Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Count it All Joy!

Rob posting here... a rarity. I wanted to share some pics of joyous occasions we've had lately. First, we had a rare snow here in Alabama weekend before last. The kids had an absolute ball and of course, I tend to forget how old I am when it snows.

The whole gang minus photographer mom!

Colby and Clay made a stab at the snowman competition!

Quan on our makeshift sled... better known as a skim board!

Not the first time Miss Candace has seen snow... they had a major snow storm in China last year.

Miss Kimmie could not be left out on the sledding or skimming as we should really say!

Miss Carlie made her stab at the snowman competition!

And of course, I had to spend 3 hours building the biggest frosty I could... he lasted for days!!!

Miss Katie Lyn decided she wanted to enter the igloo competition... but we ran out of snow!

And so this past weekend, Laine and I were blessed beyond belief to be able to attend the annual marriage retreat put on by our favorite church in the world (Clearview Baptist) in Gatlinburg, TN. We left our kids with our mostly blind friend from church, Nanny Nell. She kept our 7 kids, two puppies, one cat and one big dog out back... and did a FANTASTIC job. She even had to deal with a sick one that came down with a high fever while we were gone and kept her sanity too. We drove half way Thursday night and flew by the seat of our pants without a hotel reservation... love the no planning. Then on to Gatlinburg Friday morning after we had breakfast at 11:00. Oh the joys of sleeping late...

We had such a wonderful weekend together. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Us at the scenic overlook above Gatlinburg...

One thing I had to do because of some scratch off cards we were given at the retreat was to sing to my wife in public. This is me doing a rendition of the song on "Top Gun"... sing it with me!

Baby, baby, I'd get down on my knees for you.
If you would only love me like you used to do, yeah.
We had a love...a love...a love you don't find everyday.
So don't...don't...don't...don't let it slip away.


Shalita said...

Great and FUN pictures! I am very impressed with the igloo, Katie Lyn! Do you think you could get to work building a dance studio? I love, love, love all the snowmen!
I am so thankful I was able to experience the wonderful job of Rob singing to his beautiful wife! Your serenade was the perfect close to such an awesome weekend!
Love all you Ferrills!!!!!!!

Tina said...

We too had a blast in the snow..the kids loved it! Glad you were able to get away for a couples weekend you deserve it!

Keisha said...

I think we needed a video clip Rob!!!!!! LOL!!! That is hilarious!
Lanie... did you blush?!
Glad yall had a great time off together.. us mommies & daddy's need that!!

Linda said...

I think you got more snow that we have this entire winter - northern Colorado has been VERY dry (fire danger!). Anyway, I loved your winter pictures. I am so impressed that you have all the true winter clothing - boots and all! I did have to laugh when Rob wrote that his large snowman lasted for "days." When we build a snowman like that up here, it lasts for MONTHS! :) Tell Katie Lyn that the snow fort is really good. My boys used to love making snow forts.

So nice to be able to get away for a long weekend and am glad you guys had a nice time!

MamaHen said...

Do you think Rob will come and do the opening at CBS?

Aimee said...

I am cracking up at Rob singing to you!!!!!!!

So glad all went well on the homefront.

Oh, better, go Lily is stuffing down marshmellows for breakfast!

Dollar General said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures from the trip...And the snow of course looks so fun. I can't believe the igloo...How do you even begin that project? Our hands kept getting WAY to cold!!

I'm so glad y'all had so much fun in Gatlinburg! And, the very fact that Nell kept your kids lets me know...she can see ;) HA HA HA!! I love Nanny Nell!

Thanks for the update ROB!

southern cheesehead said...

All the more reason for Rob to get back in CHOIR!!!! :-)