Thursday, April 23, 2009

Somebody please give me a spoon!

"I get to be a "Rising Star" in the Miss Alabama pageant! I will be like Kylie's little sis and walk out on stage with her and spend the day with all the Miss Alabama contestants. Thank you Kylie! I get to wear a beautiful white dress, thank you Addison R. for your hand-me-downs! This is my "headshot" that will appear in the program book. When my mom told me I needed a headshot, I freaked out because I thought a shot in my head would hurt! (Grins.)"
--Carlie, age 8.

"Notice that I am not wearing my headband hearing aid! I got my new BAHA and I can hear "within normal limits" according to my hearing test! Praise the Lord...I can hear! Now my mom is really hoping I'll start speaking more English, but my smile speaks volumes don't you think?"--Candace, age 8

"We're winding down the school year and CBS year...summer's coming!"

"I heard my momma once say that chocolate makes her hiney big. Now I remind her of that every time I see her eat it." --Quan, age 4

"I am growing up too fast. Someone please put a brick on my head! I am beginning to baby-sit and getting lots of practice with all my little siblings. My mom says I am going to be the most organized momma ever when I grow up."--Katie Lyn, age 12

"I bet you didn't know that someone could get put on lotion and Barbie restriction. But it happened to me. You're probably better off not knowing the details..."--Kimmie, age 3

"You may not realize it, but we feel like what you see in this picture is just a slice of what Heaven may be like...all orange and blue. Of course Mom tries to tell us about the colors crimson and white, but we know better. Thanks to Dad for teaching us right. We really enjoyed meeting Coach Chizik, hearing his testimony, and watching the football practice! Thanks Mrs. Sonya H. for taking this picture!"--Clay, age 9 and Colby, age 11


living4him5 said...

Love this post!!!! What happened with the Barbie??? We have Barbie issues here too...LOL...

Can Katie come babysit for us??? =)

Love ya!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Love the update Laine! Way creative!

Congrats to sweet Carlie, on her "rising star" status! How cool is that? Have fun Carlie, can't wait to see pictures!

Maybe Kimmie could do a post explainining her restrictions. Whatcha think?

Yay Candace Leaf on no more headband! Woohoo!

Hooray for a Ferrill that is of babysitting age! That deserves a celebration! Chocolate anyone? Quick, while Quan isn't looking!

Love you friend!

Sherri said...

Sweet Post.

I think Kimmie has changed so much. She is looking so much older. Maybe she's moving from that toddler phase to little girl phase. I have a love/hate relationship with that transistion.

My favorite babysitters were always the ones who had younger siblings at home. May Katie Lyn be as busy with jobs as she wants to be.

Your kids are beautiful.

Keisha said...

Barbie & LOTION restriction?..... LOL!!!!!!! That is too funny! But, hey... whatever works... ya know?!!!
KatieLyn.. I wished you lived closer honey... I'd send ya some biz!!
Way to GO Carlie.. aren't you glad that "head shots" don't hurt?.. TEE HEEE!!!
Candance has a Beeeeautiful little smile!!
Boys... *ahem** there will be a little RED & BLACK in heaven too!!! LOL! I think St. Peter's robe is that color....?? I'm just sayin...

And.. Quan... you ARE a MESS!!!!But, CUTE as a Button!!!
Hey Lanie... I betcha want say that line in front of him any more... that boy is SMART as a Whip!

The Young's said...

Hmmm...Lotion and Barbie restriction?!?! Well...with as much as Sadie likes lotion...I can ONLY imagine!! :)

I love all the pictures! Everyone looks so beautiful!! Our kiddos are growing up!!! That is SO wonderful about Carlie too!!!! Her picture is awesome!!!

Miss you guys!! Hopefully we'll see you in July. Let us know!

The Princess's Mommy said...

OH Laine!

They are all so beautiful! Love the updates.


Joscelyn said...

This is such a cute post & a good idea. I always enjoy reading your posts & I know we are blessed knowing your family.
Oh & Ferrill children: I CANNOT wait for summer either, but my school will not end this time. :(

Linda said...

Orange and blue, huh?! You guys must be DENVER BRONCO fans! Come up here in the fall, and you'd fit right in - ha-ha!

