug in his overalls. Sometime you'll have to post how old he and Kimmie are. I probably read it once, but I've lost track. Do they homeschool with you, or what do they do during the schooling time? Tell us about your fun outings the last few days. I live vicariously through people with exciting lives -lol!

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

How cute! Laine, I hope you are getting some rest today. We missed you at CBS. Everything went smooth... although our sweet little blue sheep were quite talkative today. Maybe they are getting spring fever. :) See you next week!

Ohilda said...

Bahahaha! I choked on my drink when I read your precious Quan's comment! TOOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!

I think of Josiah often. I will absolutely continue to pray for him and of course, for sweet Clara.

Hugs to you, my friend. I miss you!

Tammy said...

Candace was on my heart today. I look forward to an update on her.

I was set on adopting another little girl but felt led to check "either". Thanks for the reminder about precious little guys.

living4him5 said...

So glad you're back! Missed ya!

I LOVE what came out of Quan's mouth, how precious!!

Hugs and love,