Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Power of Prayer

Prayer really does move the hand of God. I think if we had a true real concept of this, it would change the way we pray forever. I mean- to think that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God...our Mediator. Our Intercessor. Oh Lord. It brings me to tears.
So right now let us come before the throne on behalf of little Clara You You, her momma Erica, her daddy Aaron, her brothers Jackson and Carter. Clara's heart surgery is scheduled Wed. morning. Are you reading this Wed. morning? Stop right now and pray. Let's pound Heaven's doors with prayers of intercession for this sweet baby girl and her family. Are you reading this Wednesday night? Pray for Clara's recovery. Are you reading this Tuesday night? Pray for peace for Aaron and Erica as they await this day of surgery and upcoming days and nights in the hospital. Pray as the Spirit leads...pray pray pray. Whisper her name to Jesus. He is already working on her behalf.
Thank you all so much....you are so precious. You can get updates on Clara HERE. I am sure Erica and Aaron would appreciate any encouragement you might could leave in their comments....


The Young's said...

Thanks for the reminder!!! I'm praying for them today!! Bless their hearts!!! :) Love ya Laine!

Hope for Lucy said...

Praying with you today. God will heal her precious Heart!

Love all of you!

living4him5 said...

Praying to Jesus for sweet Clara and her family. I'm going to her blog now.

Keep us posted!

Love ya!

living4him5 said...

I just went to Clara's site. I am in LOVE with that sweet baby girl.

Please keep me posted on her recovery!

Love ya!

Linda said...

I went to this site on the day of her surgery and just fell in love with her. She is beautiful, and I just can't imagine what her parents must have felt while she was in surgery. She was in my prayers often that day. It looks like things are going well - I am so thankful!