Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss Alabama

We are so proud of Kylie and her accomplishments in the Miss Alabama pageant! Kylie did SO WELL in all areas: interview, on-stage question, bathing suit, evening gown, and talent! She really shined for Jesus and I know the Lord was so pleased with her! It was a fun week for me, Katie Lyn, and Carlie getting to dress up every night and have four "girls night outs" in a row! (Well, except for the night Carlie was on stage with Kylie, the whole fam came to see their sister!)

Getting all gussied up and to the pageant on time made me realize that I have great potential to be the typical stressed out pageant mom. Sad, I know. I'm learning. Kylie's mom, Ann, is always so calm and cheerful...she made a GREAT pageant mom!

Carlie and Kylie were beautiful on stage together! It was my favorite part of the whole week!

My other favorite part was playing "Miss Alabama" at home with the kiddos. Especially wearing our swimsuits with our high heels. And we made up "on stage questions" for each other. We held the swiffer mop as our microphone...oh it was hysterical! Quan even asked a question. Here it is: "If someone wouldn't give you your blanket back, and they were being mean, how would you feel?" He was serious as a heart attack, people. It was SO classic! We made up what area we represented (I was "Miss MacDonald Farm", Carlie was "Miss Redneck", Katie Lyn was "Miss Gift of Gab") and we even made up our platforms later on in the week at dinner with the Clarks. My platform is "Promoting the eating of boneless meats in America". Shalita's platform is "Introducing yard sales as a form of evangelizing the world" I'm writing these great moments so I'll never forget how much the Miss Alabama pageant took over our lives this week!

Now, we're on to VBS world....the fun never stops around here! ;)

Just had to throw this adorable picture in of Quan...there's something about boys in jeans and flip-flops that just is so yummy!

All ready to spend the day with Kylie at the pageant rehearsals. Kylie wore green also and we didn't even plan it! Carlie said many of the contestants asked if she and Kylie were sisters! They might as well be...Carlie also got "crowned" by Miss Alabama, Amanda Tapley. It was a great opportunity for us to remind Carlie of how wonderful it will be when we receive those crowns in Heaven, and that we get to lay them back down at the feet of Jesus! How amazing that will be!

I am so glad that Shalita captured this moment above. I am sharing with Kylie some wonderful news we received that day, and from the looks on both our faces, we're pretty excited about it! I'll share the good news very soon, but I bet most of you already know! ;)


MamaHen said...

Laine, you look fantastic! What in the world is your secret?!!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

fun fun fun! i so wished we would have gotten tickets, i thought it was a televised event but i was wrong. love the pics, ya'll look great. and does the good news have anything to do with the little "secret" the article in the bham news shared? i was shocked to read it in the paper before i read it on your blog :) awesome, so happy for y'all!!

Leighboe said...

Tooo precious, Laine; I love Quan's question! Can't wait to see y'all next Friday afternoon!

Connie J said...

:) :) :)
I agree with Mama Hen - you look awesome!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh My Gosh, Laine!! You are looking so fine!!

Love you,

Rhonda Bryant said...

We LOVE the pictures!!!!!! What an AWESOME week!!!! WOW!!! I hope the news is what we have been praying for at our house! Can't wait to hear!!!!! Have a great rest of the week!

Keisha said...

Oh.. CONGRATS Miss Alabama!!!!!!
I'm so happy for her! She's beautiful & it's wonderful to see someone who is just as pretty on the inside WIN! You go girl!
That Quan.. my gosh.. I wanted to sqeeze him!
I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you guys played the Miss Alabama pagent! TEE HEE!
I bet it was too cute!
Hugs GIRLY!!
And about that exciting news!!
GO GOD, GO GOD.. We're a' Praising... and a' raising...our hands.. Oh yeah.. oh yeah!
(insert mental picture of me doing a toe touch!;) )

The Ferrill's said...

Just to clarify...Kylie did not win Miss Alabama...but in our hearts she is definitely a winner! She did SO great!
And to all who commented about me...three words: camera angle & girdle!
And YES, the good news definitely has to do with the article...

Desiree' said...

Great pictures. Quan is so handsome!!! Love flip flpos and jeans...

Keisha said...

Oh! She is still a winner to me too! ;)

Sherri said...

Can I just say how awesome I think Kylie is? She's all gussied up in her pretty dress, make up, etc, and there she is with Kimmie on her hip.

That's a girl every mother of a son hopes for.

By the way, Kylie, I have 2 sons....

Aaron and Erica said...

Love the pictures and love the story's about "playing Miss Alabama"! I know that I "know" the news but I want to read the article? Is it somewhere online? I'll be in B'ham you want to come visit us???

Love you,


Pandamonium Mom said...'re all so beautiful!!
The article..didn't see it but a friend (not an adoptive mother) said to me recently 'hey..isn't that your friends that were in bham news..she told me a little what it said and I knew it had to be you!! wow! Awesome!

And your playing Miss America at home was hilarious!

smallseven said...

Laine, I'm feeling a bit out of the loop here. The suspense is killing me! Is it time to adopt again? Hurry up and tell us!