Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have a Magical Day!

Oh I ready for that?
Ooops...what I really mean is...Oh boy! I can't wait to hear that! (Picture me gritting my teeth and smiling really wide and big...actually scratch the gritting my teeth part because I did that the day before Easter and shattered my 2 front porcelain crowns. That's a whole 'nother blog post...and it's not pretty....)

Truth be told, I really am excited about our trip. It's really not a DISNEY trip. It's more like an ORLANDO trip. ORLANDO. See? So it won't be THAT magical. (right?)

Anyway, this is the B.I.G. vacation I eluded to in an earlier post. Rob has a conference in Orlando, and I REALLY struggled with going. In fact, twice we said we were not going with him. It's just too expensive. The hotel alone was OUTRAGEOUS. Granted, it was a deluxe resort. I mean looking at it on the internet, I momentarily forgot all the "least of these" in our world. Thankfully, that only lasted a short while. We both realized that we could not stay at this resort and use God's money in this fashion. We looked for cheaper places, but it being the week before Memorial Day, they were booked. So, we had come to grips with the fact that the Orlando vacation just wasn't happening. We hadn't told the kiddos anyway, so no worries.
Rob's brother Paul offered us his time share condo! Paul and his wife Sandy have TEN children, so their time share is plenty big for our family! THANK YOU PAUL AND SANDY! We truly felt like this was God providing a way to take our big ol' family on a big ol' vacation! We also shortened the trip a bit to save money. We will get to Orlando Sunday and drive back home Friday....hopefully missing at least some Memorial Day weekend crowds. Please Lord? May we miss just SOME of the crowds? ;)

Before we leave in THREE days...we have the girls' dance recitals. FUN! We love recital time! The hard part will be packing up and being ready for Orlando before recital, because we're leaving right after it's over! Anyway, I'm always up for a good challenge. This one I'm sure will not disappoint! ;)

But I do need your help! We are going to try to do some parks on 3 days. I know Magic Kingdom is a must....if Kimmie doesn't see "Cinnerella's cassel" she will melt into a puddle. But what else? Should we do Magic Kingdom for two days? Should we do Universal? We've never done Universal and my big ones love the big rides. What about Sea World? What's your opinion? And how 'bout we're leaving in three days and I don't have this figured out yet?


Tina said...

Oh my can do it! I love this post I was just laughing and laughing.
We went to Universal Studios a few years ago, Tyler loves it b/c of the rides. We did Sea World in one day and personally I wish we had more time, we did it in a rush on our last day and didn't get to see everything..

Have a blast!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

You should definitely try to do at least 1/2 a day at Epcot! It was one of our best days! Buy the kids the little passport thingys and get them stamped in all the countries. The workers there will write their names in their native languages, too. My boys LOVED that part!

Anonymous said...

We love Magic Kingdom - fireworks and Tinkerbell at night is wondrous! We also enjoyed SeaWorld - the Clyde & Seamore show was great, and the clown while you wait for the show to start is even better! ( I know, been there, done that, and Rob was the SOAKED volunteer). Leigh would tell you definitely Universal. Gretchen loved Animal Kingdom. New Smyrna Beach was a great place to spend the day tailgating right on the beach with swimming and a picnic. Decisions, decisions. Have a blast making memories! Love to all, Laura

Aaron and Erica said...

My vote is one day in Magic Kingdom, one day at MGM and one day at Epcott. My favorite big kid rides at MGM are the Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller Coaster...and you have to do the Muppet's 3-D Show. We love the countries at Epcott and they have a great fireworks show at night too. Then just about everything at Magic Kingdom is a favorite :) You're going to have a blast!

Love you bunches,


amanda said...


PLEASE DO NOT GRIT YOUR TEETH, unless you want to pack me in your suit case, then I could be at your dental disposal and fix any dental emergencys you may have. We are getting to be good friends this way LOL. Have a fun and safe trip.


Mom to my China Posse said...

My Kids love magic Kingdom so thats a must! They also like alot of things at Epcot, their list favorite is MGM but thats just us. Sea world would be fun for a day! Enjoy your trip!

Ohilda said...


And Sea World is a must! My kiddos LOVE it.

Laine, you have my number, if me before you go and I will give it to you again. Call me. I'm trying my darndest to see you guys. But it's gonna probably be me with ALL the kids alone, cause Scott can't afford to take off of work. Now, THAT'S scary! heh!!

Oh, Lord. Please work it out so I could meet our buddies.

Love ya, girl!

The Young's said...

Well...DEFINITELY Magic Kingdom a day for the little ones! It's not that great for the bigger ones...and if the lines are bad...Wow...the little ones will have a patience issue! Which...that happened to us and I was needless to say...a bit stressed!!

I think MGM (Hollywood studios) and Epcot you could do in 1 day together. Just split it half a day at each. If you had to choose what to do at Epcot...DEFINITELY see the world showcase and stay for the fireworks at the end of the night. It's awesome. So are the fireworks at the end of Magic Kingdom.

I LOVED Universal better than anything. We were personally disappointed in Sea World...BUT...the last time we went...we didnt' have kids with us. So, it could be different if we went again.

I SO recommend you going to . It is a VERY helpful website that will give you GREAT tips on making the most of your trip.

I hope these tips help! I'm so excited for ya!!! I can't wait to see pics!! GIRL...go and have fun and don't worry about the money!!!! These are memories that will last a lifetime!!! Just look at it as an investment!!! WE ALWAYS like to stay in nice places and enjoy it to the fullest!!! It makes us all have much better times together!!! NO GUILT Laine....NO GUILT!!!! Have a blast!!
Love you,

Keri Mason said...

