Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

Glorious Easter morning!
I hope everyone of you had a precious Easter!
We all wore resurrected clothes this Easter...everyone had on hand-me-downs! I just couldn't justify going out and buying new clothing when we are blessed with so many clothes from other people! (Katie Lyn did get a shirt to match her cousin's hand-me-down skirt) So we had fun digging through our closets and picking out what WE wanted to wear, not necessarily what had to be a certain color, etc. It was, dare I say...FREEDOM! The Ferrill's did not match! And guess what? The earth did not implode! Life goes on even without matching outfits. It's true! Though, I do love matching outfits still. It's in my blood. You should see me and my 4 sisters in the 70's. It's precious, let me tell ya! My grandmother always made our matching dresses. Do not be surprised if the disciples are all wearing matching outfits in Heaven...Grandmama really liked to sew!


MamaHen said...

What a great picture! And I love the comment about your grandmother and the disciples.

I had Kimmie and Quan today in CBS. They were very good and I wish you could have seen Quan's face when I told him we were having silent time. He had the biggest grin and you could tell it was really hard for him. But he did great!

living4him5 said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful family!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Laine, I am so impressed with the idea of "resurrecting" clothes for Easter Sunday! That is such an homage to the true meaning of Easter. As one who grew up with you in the matching "bullet proof polyester" outfits lovingly made by Grandmama, I understand how difficult it may have been to rebel from the tradition. I think it's hilarious to think of the disciples and Jesus all wearing matching outfits- if not the same color, at least the same style in different colors. I like the idea of the outfits being made out of bullet proof fabric, too! Thanks for keeping it real. Love you all! P.S. What you might have spent on matching outfits can now go towards that REALLY BIG business trip coming soon to a state near you!

Joscelyn said...

I LOVE hand me downs along with matching clothes. Better yet, I LOVE matching handme downs!! That is such a cute picture & K & Q were awesome on Easter Sunday.
Oh & Kati Lyn I loved the outfit. I told Cindy J. that it made you look all grown up.
Glad ya'll had such a great Easter Sunday & we will see you soon.

The Woodalls said...

And you all look stunning!

The only things I bought that we wore for Easter (except shoes for the kids) were the boys' shirts, and they were $5 Remember Nguyen samples!


Lisa said...

Great family photo! We love hand me downs at our house! We need to talk sometime about homeschooling and dr. appointments. We finally went to the endocrinologist.

Linda said...

Great picture! How on earth do you get everyone to smile at the same time?!!!

We did the same thing this year. So many nice hand-me-downs that I just could not bring myself to buy all new. At first, I almost felt like I was sinning - my mom ALWAYS made new dresses for us. Later, I felt pretty pleased when I saw how nice the girls looked and realized that I had saved a bucket-load!

Candace's hair is beginning to lengthen, and I liked the little style she wore. Really cute.

Leighboe said...

I almost didn't recognize y'all! I don't think I've ever seen y'all not match, or at least color-coordinated, and I've gotta say, y'all look so REAL now! I absolutely LOVE it, and LOVE the meaning behind it! Way to go, Laine! :)
Now, when do we get to hear about this big "business" trip?

Waitingfaithfully said...

Okay Laine, for not matching, y'all are very color coordinated--especially considering everyone is in hand-me-downs! Beautifully done! I have that matching "thing" in me too, and my family thinks I'm crazy . . . well I am, but it has nothing to do with my matching "problem"! Ha! Beautiful picture of your beautiful smiling family!

If the disciples are all in matching outfits sewn by your Grandmama, then I'm guessing they will be in matching "color coordinated" slippers knit by my Gram! Sweet thought! :)

Blessings to you friend~


Cindy Jones said...

I love the picture.. We love our hand me downs and matching clothes also.

Mike and Barb said...

I AM a little shocked at the sight of non-matching Ferrills!!!! Good grief, Laine!!!
Just kidding of course. You guys all look wonderful!
I'm SO not an Easter-dress person, so my girls (and the boys too) always just pick something summery out of their closets.
Bad Mama!!
Love you all!

The Young's said...

Don't yall look GREAT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I shopped for Silas and Sadie at the consignment shop for Easter and got the two of them something for under $10!!! Whoo Hoo!!! We HAD to buy Sophie something. She was in desperate need this year. But...they didn't match either. Mom and dad bought the kids fish with the money they would use for them a new outfit!! So...we just wore old clothes!! :) Who has money anymore to go and buy new outfits!?!?! I LOVE hand me down!! You all look GREAT!!!! I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Hope our reunion works out!! Love ya,

Trace Car Driver said...

love the pic! and the creative name for hand-me-downs! my boys would be naked except for diapers if they didn't wear hand-me-downs :) poor lucas- things originated with a friend who passed them to caden who gave them to trace and now lucas wears them. but we are thankful to have them for sure. BUT if you look close at my blog, you'll see the boys DID match for easter- we splurged! hehe!

Ohilda said...

What a cool thought. Resurrecting clothes!!!

I LOVE matching outfits, too. It's so hard to find for boys and girls too match that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Anyways, the Ferrills may not have matched but boy, oh boy...did they look spiffy!!

Your family is beautiful.

Love you...


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you, Laine. I am a recovering "match-a-holic." What was my rehab? More than 4 kids and the blessings of hand-me-downs! (However, sometimes I do drool over the Lands End Kids catalog. . . .)

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! I am funny about that too, especially if I know a picture is going to be made and perhaps that's why--we always had handmade matching outfits growing up as well! I drive my bunch crazy with my "matching!" (or at least color-coordinated!) But you guys look great!

Stefanie said...

Oh, you crack me up! I can just imagine those matching outfits on you and your sisters... how precious :)
Looks like an AWESOME Easter! Great family picture!! It does get harder and harder to match as the family grows, doesn't it??

Steve and Jan said...


Your clothes may not match, but God's love is displayed in each and every one of your my opinion, that's better than matching clothes :-)

Love you and MISS YOU!!!


P.S. I do, however, love the idea of a Grandma forcing Jesus and the disciples to wear matching outfits. It paints a really sweet picture.

Journey to Lilly! said...

You all look Wonderful!! I too love, love matching outfits..or atleast cordinating colors! But it sure does add alot of pressure for Easter morning. The idea of resurrection Easter clothes is just great!!
lv ya,

Kim said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL family!


Kim said...

Hey Laine,

I finally have the weight loss blog/message board up and running. If you still want to be apart of it just email me your email address that you use to get on your blog and I will send you an invite to be a contributor,


Keisha said...

I think you all look Beautiful!
Great Picture Ferrills!

Jana said...

What a precious photo!! I don't guess we'll ever match again. Oakley often insists on pink .... and the boys so often don't:).

southern cheesehead said...

Yes, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION for your children is a great thing!!!! that's what I say. Tee hee hee...just kidding. I love the family's great!