Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Laine!!!

I hope you all will join me in wishing Laine a happy birthday! We wouldn't trade her 29 years on this earth for anything!

Kevin is hoping she has a great one also!

"Hello! This cell phone doesn't work very well, I can barely hear you!"

"Wait! This is my new family? Good grief, would you people make up your minds about who I'm going to live with! And WOW, look at how many brothers and sisters I'm gonna have. Never a dull moment, I can see it already, just make sure that Quan character stays out of my stuff!"

"Alright, I guess you folks better get used to seeing this tongue! "

"Love you Mommy! I hope you have the best birthday ever!"


The Princess's Mommy said...

OH!! Happy Happy Birthday, my sweet friend. May the Lord richly bless you today and everyday! What an inspiration you are to so many!!

Love you,

ps-Can't wait for that precious boy to come home! I could just eat him up!!!

Cindy Jones said...

Happy Birthday Laine!!! I hope that you have a great day.

Ladyblog said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I should have known you were a fellow Virgo! LOL
Mine is Monday....

southern cheesehead said...

check your voice mail on your cell phone...wanted to drop by here too though and say Happy Birthday! check your inbox too.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Laine!!!!!!

The Ferrill's said...

ROB!!!!!! You have blessed me so much on my birthday you little sneak! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
And I love YOU, all my bloggy friends and family! ;) to eat more cookie cake! ;)

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the pictures!

MamaHen said...

Happy 29th Laine! I'm right there with ya!

Aaron and Erica said...

OHHHHH!!! Cookie cake is my FAVORITE!! Happy Birthday Laine!! I hope your day was wonderfully blessed.

Big Hugs,


ethel said...

Happy Birthday, Laine. May you be Blessed with many, many, many more.

Can't wait to see precious Kevin.

Love you.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Love that little tongue sticking out of his mouth! He is going to be loved so much by all of you....his heart will just be bursting with love for your family right back;)

Happy Birthday sweet friend!

Pandamonium Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Oh, and are those pictures of Kevin not adorable!!
Enjoy your day!
--oops, saw it was yesterday. Well, enjoy the "day after your birthday!".

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Laine!!


Precious picture of Kevin looking at his family.


Connie J said...

HAPPY 29TH Birthday, sweet friend! It's quite a celebration when your precious boy on the other side of the world is rejoicing with you! Let's eat cake! :) :)

Waitingfaithfully said...


Happy Belated Birthday, it sounds like it was a great one! Love, love, love the b-day wishes from Kevin! How sweet is that?!

Love from Texas~


Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

How cute! Happy Birthday Laine! ...see you in a few hours :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Laine, hope you have a fabulous day and many, many more to come! The Littles

Trace Car Driver said...

awwwww. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINE! hope it's the best one yet! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics of kevin. SO SWEET! hugs!

smallseven said...

Happy late b-day Laine! We missed you at CBS training today. I heard you're not coming back this year. YOu will be missed! God will honor your obedience! He will bless!

Lisa said...

I hope you had a great birthday! We still need to get together and discuss the endo appts. Ana Claire went last week.

The Woodalls said...

Happy belated birthday!! I haven't checked your blog in weeks and enjoyed every word of your amazing story of Kevin. He is absolutely precious, and what a wonderful gift!

BTW, my b-day was the 30th!


Mike and Barb said...

Happy very belated Birthday, my friend!!
Wish I could have given you a birthday hug in person, but a good ol' virtual one has to do!!!
Much love, and many, many blessings to you!
Oh, and the pictures are priceless!!

Keisha said...

OH Lanie!!! Happy Birthday!!! What precious pictures!!! So sweet! I know this makes you want to get on a PLANE!
And.. Lanie.. you & I.. are THE SAME AGE.. EVERY year.. LOL!!

Dollar General said...

Happy Birthday! I KNEW YOU WERE 29! Love you Laine! Sweet post!

CK said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laine! LOOOVE the pictures of Kevin!

living4him5 said...

Oh my!!! Happy belated my sweet sweet friend!