I LOVE Sea World...Epcot is good too. But Sea World is my favorite. We went a couple of years ago and the shows there (Shamu) have come SO FAR...can I say soak zone? It has a huge roller coaster and other rides, too. If you have any animal-lovers I would suggest Sea World...the manatees are great!

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, what a fun vacation!! I have no advice, as I have not been there. All I want to know if we can rent Rob's brother's condo, too??? LOL!!!!
Love, and happy packing!

The Smith's said...

Wow what a blessing. I love Disney and can't wait until we can take Noah. I think we are going to hold off a couple more years until we are through with the nap stage and bless his heart he has to grow quite a bit in order to be able to ride even the kiddy rides.

I am like you when it comes to spending our money...we just can't spend it knowing that there is so much that we can do for others with that money. The two times that I have gone we stayed at the least priced Disney hotel that we could find. This gave us more money to do the things that we wanted to do and we didn't feel like we were throwing our money away to sleep. As long as the room is clean and I have a bed and bathroom that is all I need.

I loved Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Although it has been more than 12 years since I have been so there is a lot more to do and see just at Disney alone. I have been to Sea World in Ohio a few times while growing up and always loved it...but with you only having a few days I would take a concensus and see what everyone wanted to do. I have never been to Universal...but I do love the big rides myself.

You will have an amazing time. We will keep you in our prayers as you travel and during your fun filled days at Disney.


Keisha said...

Oh.. MAN I would LOVE to be going with yall!
Okay.. SEA WORLD! My kids & I LOVE anything to do with the ocean... well,. except for staying on the beach ALL day... I'm just not down with that.
i can't wait for pictures! Yall have fun!

Donna said...

Hey Laine,
We loved Animal Kingdom and of course, Magic Kingdom. We also went to Sea World and I don't care to go back. It was OK but it didn't compare to Disney.
Have a Magical Day and I'll see you to night.

Trace Car Driver said...

no advice, sorry! BUT i'm sure you will figure it out and ya'll will have the most magical vaca EVER!!! what a wonderful blessing of the time share... god is good, all the time!

jhand said...

I am so happy that you are going on this big vacation! We so want to go but are focusing on the next adoption so I guess both our kiddos will go for the first time together in a couple of years. My pick (next to Magic Kingdom) would be Animal Kingdom. The shows are spectacular. (My favorite is the Lion King Show). There are rides from tame to wild for all level of adventurers. It is huge and not well connected, so you might want to consider doing it first, before you are exhausted from other parks. All the animal exhibits are super and there is even a petting Zoo. Sea World is cool too, but I don't recall little kid rides there. I would go to which ever animal park gives you a better deal price wise for your crowd. I like Epcot too, but it is geared for older kids. Disney Hollywood Studios is small in size so not as much walking. Good parades and shows plus big thrill rides. There are also audience participation attractions as well to go with the Hollywood theme. One other thought. If you are considering a character meal I highly recommended the Character Dinner at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. It is the Winner the Pooh Characters (Not Mickey or Princesses) but the price, although high, is only a few dollars more than the Mickey Character breakfast. The dinner is a huge buffet and includes awesome desserts as well. I believe reservations are required. Can't wait to hear about the trip!

Julie Hand

Joscelyn said...


Ya know...I went when I was little..older than K&Q younger than Carlie & Candace, but I remember liking Epicot Center & Universal will be great for the bigger kids (I went there while in CA & I was older) but since our family vacation to Orlando was SO long ago that is all I can offer. Hope it helps some.

Aimee said...

How exciting!!

OK, we did Disney for 2 days when we went with Carlton to RC Sproul's Ligonier Conference one year. Magic Kingdom is a must. The kids will love it. We did Epcot and were NOT impressed. I would never waste money on that place again! The only thing that was great was the fireworks... I would definately do Sea World and MGM!! Try to enjoy yourself..its hard...crowds...its hot...lines...and you are completely tired at the end of the day! BUT ITS WORTH THE MEMORIES!!!


Linda said...

I wish I had checked your blog before now. I'm not sure you will be reading this at such a late date, but we LOVED Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. This was back in 1993, so things might have changed a bit, but I will tell you that all three boys liked Busch Gardens much better than the Disney events. We also like Sea World a lot, and it was so much of a calmer pace than Disney that it was a great family time. We went to Cocoa (?) Beach and the Kennedy Space Center as well, and those were two more highlights. (I know that the beach is common to you guys, but for us mountain people, we couldn't get enough of those beautiful white sands!) In truth, we went to Orlando for the Disney things, but with the exception of Epcot (which we really, really enjoyed), we found that we like the non-Disney things much better.

No matter what you do you'll have a great time. It's such a fun place!

Leighboe said...

Well, I imagine y'all have already left, but Laura's right...Universal/Islands of Adventure is IT for us! It's probably more tailored to the older kids, though I must admit I got really excited in Dr. Seuss's world and wanted to ride those little rides! I can't WAIT to get back there!
Y'all have a blast, Laine!

living4him5 said...

You MUST go to Animal Kingdom!! Next to Magic Kingsom, AK is our absolute favorite!!!!! Go on the Safari, see "A bugs life" hang out long enough to go to the parade, hit the kids area, they have a great petting zoo...You will love it!!!

GOOD LUCK and I'll be praying for safe travels!!!

hugs and love,

Nicole said...

Hope your going to blog during the trip!

mommy24treasures said...

hope you are having fun:)
Just enjoy the magic;)
Oh my gosh about the crowns, I would have just boo hooed! I have front crowns and try to be careful but boy am I REALLY going to be careful now!

Journey to Lilly! said...

I hope it's not too much see Universal...that is what my kids are yelling in the background..can you hear them? They seem loud enough to be heard in Orlando! Lv u & hope you guys have a blast!! Can't wait to hear all about it!