Tell us more about Carlie's Miss Alabama duties. She is such a pretty little girl, and she took a very nice (hopefully painless!) headshot. When is this, and what will she do?

All your kids are so lovely, and they have the best smiles. For such a large group, you never have a sour expression - I am amazed! I am intrigued by the "lotion and Barbie restrictions." Ruthie has been put on vaseline and lotion restrictions MANY, MANY times in her young life. (It has been so fun finding vaseline on babydolls, doll clothes, toy kitchen dishes, book shelves, etc.) You probably handled this in a nicer way than I did. After about the 20th time, I was not nice at all!

Pandamonium Mom said...

LOVED this post. They are all so beautiful!!

Carlie - way to GO!! Such an exciting adventure!

Katie Lyn - I SO wish you lived closer and I'd send you my "need babysitter" dates!

Kimmie - I can only imagine! Sadie is on chapstick restriction!

Quan - well..what can I say? Laine, at least he's observant and has a good memory! hee hee

Auburn fan boys - Hannah too has turned to auburn (thanks to her school nurse!). I have complete trust that she will see the error of her ways one day! :-)

Candace - YEAH for hearing!! Beautiful smile too!!

MamaHen said...

Oh Laine, when did all your beautiful children begin to grow up? They are supposed to be all under five? Remember? So excited about Candace's hearing. They were all adorable at CBS Wednesday.

Mike and Barb said...

Too funny, Laine! You just gave me a great glimpse into your kids' (and yours, bless your heart!) lives! But I agree with everyone else, I want to hear MORE details on everyone - these stories just beg be elaborated on *beg*.
And yes, Candace DOES have the best smile!!!!
Love you all!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

what adorable pictures and those faces just brighten the screen ...

we need to email about hearing issues ... the little boy from Amani we are waiting on test back from is deaf in one hear ... would love to talk w/ ya about this ...

love ya sister !!!!

Desiree' said...

Love all the updates!! Barbie issues?? SHould I hide them from Hope, here I was rejoicing that she finally likes them!?!?

Oh, how dissapointed I was to read the very last post....we are red and grey through and through...

But I still love yah!!

Trace Car Driver said...

yay for fun updates... my fav part is carlie- how exciting for her! my friend erica is gonna be in the pageant too! and i also love the chocolate remark from quan! the kids are all beautiful and growing so fast :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, our Lord & Savior bled crimson--not orange and blue! LOL

Tammy said...

What an adorable update! It put a big smile on my face. :D

You're one blessed Momma (of course, you already know that)!

Aimee said...

Love this post!! Your babies are growing up so fast. Kimmie looks like a big girl.

What a gorgeous family! And you are super mom!! *go ahead and eat some chocolate, its good for you!

Desiree' said...

Just had to throw in a Roll Tide for good measure!! LOL

Journey to Lilly! said...

Good for you Carlie!! How great! & please tell Kimmie not to worry, Graci & Lilly are on restriction too. :) Praise God for Candance's hearing.....the words will be much easier to lear now :0
Katie, I think you will make a wonderful Mommy one day...but please slow down... your growing up so fast! Auburn football in heaven?? No Comment!! hehe!

Laine, I love all the pictures. Your a blessed Lady & a blessing to all!!

lv ya,

mommy24treasures said...

oh my Laine, your girls are growing more and more beautiful everyday!
What a sweet post:)
and tell Kimmie she can come over and play and I will let her play Barbies and lotion;)

Mom to my China Posse said...

Love all the beautiful pictures and update. How have you been? Hows that little puppy of yours?

Sonya said...


What a TREAT seeing your kidos at the Auburn FCA Day!!!

I'm sooooooo bad about checking blogs now that I'm a facebook junkie!!!

I love you and miss you!!! Think about you often!!!

Your sister in Christ,


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you'll see this comnment since it is so long ago that you posted, but I have it on pretty good authority that heaven is all done up in Razorback Red ; )
Really, I'm so glad we'll all be on the same home team when we get there that the color isn't gonna be all that important. And since we'll be perfect & in His image, that color is going to look so good on us!