Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Year Gotcha Day!

Two years ago we were handed not one, but TWO miracles! Happy Gotcha Day Kimmie and Quan!

Kimmie-Quan 2 yr Gotcha Day Anniversary from Rob Ferrill on Vimeo.


Connie J said...

Oh, Laine, your days must be filled with giggles! We can't stop grinning over the video. Happy, Happy Kimmie & Quan day!!!! I am so blessed that we got to meet in China last fall, and I know we will meet again soon.
Love you, Friend!

Sherri said...

I love the interaction between these two! I love how when Kimmie puts her hands above her head, it looks like she has formed a heart with her arms. I love how she always corrects Quan about something (Candie is not from Wuhan!)I love the songs!

Have a great day!

Trace Car Driver said...

ok so i loved every second of the video!! maybe the LAST few SECONDS the best... finally you spilled a few more beans :) yay for another baby boy. i am sooo excited for ya'll!! a few favs from the video would have to be kimmie asking quan "what we was playing? dolls!" how funny! and when they were singing jesus loves me and take a bow with the motions, how precious! and when they whispered, and how they are so polite with their yes ma'ams and no ma'ams! and when they talked about china. and their speech is incredible. just everything kept amazing me! they have come so so so so far in 2 years it is incredible how god has worked in their lives and ya'lls. oh, and kimmie's hair is sooo long and beautiful! WOW. god has totally transformed those 2 into something so beautiful inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Precious video of precious children! Miss you guys. Happy Gotcha Day Kimmie and Quan - forever brother & sisters! Love to all,

Kylie said...

Okay. This is too funny! I love when Kimmie asks Quan what they played in China. And how Quan was quick to remind you that he bit you on the plane! Too funny! And I'm with Kimmie, sometimes it seems like it was just 2 months ago when y'all got them! Wow, they have come so far in 2 years!

Pandamonium Mom said...

What precious children!! Isn't hard on one hand to believe it's been 2 years, and on the other hand to believe it's been *only* 2 years? They have come so far and are amazing! Happy Gotcha Day Kimmie and Quan!

Aaron and Erica said...

Ohhhh I could just eat those two up!!! They are so adorable. What precious gifts from God.

Steve and Jan said...

Happy Adoption Day Anniversary!!

Kimmie and Quan are growing up so fast! I love the special bond they's very touching to see them together.

Lots of love from us! We miss you!

Jan :-)

ethel said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Kimmie & Quan and the entire Ferrill family, What a Blessing these 2 have been to so many, not just your family, but to so many families who love them. Gosh that 2 years has flown by. Loved it when Kimmie offered to let Kevin sleep in her bed with her, Yep, she's a Ferrill thru and thru, open hearted and loving arms. Can't wait to hear more details about the new addition, Love to all the Ferrills Ethel.

Aimee said...

I love this video!! I could watch it over and over!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love when Kimmie says, "Mommy". They act like they know what each other is thinking. I love it.

OK. so can you email me? I need to give your email address to Elizabeth to make your collage and the emails that I have are not working for you.


Shalita said...

I just love you two, Kimmie and Quan!

After such an entertaining video, there is only one thing to say:

"Baby, Take A Bow!!!!!!!!"

Tina said...

Oh my word!!! Happy Gotcha day Kimmie and Quan! Sophie watched her Gotcha Day the other day...there was an older girl being adopted at the same time ..Sophie looked at me and asked.."are you going to keep me for a long time?"...about broke my heart as I assured her she was with us forever!! Then I was telling her I was so thankful Jesus brought her to us...she said..."that wasn't Jesus!" referring to the chinese lady who handed her to us...
I have been dying to hear your exciting glad I finally got a glimpse of what is to come for you all!! Congrats to an awesome family!!

familyof8 said...

Okay Laine and Rob...the video was just precious!!! Tomorrow is Emily's 1 year Gotcha day anniversary. We are not going to celebrate until 8/8 when she became a us citizen because of the move this week. She watched Kimmie and Quan's video several times yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement!!!
Your family continues to bless so many by your faithfulness and example.

Love you all,
The Fahy Family

Nicole said...

SO CUTE!!! LOVED hearing Kevin's name!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

OH I am in tears.....this is so beautiful....just beautiful.

Ohilda said...

Oh I am, late as always.

What an amazing day it must've been when you first held those two angels. Amanda just yesterday was showing me her pics with Quan and Kai that she had on her camera.

I am blessed to have spent a little time with your blessings.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Happy Two Year Gotcha Day, Kimmie and Quan! Oh what sweet peas in a pod you are!

Yay for baby Kevin . . . very creative way to spill the rest of the beans Laine! So happy for all of you.

Love from Texas~